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    Angela Waldie
    PhD Candidate, University of Calgary

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Western Literature Association

Mailing address: PO Box 6815, Logan UT 84341

Questions regarding the 2014 conference should be addressed to WLA Presidents Anne Kaufmann and Laurie Ricou.

Executive Secretary: William Handley, USC, Los Angeles, California

Membership questions and general Information: Sabine Barcatta, Director of Operations

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Western American Literature (the journal)

Editor: Tom Lynch, University of Nebraska—Lincoln

  • Western Literature Association (WLA)

    Founded in 1965, the Western Literature Association (WLA) is a non-profit, scholarly association that promotes the study of the diverse literature and cultures of the North American West, past and present.

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  • Western American Literature (WAL)

    (The Journal)

    Published by the Western Literature Association, Western American Literature is the leading journal in western American literary studies.

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