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  Don D. Walker Prize

The Don D. Walker Prize is given annually to the best essay published on western American literature during the previous calendar year (for example, the 2010 winner will have published an essay in 2009). “Western” in this context is defined broadly and refers to all of North America that historically or critically has been considered “West” as well as to comparative studies of the American West that cross regional or national boundaries.

Nominations are solicited from presses and journals, as well as from individuals. Self-nominations are accepted. The prize selection committee is made up of Western Literature Association members.

The award is given at the annual Western Literature Association conference. It is not necessary to be a member of the association to win the award.

Please send five copies of the essay or article you wish to nominate to

Krista Comer, Chair, Walker Prize Committee
English Department
Rice University, MS 30
6100 S. Main Street
Houston, TX 77005

Deadline for nominations: June 15 , 2010.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Prof. Comer.

2009 Prize Winner: Mark Rifkin
2008 Prize Winner: Chadwick Allen
2007 Prize Winner: Stephen Tatum
2006 Prize Winner: Janet Dean
2005 Prize Winner: Susan Bernardin
2004 Prize Winner: Stephanie LeMenager
2003 Prize Winner: Susan Scheckel
2002 Prize Winner: Victoria Lamont 
2001 Prize Winner: Susan Kollin
2000 Prize Winner: Chadwick Allen
1999 Prize Winner: Krista Comer
1998 Prize Winner: Forrest Robinson
1997 Prize Winner: Gary Scharnhorst
1996 Prize Winner: Susan K. Bernardin
1995 Prize Winner: Stephen Tatum 
1994 Prize Winner: Susan Lee Johnson
1993 Prize Winner: Annette Kolodny
1992 Prize Winner: Roxanne Rimstead
1991 Prize Winner: Glen A. Love
1987 Prize Winner: Roger Stein
1986 Prize Winner: Margery Fee
1985 Prize Winner: William Lemon
1984 Prize Winner: Melody Graulich
1983 Prize Winner: Robert Roripaugh
1982 Prize Winner: Richard Slotkin
1981 Prize Winner: Anthony Hunt
1980 Prize Winner: Forrest G. Robinson
1979 Prize Winner: Jarold Ramsey

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