• Testimonials

    The resolute but congenial atmosphere of the WLA has set the tone for my approach to teaching and scholarship, and established my regard for active service to my institution and the profession.
    William V. Lombardi
    Assistant Professor, Missouri Valley College (Grad student rep 2012-2014)

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Florence Amamoto
Co-President (2017)
Gustavus Adolphus College
Email: amamoto@gac.edu
Primary Phone: 507.933.7399 w
Secondary Phone: 507.931.8866 h
URL: 507.933.6066 f

Tim Barnes, Editor
Friends of William Stafford: A Journal & Newsletter
Email: tim.barnes63@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 503.232.4437
Secondary Phone: 503.341.7104
URL: timbarnespoet.com

Susan Bernardin
Co-Past President (2015)
Oregon State University
Email: susan.bernardin@oregonstate.edu
Primary Phone: 607.435.5634 c

Mary Clearman Blew
DAA 2004
University of Idaho
Email: mblew@uidaho.edu
Primary Phone: 208.885.6156 w
Secondary Phone: 208.883.4400 h
URL: 208.885.5944 f

Kathleen Boardman
University of Nevada, Reno
Email: kab@unr.edu
Primary Phone: 775.682.6302

Jolene Buehrer
BGSU Firelands
Email: joleneb@bgsu.edu, jolene.buehrer@yahoo.com
Primary Phone: 419.433.5560, x.20663 w
Secondary Phone: 419.499.1333 h 419.357.8009 cell

Donna M. Campbell
Washington State University
Email: campbelld@wsu.edu
Primary Phone: 509.335.4831
URL: www.wsu.edu/~campbelld

William Clements
Arkansas State University
Email: wclement@astate.edu
Primary Phone: 870.935.3307 h

Krista Comer
Past President (2003) & Editorial Board Member
Rice University
Email: kcomer@rice.edu
Primary Phone: 713.348.3207 w
Secondary Phone: 713.705.3275 h
URL: 713.348.5991 f

Beverly Conner
University of Puget Sound
Email: bconner@pugetsound.edu
Primary Phone: 253.677.4686 c
URL: 253.879.3500 f

Barbara Cook
Mount Aloysius College
Email: bcook@mtaloy.edu
Primary Phone: 814.886.6494 w
Secondary Phone: 814.330.5155 h

Nancy S. Cook
Treasurer & Past President (2011)
University of Montana
Email: Nancy.Cook@mso.umt.edu , nancy-cook@usa.net
Primary Phone: 406.243.2963 w
Secondary Phone: 406.543.6571 h

David Cremean
Past President (2009)
Black Hills State University
Email: david.cremean@bhsu.edu
Primary Phone: 605.645.8478 h

Charles L. Crow
Editorial Board Member
Bowling Green State University (Emeritus)
Email: charleslcrow@yahoo.com
Secondary Phone: 925.472.0586 h

Jennifer Ann Dawes
Henderson State University
Email: dawesj@hsu.edu
Primary Phone: 870.260.2717

J. Gerard Dollar
Siena College
Email: dollar@siena.edu
Primary Phone: 518.366.4912 c
URL: 518.783.4293 f

Patrick Dooley
St. Bonaventure University
Email: pdooley@sbu.edu
Primary Phone: 585.307.7597 h
URL: 716.375.7857 f

Leonard Engel
Quinnipiac University
Email: Len.Engel@quinnipiac.edu
Secondary Phone: 203.288.6939 h
URL: 203.582.8709 f

Richard W. Etulain
Past President (1979)
University of New Mexico, Emeritus
Email: baldbasq@unm.edu
Secondary Phone: 503.698.3287 h

David H. Fenimore
Co-Past President (2015)
University of Nevada, Reno
Email: fenimore@unr.edu
Primary Phone: 775.682.6374 w
URL: 775.784.6266 f

Susanne Bloomfield
Past President (1996)
University of Nebraska Kearney
Email: bloomfields@unk.edu
Primary Phone: 308.991.4647 cell

Audrey Goodman
Georgia State University
Email: agoodman@gsu.edu
Primary Phone: 404.413.5844 w
URL: 404.651.1710 f

John M. Gourlie
Quinnipiac University
Email: John.Gourlie@quinnipiac.edu
Primary Phone: 203.453.6188 h
Secondary Phone: 203.582.8713 w
URL: 203.458.1588 f

Melody Graulich
Awards Coordinator
Utah State University
Email: melody.graulich@usu.edu
Primary Phone: 435.245.5747
URL: 435.797.4099 f

Dorys Crow Grover
A&M University Commerce
Email: drgrover39@gmail.com
Secondary Phone: 541.276.2913 (Pendleton OR) OR 360.459.7462 (in Lacey, WA) h

P. Jane Hafen
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Email: pjhafen@unlv.nevada.edu
Primary Phone: 702.566.6261
Secondary Phone: 702.895.3508

William R. Handley
Past President (2005)
University of Southern California
Email: handley@usc.edu
URL: 213.741.0377 f

Gerald Haslam
Past President (1985) & DAA 1999
Sonoma State University (emeritus)
Email: ghaslam@sonic.net
Secondary Phone: 707.792.2944 h
URL: 707.792.2944 f

Linda Helstern
North Dakota State University
Email: Linda.Helstern@ndsu.edu
Primary Phone: 701.231.5387 w
Secondary Phone: 701.367.2789

Eric Heyne
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Email: efheyne@alaska.edu
Primary Phone: 907.978.4877
Secondary Phone: 907.474.5982

Richard Hunt
Potomac State College
Email: rgh987@yahoo.com
Primary Phone: 304.788.7117 w
Secondary Phone: 304.788.6208

Richard Hutson
Past President (2013)
University of California, Berkeley
Email: rhutson@berkeley.edu
Primary Phone: 510.526.3188 h

Linda K. Karell
Past President (2016)
Montana State University
Email: linda.karell@msu.montana.edu
Primary Phone: 406.570.0162 c

Anne L. Kaufman
Past President (2014)
Milton Academy and Bridgewater State University
Email: anne.l.kaufman@gmail.com, [anne_kaufman@milton.edu]
Primary Phone: 857.928.3638 cell

Elmer Kelton
DAA 1990
Secondary Phone: 325.949.3304 h
URL: 325.947.1812 f

Susan Kollin
Past President (2004); Walker Award Chair
Montana State University
Email: susan.kollin@montana.edu
Primary Phone: 406.994.5184 w
Secondary Phone: 406.585.1448 h
URL: 406.994.2110 f

Michael Kowalewski
Past President (1999)
Carleton College
Email: mkowalew@carleton.edu
Primary Phone: 507.222.4323 w
URL: 507.222.5601

Karen S. Langlois
California State Polytechnic University Pamona
Email: kslanglois@cpp.edu
Primary Phone: 626.796.9345 h

Gerald I. Locklin
California State University, Long Beach (prof. emeritus)
Email: gerald.locklin@csulb.edu, gealocklin@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 562.496.0494
Secondary Phone: 562.985.5285
URL: geraldlocklin.org

Tom Lynch
Editor, WAL
University of Nebraska Lincoln
Email: tlynch2@unl.edu, tplynch2@gmail.com, waljournal@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 402.472.1833 w
Secondary Phone: 402.601.3483

Tom Lyon
Past President (1972) & DAA 1987
Utah State University (Emeritus)
Email: tnjlyon@roadrunner.com

Bonney MacDonald
Past President (2011)
West Texas A&M University
Email: bmacdonald@wtamu.edu
Primary Phone: 806.6678.5347

James H. Maguire
Past President (1981)
Boise State University (Emeritus)
Email: jhmaguire44@centurylink.net
Primary Phone: 303.440.6275 h

Susan Naramore Maher
Co-President (2017) & Past President (2001)
University of Minnesota Duluth
Email: smaher@d.umn.edu
Primary Phone: 218.626.7060
Secondary Phone: 218.726.8982

Frances Malpezzi
Arkansas State University
Email: fmalpezz@astate.edu
Primary Phone: 870.935.3307
URL: 870.972.3045 f

Allen K. Mears
Robinson Jeffers Association
Email: al_mears@hotmail.com
Primary Phone: 703.847.9079 h
URL: 202.646.5815 f

Nancy Owen Nelson
Henry Ford Community College
Email: nelnan@aol.com
Primary Phone: 313.914.3475 h
Secondary Phone: 928.308.3785
URL: nancyowennelson.com

Zeese Papanikolas
Email: zeesepapa@comcast.net
Secondary Phone: 510.444.3289 h
URL: zeesepapanikolas.com

Tara Penry
Past President (2006)
Boise State University
Email: tpenry@boisestate.edu
Primary Phone: 208.426.3041 w
Secondary Phone: 208.345.7891 h
URL: 208.426.4373 f

Karen Ramirez
Past President (2008)
University of Colorado, Boulder
Email: karen.ramirez@colorado.edu
Primary Phone: 303.492.3275

Ann Putnam
Past President (2007)
University of Puget Sound
Email: aputnam@pugetsound.edu
Primary Phone: 253.851.1719
Secondary Phone: 206.719.5709

Sharon A. Reynolds
Palomar College, San Marcos (Prof Emerita)
Email: SAReynolds@aol.com
Primary Phone: 858.900.7881 h

Laurie Ricou
Past President (1995 & 2014)
University of British Columbia
Email: lricou@mail.ubc.ca
Primary Phone: 604.506.3878 cell
Secondary Phone: 604.264.7644 h

Richard Robbins
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Email: richard.robbins@mnsu.edu
Primary Phone: 507.389.1354 w
URL: 507.389.5362 f

David Robertson
University of California Davis
Email: darobertson@ucdavis.edu
Primary Phone: 530.756.2896 h
URL: 530.752.5013 f

Maureen Salzer
Pima Community College
Email: msalzer@pima.edu
Primary Phone: 520.401.9052

Don Scheese
Gustavus Adolphus College
Email: dscheese@gac.edu
Primary Phone: 507.933.6087 w

Steven B. Shively
Utah State University
Email: steve.shively@usu.edu
Primary Phone: 435.797.0235 w
Secondary Phone: 435.890.0796

Gary Snyder
DAA 1984

Sara L. Spurgeon
Past President (2012)
Texas Tech University
Email: sara.spurgeon@ttu.edu
Primary Phone: 806.283.4536 c

Stephen Tatum
Past President (1994) & Editorial Board Member
University of Utah
Email: stephen.tatum@utah.edu
Primary Phone: 801.581.4035 w
URL: 801.585.5167 f

Judy Nolte Temple
Past President (2002)
University of Arizona
Email: jtemple@email.arizona.edu
Primary Phone: 520.544.9086 h
URL: 520.621.1533 f

Robert Thacker
Past President (1998)
St. Lawrence University
Email: rthacker@stlawu.edu
Primary Phone: 315.229.5970 w
URL: 315.229.5802 f

Elizabeth A. Turner
Harper College
Email: eturner@harpercollege.edu
Primary Phone: 847.925.6787 w
Secondary Phone: 847.639.0448 h
URL: 847.925.6039 f

Drucilla Wall
University of Missouri - St. Louis
Email: walldm@umsl.edu
Primary Phone: 314.963.3488 w
Secondary Phone: 314.229.6193 cell

Barbara Waters

O. Alan Weltzien
University of Montana Western
Email: alan.weltzien@umwestern.edu
Primary Phone: 406.683.6858 h
Secondary Phone: 802.345.2620 c
URL: 406.683.7493 f

Nicolas Witschi
Executive Secretary & Past President (2008)
Western Michigan University
Email: nicolas.witschi@wmich.edu, nwitschi@westernlit.org
Primary Phone: 269.387.2571 w
Secondary Phone: 269.381.6219 h; 269.207.9012 c
URL: 269.387.2562 f

George E. Wolf
Book Review Editor
Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Email: gwolf1@unl.edu
Primary Phone: 402.477.8466 w

Edith Wylder
Secondary Phone: 505.771.0261 h

Terry Beers
Santa Clara University
Email: tbeers@scu.edu, tbeers@sibertopia.com
Primary Phone: 408.554.4335 w
Secondary Phone: 831.726.3061 h

Megan McGilchrist
American School of London
Email: megan.mcgilchrist@gmail.com, megan_mcgilchrist@asl.org
Primary Phone: 011.44.07845.987.236 cell
Secondary Phone:

Joshua Dolezal
Central College
Email: dolezalj@central.edu
Primary Phone: 641.628.5109 w

Christine Smith
Colorado Mountain College
Email: chsmith1973@aol.com, csmith@coloradomtn.edu
Primary Phone: 970.947.8261 w
Secondary Phone: 708.269.7147 h

Lawrence W. Coates
Bowling Green State University
Email: coatesl@bgsu.edu
Primary Phone: 419.494.4782 w
URL: 419.372.6805 f

Neil Campbell
Editorial Board Member
University of Derby, UK
Email: N.Campbell@derby.ac.uk
Primary Phone: +44.01332.591481 w
Secondary Phone: 01773.745554 h
URL: 01332.597760 f

June J. Bube
Email: JJBube@aol.com
Primary Phone: 206.296.5425 w

Jennifer Tuttle
University of New England
Email: jtuttle@une.edu
Primary Phone: 207.221.4433 w

José F. Aranda Jr.
Editorial Board Member
Rice University
Email: aranda@rice.edu
Primary Phone: 713.348.2447 w
Secondary Phone: 713.348.4003 h
URL: 713.348.5991 f

Sabine Barcatta
Director of Operations
Western Literature Association
Email: info@westernlit.org
Primary Phone: 435.757.6559 c

Michael K. Johnson
Co-President Elect (2018)
University of Maine Farmington
Email: michael.johnson@maine.edu
Primary Phone: 207.645.3482 w

David Mogen
Emeritus, Colorado State University
Email: David.Mogen@colostate.edu
Primary Phone: 970.237.1502 c

Matt Burkhart
EC Member (2016-2019)
Case Western Reserve University
Email: mrb151@case.edu
Primary Phone: 520.319.0088

Joy Harjo
DAA 2000

Chadwick Allen
University of Washington Seattle
Email: callen3@uw.edu
Primary Phone: 206.543.6616 w

Victoria Lamont
Editorial Board Member
University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Email: vlamont@uwaterloo.ca
Primary Phone: 518.888.4567 x36873 w
URL: 519.746.5788 f

Matthew Evertson
Chadron State College
Email: mevertson@csc.edu
Primary Phone: 308.432.6462 w

John C. Davies
Independent Scholar
Email: crispin2000@btinternet.com, jcandjdavies@btinternet.com
Primary Phone: +441522.528102

Patricia Hampl
DAA 2001
Email: hampl@umn.edu
Primary Phone: 651.222.8908 h

Ann E. Lundberg
Northwestern College
Email: lundberg@nwciowa.edu
Primary Phone: 712.707.7041 w
URL: 712.707.7345 f

Roderick Nash
DAA 2001
Email: canyondancer@earthlink.net
Primary Phone: 970.349.6407 w

Pattie Cowell
Emeritus faculty, Colorado State University
Email: pattie.cowell@colostate.edu
Primary Phone: 970.484.0305 h

Amy Hamilton
EC (2015-2018)
Northern Michigan University
Email: amyhamil@nmu.edu
Primary Phone: 906.227.1724 w
Secondary Phone: 906.273.0209 h

Annette Kolodny
DAA 2002
University of Arizona, Prof. Emerita
Email: kolodny@email.arizona.edu, profkolodny@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 520.577.3910 h
URL: https://www.facebook.com/InSearchofFirstContactbyAnnetteKolodny

Catherine Holmes
College of Charleston
Email: holmesc@cofc.edu
Primary Phone: 843.722.0033

Kyoko Matsunaga
Kobe City University of Foreign Studies
Email: kyokomatsunaga@mac.com, kyokom1975@yahoo.co.jp
Primary Phone: 81.78.794.8224 w
Secondary Phone: 81.80.6304.7290 h

Alberto Ríos
DAA 2002

Hisayuki Hikage
Reitaku University (Japan)
Email: hikage@reitaku-u.ac.jp
URL: 04.7173.3060 f

Peter L. Bayers
Fairfield University
Email: plbayers@sbcglobal.net; pbayers@fairfield.edu
Primary Phone: 203.254.4000 w
Secondary Phone: 860.354.4210 h

Christine Bold
University of Guelph
Email: cbold@uoguelph.ca
Primary Phone: 519.824.4120, x53269 w
URL: 519.766.0844 f

Tim Steckline
Black Hills State University
Email: tim.steckline@bhsu.edu
Primary Phone: 605.642.8078 h

Tom J. Hillard
Boise State University
Email: thomashillard@boisestate.edu
Primary Phone: 208.426.2991 w
Secondary Phone: 208.407.4743 h

Sonia Saldívar
DAA 2003
Email: sonia.saldivarhull@utsa.edu

Ramón Saldívar
DAA 2003
Email: saldivar@stanford.edu
Primary Phone: 650.725.1213 w
URL: 650.725.0755 f

Evelyn Funda
Utah State University
Email: evelyn.funda@usu.edu
Primary Phone: 435.797.3653 w
Secondary Phone: 435.760.9703
URL: 435.797.3797 f

Hal Crimmel
Weber State University
Email: hcrimmel@weber.edu
Primary Phone: 801.626.8044 w
URL: weber.edu/MAEnglish/crimmel.html

Matthew Heimburger
University of Utah
Email: m.heimburger@utah.edu
Primary Phone: 435.654.7179 h
URL: 435.657.9525 f

John Streamas
Washington State University
Email: streamas@wsu.edu
Primary Phone: 509.335.4791 w

David Rio Raigadas
Editorial Board Member
UPV/EHU, University of the Basque Country (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain)
Email: david.rio@ehu.es

Jeffrey Chisum
University of Southern California
Email: chisum@usc.edu
Primary Phone: 213.740.1765 w

Jessica Bremmer
Westridge School for Girls
Email: jbremmer@westridge.org
Primary Phone: 818.212.9212 w
Secondary Phone: 818.981.7482 h

Michael Gorman
Hiroshima City University
Email: bayfieldmike@mac.com

Tony R. Magagna
Millikin University
Email: tmagagna@millikin.edu
Primary Phone: 217.413.6627 c

Paul Formisano
University of South Dakota
Email: paul.formisano@usd.edu
Primary Phone: 605.677.5229

Liz Stephens
Glendale College
Email: lizstephensuniversitymail@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 323.559.3721

Yvonne Rutford
University of Wisconsin-Superior
Email: yrutford@cpinternet.com
Primary Phone: 715.394.8075 w
Secondary Phone: 218.525.6540 h

Jennifer Ladino
University of Idaho
Email: jladino@uidaho.edu
Primary Phone: 208.874.7362 c

Shannon Shay Casey
Email: kilyowl@yahoo.com
Primary Phone: 720.560.6444

David J. Peterson
University of Nebraska, Omaha
Email: davidpeterso1@unomaha.edu
Primary Phone: 402.554.3636 w
Secondary Phone: 402.554.2987

Kyhl Lyndgaard
College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University
Email: klyndgaar@csbsju.edu, klyndgaard@hotmail.com
Primary Phone: 320.363.2392

Gerald Vizenor
DAA 2005
University of California Berkeley, Professor Emeritus
Email: vizenor@mac.com

Ron McFarland
Email: ronmcf@uidaho.edu
Secondary Phone: 208.882.2220 h

Terry Tempest Williams
DAA 2006

Randy White
Blue Oak Press
Email: blueoakpress@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 916.784.3766 h

Becca Gercken
University of Minnesota Morris
Email: gerckenr@morris.umn.edu
Primary Phone: 320.589.6259 w
Secondary Phone: 320.585.5222 h

Ashley Elaine Reis
EC Member (2016-2019)
SUNY Potsdam
Email: aereis22@gmail.com, reisae@potsdam.edu
Primary Phone: 940.565.2025 w
Secondary Phone: 513.315.9232 h

Bernard Quetchenbach
Montana State University Billings
Email: bquetchenbach@msubillings.edu, bquetchenbach@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 406.896.5927 w

Max Frazier
US Air Force Academy
Email: max.despain@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 719.650.2784

Pamela Pierce
Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State University
Email: pamela.pierce@dickinsonstate.edu

Charmion Gustke
Belmont University
Email: charmion_gustke@yahoo.com, charmion.gustke@belmont.edu
Secondary Phone: 615.944.7681 h

ShaunAnne Tangney
Minot State University
Email: shaunanne.tangney@minotstateu.edu, SATangney@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 701.858.3180 w

Brett Garcia Myhren
Email: garcia.myhren@gmail.com, myhren2000@yahoo,com
Primary Phone: 949.291.6972 w

Kerry Fine
Arizona State University
Email: kerry.fine@asu.edu

Christina Roberts
Seattle University
Email: robertch@seattleu.edu, robertschristina18@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 206.296.2817 w
Secondary Phone: 206.890.3138 h

Donald A. Barclay
University of California, Merced
Email: dbarclay@ucmerced.edu, donald.barclay@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 209.201.9724 c

Mark Busby
Texas State University
Email: MB13@txstate.edu
Primary Phone: 512.245.3712 w
Secondary Phone: 512.847.2153 h
URL: 512.245.7462 f

Capper Nichols
University of Minnesota
Email: nicho008@umn.edu
Primary Phone: 612.624.5345 w
Secondary Phone: 651.434.7696 h

Gioia E. Woods
Past President (2010)
Northern Arizona University
Email: gioia.woods@nau.edu
Primary Phone: 928.523.3881
Secondary Phone: 928.255.3560 h

Gwen Westerman
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Email: gwen.westerman@mnsu.edu
Primary Phone: 507.389.5508 w
Secondary Phone: 507.387.4379 h
URL: 507.389.5362 f

Alex Hunt
Co-Vice President
West Texas A&M University
Email: ahunt@wtamu.edu
Primary Phone: 806.651.2457 w
Secondary Phone: 806.881.9433 h
URL: 806.651.5241 f

Liz Wright
Pennsylvania State University Hazelton
Email: ejw12@psu.edu
Primary Phone: 570.450.3188 w
Secondary Phone: 570.421.7674 h

Michael A. Brown
Creighton University
Email: mbr@creighton.edu
Primary Phone: 402.280.2645 w
Secondary Phone: 402.393.7083 h

Eamonn Wall
University of Missouri - St. Louis
Email: walle@umsl.edu
Primary Phone: 314.516.5589 w
Secondary Phone: 314.963.3488 h

Matthew Wanat
Ohio University Lancaster
Email: wanat@ohio.edu
Primary Phone: 740.891.3964

Jill Hampton
Email: JillH@usca.edu, jmh818288@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 803.641.3437 w
Secondary Phone: 803.257.5493 h

SueEllen Campbell
Co-Vice President
Colorado State University
Email: secamp@colostate.edu
Primary Phone: 970.493.6995 h
URL: changingclimates.colostate.edu

Rob Wallace
Northern Arizona University
Email: rnawallace@hotmail.com

Priscilla Solis Ybarra
University of North Texas
Email: priscilla.ybarra@unt.edu
Primary Phone: 713.294.1278 h

Stephen Cooper
Troy University
Email: stcooper@troy.edu
Primary Phone: 334.670.3300 w
Secondary Phone: 334.770.0209 h

Randi Lynn Tanglen
SSAWW Liaison
Austin College
Email: rtanglen@austincollege.edu
Primary Phone: 903.813.2229 w
Secondary Phone: 903.436.2181 h

David Lewis Moore
University of Montana
Email: david.moore@umontana.edu
Primary Phone: 406.243.6708 w
Secondary Phone: 406.240.8494 h
URL: 406.243.2556 f

David Buchanan
US Air Force Academy
Email: david.buchanan@usafa.edu
Primary Phone: 210.286.7207

Elisa Warford
University of Southern California
Email: warford@usc.edu
Primary Phone: 818.836.0081 c

Beth Kalikoff
University of Washington
Email: kalikoff@uw.edu
Primary Phone: 206.543.2957 w
Secondary Phone: 206.518.2649 h

Edward Watts
Michigan State University
Email: wattse@msu.edu
Primary Phone: 517.332.6023 w
Secondary Phone: 517.230.4723 h

Kalenda Eaton
Arcadia University
Email: eatonk@arcadia.edu
Primary Phone: 215.572.2964 w

Steven Coughlin
Chadron State College
Email: scoughlin@csc.edu
Primary Phone: 740.856.7860

Paul B. Wickelson
Independent scholar
Email: Paul.B.Wilson@utah.edu, pbyron77@hotmail.com
Secondary Phone: 801.815.9336

Daryl L. Farmer
University of Alaska - Fairbanks
Email: dlfarmer@alaska.edu
Primary Phone: 907.474.3561 w
Secondary Phone: 404.694.3561 h

Randi Eldevik
Oklahoma State University
Email: randi.eldevik@okstate.edu
Primary Phone: 405.744.9474 w

Tiffany Aldrich MacBain
University of Puget Sound
Email: tamacbain@pugetsound.edu
Primary Phone: 916.803.1207
Secondary Phone: 253.759.4551 h

Maria O’Connell
EC Member (2016-2019)
Wayland Baptist University
Email: maria.o’connell@wbu.edu
Primary Phone: 806.224.8234 w
Secondary Phone: 806.652.2244 h

Eric Gardner
Saginaw Valley State University
Email: gardner@svsu.edu
Primary Phone: 989.964.4037 w

Susan Kalter
Illinois State University
Email: smkalte@ilstu.edu

Emily Lutenski
Co-President Elect (2018)
Saint Louis University
Email: emily.lutensk@slu.edu
Primary Phone: 608.609.4556

Meredith Harvey
EC Member (2013-2016)
George Williams College of Aurora University
Email: mharvey@aurora.edu
Primary Phone: 262.245.8613 w
Secondary Phone: 714.585.0381 h

Jennifer Schell
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Email: jschell5@alaska.edu
Primary Phone: 907.474.1982 w

Elizabeth Mathias
University of Utah
Email: elizabeth.mathias@me.com
Primary Phone: 719.502.6297 c

Stephen J. Mexal
California State University, Fullerton
Email: smexal@fullerton.edu
Primary Phone: 654.278.2632 w

Kenneth Vickers
Martin Methodist College
Email: kvickers@martinmethodist.edu
Primary Phone: 931.424.7331 w

Adele H. Bealer
University of Utah
Email: ahbealer@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 801.455.1816 h
Secondary Phone: 801.455.1816 c

Matthew Driscoll
Santa Clara University
Email: mattdriscoll1978@gmail.com, mwdriscoll@scu.edu
Primary Phone: 910.200.5175 w

Todd Richardson
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Email: todrichardson@unomaha.edu
Primary Phone: 402.215.9653

Phillip A. Snyder
Brigham Young University
Email: phillip_snyder@byu.edu
Primary Phone: 801.422.2487 w
Secondary Phone: 801.423.3321 h

Jennifer Case
University of Central Florida
Email: jcase@uca.edu
Secondary Phone: 507.317.7189 h

W. Dana Phillips
Towson University / Rhodes University
Email: wphillips@towson.edu
Primary Phone: 443.212.5116 h

Alex Trimble Young
Arizona State University
Email: alex.trimble@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 719.433.1567 h

Nicholas Henson
Citrus College
Email: nhenson@citruscollege.edu

Donovan Gwinner
Aurora University
Email: dgwinner@aurora.edu
Primary Phone: 630.844.5228 w
Secondary Phone: 630.892.1787 h

Doreen Pfost
Independent writer
Email: doreen@hugener.net
Primary Phone: 308.708.0776 h
URL: doreenpfost.com

Susan Nance
University of Guelph
Email: snance@uoguelph.ca
Primary Phone: 778.668.9117 c

Kathleen Danker
South Dakota State University
Email: kathleen.danker@sdstate.edu, possum1949@icloud.com
Primary Phone: 605.651.1221 w
Secondary Phone: 605.692.9506 h

Lisa Tatonetti
EC (2015-2018)
Kansas State University
Email: tatonett@ksu.edu
Primary Phone: 785.532.2174 w
Secondary Phone: 785.206.3053 h

Brady Harrison
EC (2015-2018)
University of Montana
Email: brady.harrison@mso.umt.edu
Primary Phone: 406.546.4584
Secondary Phone: 406.543.2645 h

Cara Chamberlain
Montana State University Billings
Email: coontie@earthlink.net

William KIttredge
DAA 2008
Email: Kittredgeb@AOL.com
Secondary Phone: 406.549.6605 h

Elizabeth Abele
SUNY Nassau Community College
Email: abelee@ncc.edu
Primary Phone: 215.715.5216 w
Secondary Phone: 215.715.5216 h

Johannes Fehrle
EC Member (2013-2016)
University of Mannheim
Email: fehrle@uni-mannheim.de
Primary Phone: +49.621.181.3367w

Martha Kruse
University of Nebraska—Kearney
Email: krusem@unk.edu
Primary Phone: 308.234.8293 w
Secondary Phone: 308.234.3678 h

Lisa Locascio
Wesleyan University
Email: lisa.locascio@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 917.609.7846 h

Al Kammerer
Email: akammererster@gmail.com
Secondary Phone: 402.880.7418 h

Joanna Hearne
University of Missouri
Email: HearneJ@Missouri.edu
Primary Phone: 573.882.2293 w

Brenda Ryan
Northwest Missouri State University
Email: bryan@nwmissouri.edu
Primary Phone: 660.442.5518 h
Secondary Phone: 660.582.1282

William V. Lombardi
EC Member (2016-2019)
Feather River College
Email: wlombardi@frc.edu, lombardiwv@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 530.927.9545 h

Tyler Nickl
University of Nevada Reno
Email: tyler.a.nickl@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 775.360.8827

Lars Erik Larson
University of Portland
Email: larson@up.edu
Primary Phone: 503.943.7267 w

Chris Muniz
University of Southern California
Email: cmuniz@usc.edu
Primary Phone: 323.719.4600 h

Jan Whitt
University of Colorado
Email: jan.whitt@colorado.edu
Primary Phone: 303.492.0461 w

Roger Woelfel
Email: rogerandeve@charter.net
Primary Phone: 805.927.4681 h

Joshua Tyler Anderson
Ohio State University
Email: anderson.2701@osu.edu
Secondary Phone: 701.331.4409 h

Deborah Brown
University of Central Oklahoma
Email: djbrown@uco.edu
Primary Phone: 405.974.5605
Secondary Phone: 405.755.2655

Rebecca Lush
EC Member (2014-2017)
CSU San Marcos
Email: rlush@csusm.edu
Primary Phone: 301.633.1027 h

Jillian Wenburg
Fort Lewis College
Email: jlwenburg@fortlewis.edu, jillian@ruraldesigns.com
Primary Phone: 970.382.6997 w
Secondary Phone: 970.426.1997 h

Melina Vizcaino
University of New Mexico
Email: mviz@unm.edu
Primary Phone: 505.450.3480 w
Secondary Phone: 505.884.8890 h

Peter Reim
University of Wisconsin-Stout
Email: peterreim@msn.com, reimp@uwstout.edu
Primary Phone: 715.598.1981

Kary Doyle Smout
Washington & Lee University
Email: smoutk@wlu.edu
Primary Phone: 540.460.8275
Secondary Phone: 540.463.7619 h

Stefano Rosso
EC Member (2014-2017)
Università di Bergamo (Italy)
Email: stefano.rosso@unibg.it
Primary Phone: +39.035.2052789

Daniel Clausen
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Email: clausen.daniel@gmail.com, danielclausen.unl@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 208.954.2463 w

Eric Stottlemyer
Wake Forest University
Email: stottlem@wfu.edu
Primary Phone: 336.758.4169

Thomas McGuane
DAA 2011

Andy Meyer
Luther College, Decorah, Iowa
Email: meyerand@luther.edu
Primary Phone: 563.387.1051

Kirsten Møllegaard
University of Hawai'i at Hilo
Email: mollegaa@hawaii.edu
Primary Phone: 808.932.7226 w
URL: uhh.hawaii.edu

Caitlin Hudgins
Potomac State College
Email: caitlin.hudgins@temple.edu
Primary Phone: 404.556.1542 c

Gary Reger
Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut
Email: Gary.Reger@trincoll.edu
Primary Phone: 860.796.8568 c

Chad Beharriell
St. Clair College, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Email: iou71@hotmail.com
Primary Phone: 519.890.3859 c
Secondary Phone: 519.890.3859 c
URL: westernsreboot.com

Wallis R. Sanborn III
Email: wsanborn1@suddenlink.net, wsanborn@ollusa.edu
Primary Phone: 325.942.2273 w
Secondary Phone: 325.277.5702 h

Aubrey Streit Krug
The Land Institute
Email: arstreit@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 785.545.6506 h
URL: aubreystreitkrug.com

Nathan Paul Anderson
Marietta College
Email: npa001@marietta.edu
Primary Phone: 740.376.4638 w
Secondary Phone: 740.376.0032 h

Brenda Lanphear
Chadron High School
Email: brenda.lanphear@gmail.com
Secondary Phone: 308.430.3890

Jeanine Varner
Abilene Christian University
Email: jeanine.varner@acu.edu
Primary Phone: 325.674.2402 w
Secondary Phone: 325.280.4547 h

Carolyn Dekker
Finlandia University
Email: carolyn.dekker@finlandia.edu
Primary Phone: 734.546.4728 cell
URL: www.carolyndekker.com

Michael Smyth Lemon
Texas Tech University
Email: mike.lemon@ttu.edu, mikeslemon@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 210.846.9135 c

Sidney Thompson
Texas Christian University
Email: sidneythompson2010@yahoo.com, s.r.thompson@tcu.edu
Primary Phone: 940.293.3432
Secondary Phone: 251.367.1974 h

Patrick Richard Prominski
Michigan State University
Email: promins2@msu.edu, pprominski@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 616.308.8340 h

Karen R Roybal
Colorado College
Email: karen.roybal@coloradocollege.du
Secondary Phone: 505.699.4343

Domino Perez
University of Texas at Austin
Email: drperez@austin.utexas.edu
Primary Phone: 512.232.7853 w

James Cox
University of Texas at Austin
Email: jhcox@austin.utexas.edu
Primary Phone: 512.232.7853 w

Landon Scott Lutrick
Grad rep (2015–2017)
University of Nevada, Reno
Email: llutrick@unr.edu
Primary Phone: 806.789.2983 h

Clinton Mohs
University of Nevada, Reno
Email: cmohs@unr.edu
Primary Phone: 314.479.4656 c

Jenna Hunnef
University of Toronto
Email: j.hunnef@utoronto.ca

Sylvan Goldberg
Colorado College
Email: sgoldberg@coloradocollege.edu
Primary Phone: 503.936.0645 h

Mallory Pladus
Rice University
Email: mp40@rice.edu
Secondary Phone: 610.308.4237 h

Kyle Bladow
Northland College
Email: kylebladow@gmail.com

Calvin Hoovestol
University of Texas at San Antonio
Email: Calvin.Hoovestol@utsa.edu
Secondary Phone: 512.820.0560 h

Richard Slotkin
DAA 2012

Harry F. Thompson, Exec Dir.
The Center for Western Studies, Augustana University
Email: harry.thompson@augie.edu
Primary Phone: 605.274.4007 w
URL: www.augie.edu/cws

Tagen Towsley Baker
Utah State University
Email: tagen.baker@usurf.usu.edu
Primary Phone: 435.713.3175

George Venn
Eastern Oregon University
Email: gvenn@eou.edu
Primary Phone: 541.962.0380 h
URL: www.georgevenn.com

Nicholas Bradley
EC Member (2014-2017)
University of Victoria
Email: nbradley@uvic.ca
Primary Phone: 250.818.2233
Secondary Phone: 250.721.7273 w

William Jensen
Texas State University
Email: wj13@txstate.edu
Primary Phone: 512.245.0351

Kirby Lynn Brown
University of Oregon
Email: kbrown@uoregon.edu
Primary Phone: 541.346.5819 w

Astrid Haas
University of Wuppertal
Email: haasastrid@online.de
Primary Phone: +49.151.6812.7057 c

Lorena Gauthereau
University of Houston
Email: lorena19@gmail.com

Brittany Henry
Rice University
Email: brittanyautumn@gmail.com, bah4@rice.edu
Primary Phone: 713.449.2962

Andrew Patrick Nelson
Montana State University
Email: apnelson@montana.edu
Primary Phone: 406.994.6451 w

Amanda Zink
EC (2015-2018)
Idaho State University
Email: zinkaman@isu.edu

Candace Black
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Email: candace.black@mnsu.edu
Primary Phone: 507.389.2680 w
Secondary Phone: 507.625.6104 h

Jaejun Kim
Email: jj203@live.co.kr, ppori@outlook.com

Vanja Polic
University of Zagreb
Email: vanja.polic@zg.t-com.hr
Primary Phone: +385.91.5425213
URL: anglist.ffzg.unizg.hr/?p=18951&lang=en

Hiroyuki Inoue
University of Arizona
Email: hinoue1217@gmail.com

Janette Cooper
Troy University
Email: jcooper52371@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 334.770.0209 h

Robert Hass
DAA 2013
University of California, Berkeley

Conrad Shumaker
University of Central Arkansas
Email: shumaker@uca.edu
Primary Phone: 501.450.5126
Secondary Phone: 501.205.5126

Jenny Kerber
Wilfried Laurier University
Email: jkerber@wlu.ca

Brian Kiers
Email: briankiers@gmail.com

Lindsay Stephens
University of South Dakota
Email: lindsay.stephens@coyotes.usd.edu
Primary Phone: 605.381.3557

Joshua Smith
Biola University
Email: joshua.d.smith@biola.edu
Primary Phone: 562.944.0351

Shane Joseph Willis Frankiewicz
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Email: shane.frankiewicz@anglistik.uni-freiburg.de
Primary Phone: 0049-151-70830327

Diana Noreen Rivera
University of Texas - Brownsville
Email: Noreen.Rivera@utrgv.edu
Primary Phone: 956.454.5319

Yeojin Kim
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Email: infinita84@snu.ac.kr

April Anson
University of Oregon
Email: aprila@uoregon.edu

Elena V. Valdez
Rice University
Email: evv1@rice.edu
Primary Phone: 505.470.0065

Theodore Van Alst
University of Montana
Email: thed.vanalst@mso.umt.edu, theo.vanalst@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 406.253.5883

Nadine Antoinette Maestas
EC Member (2014-2017)
Southern New Hampshire University & UCLA
Email: nadineantoinette@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 206.293.9927

Connie Kaldor
DAA 2014

Jinchang Kim
Email: cusv@ibestin.com
Primary Phone: +82 (0)2 3664 1759

Ian Stuart Marshall
Penn State Altoona
Email: ism2@psu.edu
Primary Phone: 814.867.1790

Megan Simpson
Penn State Altoona
Email: mbs12@psu.edu
Primary Phone: 814.934.4581
Secondary Phone: 814.867.1790 h

Gretchen Skivington
Great Basin College
Email: gretchen.skivington@gbcnv.edu
Primary Phone: 775.753.2283

John Peterson
Pepperdine University
Email: john.peterson@pepperdine.edu
Primary Phone: 310.633.4263

Carol Loranger
Wright State University
Email: carol.loranger@wright.edu
Primary Phone: 937.775.2961

Amanda R. Gradisek
Walsh University
Email: agradisek@walsh.edu
Primary Phone: 520.405.2076

Alexandra Meany
Loyola Marymount University
Email: ameany1@lion.lmu.edu
Primary Phone: 720.366.4056

Sean Johnston
Okanagan College, Canada
Email: sgjohnston@okanagan.bc.ca
Primary Phone: 250.762.5445, x4672
Secondary Phone: 250.300.3904
URL: www.seanjohnston.ca;

Marek Paryz
University of Warsaw
Email: m.a.paryz@uw.edu.pl
Primary Phone: 48 22 5531424

Andrew B. Ross
University of Nevada, Reno
Email: theandyross@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 775.784.6689
URL: https://nevada-reno.academia.edu/AndyRoss

Monique McDade
University of Nevada, Reno
Email: mmcdade@navada.unr.edu, m.mcdade117@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 916.955.4601

Rachel Heise Bolten
Grad Rep (2016-2018)
Standford University
Email: rbolten@stanford.edu, rachelheisebolten@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 650.400.2185

Courtney Lee Craggett
University of Central Oklahoma
Email: ccraggett@uco.edu, clcraggett@gmail.com
Secondary Phone: 214.843.4927

Lydia Marie Heberling
University of Washington
Email: heberl@uw.edu
Primary Phone: 916.600.6509

Jessica Hellmann
US Air Force Academy
Email: jessica.hellmann@usafa.edu, jhellmann4.jh@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 970.216.7574

Jessica Colleen Perez Lopez
Michigan State University
Email: jes.cp.lopez@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 843.469.9849

Ho’esta Mo’e’hahne
University of Southern California
Email: moehahne@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 213.379.6796

Glenda Ellen Pritchett
Quinnipiac University
Email: Glenda.Pritchett@quinnipiac.edu
Primary Phone: 203.582.3378
Secondary Phone: 203.804.3446

Andrew Thomas Ross
University of North Texas
Email: andrewross@my.unt.edu
Primary Phone: 214.502.4497

Dustin Tahmahkera
University of Texas at Austin
Email: tahmahkera@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 512.471.2439

Michele Van Haecke
Arizona State University
Email: michelevanhaecke@msn.com
Primary Phone: 928.925.2664

Ryan Tan Wander
University of California, Davis
Email: rtwander@ucdavis.edu
Primary Phone: 510.282.3409

Jillian Moore Bennion
Clark College
Email: nerd4lit@yahoo.com, jbennion@clark.edu
Primary Phone: 208.866.7247

LeAnne Howe
DAA 2015
University of Georgia
Email: ileannehowe@gmail.com

Erin N. Bistline
Texas Tech University
Email: erin.bistline@ttu.edu
Primary Phone: 419.571.7855

Amy Gore
University of New Mexico
Email: gorea@unm.edu

Georgia Tiffany
Email: ronmcf@uidaho.edu
Secondary Phone: 208.882.2220 h

Kevin Kimura
University of Chicago
Email: kevkimura@uchicago.edu, kevkimura@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 347.463.8363

Damien Holt
Staffordshire University, UK (PhD candidate) and Coventry University, UK (employment)
Email: oscarbrindle5@gmail.com;
Primary Phone: +44.2477.654527
Secondary Phone: +44.1827.750427

Joyce Kinkead
Utah State University
Email: Joyce.Kinkead@usu.edu

Jada Ach
University of South Carolina
Email: jach@email.sc.edu
Primary Phone: 951.212.4196

Bernadette V Russo
Texas Tech University
Email: bernadette.v.russo@ttu.edu
Primary Phone: 806.317.5954

Adam Nizar Jabbur
Towson University
Email: ajabbur@towson.edu
Primary Phone: 443.823.2116
Secondary Phone: 410.704.3615

Joanne Dearcopp
Muse Ink Press
Email: jdearcopp@earthlink.net
Primary Phone: 203.637.7881

Gretchen Collier
Northern Arizona University
Email: glcollier1976@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 318.572.5672

Maria Mackas
Georgia State University
Email: maria@mackasevans.com
Primary Phone: 404.202.6653
URL: mackasevans.com

Laura Maria De Vos
University of Washington
Email: lmdevos@uw.edu
Primary Phone: 206.790.7967

Mika Kennedy
University of Michigan
Email: mikake@umich.edu, mikakennedy@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 510.589.1379
URL: http://illiterature.org

Charlotte McGuinn Freeman
Independent Scholar
Email: cmf406@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 406.220.0240

Megan J. Kahn
United States Air Force Academy
Email: megan.kahn@usafa.edu
Primary Phone: 817.821.2748

Kalene Marie VanHuss
Loyola Marymount University
Email: kvanhuss@lion.lmu.edu

Patrizia Corina Zanella
University of Fribourg
Email: patrizia.zanella@unifr.ch

Quinn Grover
Brigham Young University - Idaho
Email: GroverQ@byui.edu
Primary Phone: 208.351.3894

Hali Kirby-Ertel
Gardiner Public Schools
Email: hkirby@gardiner.org
Primary Phone: 406.223.2654

Mary Campbell
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Email: mcampb33@utk.edu
Primary Phone: 415.407.7073

Jacob Burg
Brandeis University
Email: burgja@brandeis.edu, jakeburg2812@gmail.com

Margaret Johnson
Idaho State University
Email: johnmarg@isu.edu

Rebecca Petrick
Montana State University
Email: blpetrick@hotmail.com

Alexander Cavanaugh
University of Oregon
Email: acavanaug@uoregon.edu, alexander.cavanaugh@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 701.230.4863

Christopher Conway
University of Texas at Arlington
Email: conway@uta.edu
Primary Phone: 817.272.3161

Shelley Louise McEuen
College of Southern Idaho
Email: smceuen@csi.edu
Primary Phone: 208.404.1159

Patricia Oman
Hastings College
Email: poman@hastings.edu

Laurie Lowrance
University of New Mexico
Email: llowrance@unm.edu
Primary Phone: 512.825.8149

Tracy Sanford Tucker
Will Cather Foundation
Email: ttucker@willacather.org
Primary Phone: 402.746.2653
URL: WillaCather.org

Bärbel Schlimbach
Saarland University, Germany
Email: schlibach@mx.uni-saarland.de
Primary Phone: +49.681.302.3323

James Benson Wirth
University of Washington
Email: jbwirth@uw.edu, benwirth@gmail.com

Laura Smith
Email: ktaadn64@yahoo.com

Roxanne Yee
Email: rsyee@hawaii.edu

Anne Marie Johnson
Utah State University
Email: annemarie.johnson@usu.edu

Delinda King
West Texas A&M University
Email: king.delinda58@gmail.com, dlking1@buffs.wtamu.edu
Primary Phone: 806.336.6531

Kristen Brown
University of South Carolina
Email: krwright@email.sc.edu, krwrigh@msn.com
Primary Phone: 803.225.4486

Michael Docherty
University of Kent (UK)
Email: mjd45@kent.ac.uk, michael.joseph.docherty@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 00447932636755
URL: www.michaeldocherty.co.uk; Twitter: @maybeavalon

Justin Race, Director
University of Nevada Press
Email: jrace@unpress.nevada.edu

Laura Laffrado
Western Washington University
Email: Laura.Laffrado@wwu.edu
Primary Phone: 360.650.2886
URL: faculty.wwu.edu/laffrado/index.shtml

David R. Solheim
Buffalo Commons Press
Email: solheimdave@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 701.290.7580
URL: Buffalocommonspress.com

Terri Wesemann
Utah State University
Email: terriwesemann@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 303.506.8339

Barbara Tracy
Southeast Community College
Email: btracy@southeast.edu
Primary Phone: 402.437.2071
Secondary Phone: 402.730.8617

Scott Pearce
Email: chalkman@bigpond.com
Primary Phone: +61412808767

Tyler Ready
Montana State University-Bozeman
Email: readytj@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 406.599.7948

Emily Gowen
Boston University
Email: emtgowen@gmail.com

Masato Tobari
Rikkyo University
Email: chicken.masato@gmail.com
Primary Phone: +81-3-3380-6670
Secondary Phone: +81-90-8726-2965

MaryKate Messimer
University of Arkansas
Email: mmmessimer@gmail.com, mmessimer@email.uark.edu
Primary Phone: 214.629.1557

Christina Brennan
Email: c.m.brennan92@gmail.com

John Schwetman
University of Minnesota Duluth
Email: jschwetman@yahoo.com
Primary Phone: 218.726.8437

Jason Herbert
West Texas A&M University
Email: jbherbert1@buffs.wtamu.edu
Primary Phone: 806.570.8995

Maria Beach
Oklahoma State University
Email: feministdramatur@yahoo.com, maria.beach@okstate.edu

Brianna (Mystery) Harwood
University of Nebraska Omaha
Email: bharwood@unomaha.edu
Primary Phone: 402.570.4097

Cheyenne Marco
University of South Dakota
Email: cheyenne.marco@coyotes.usd.edu

David Levine
University of South Dakota
Email: david.levine@coyotes.usd.edu

Kristen Lodge
Email: lodgek@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 603.892.4671
URL: kristenlodge.com

Lori K. Martin
Pittsburg State University, KS
Email: lkmartin@pittstate.edu
Primary Phone: 620.515.7240

M. Elise Marubbio
Augsburg University
Email: marubbio@augsburg.edu
Primary Phone: 612.330.1523

Jill Doerfler
University of Minnesota-Duluth
Email: doerflj@d.umn.edu
Primary Phone: 218.726.7192
URL: https://cla.d.umn.edu/american-indian-studies/faculty-staff/jill-doerfler

Andrew Tolle
Eastfield College & U of Texas at Arlington
Email: andrewtolle@dcccd.edu, andrew.tolle@mavs.uta.edu
Primary Phone: 940.300.6114

Jerome Paul Tharaud
Brandeis University
Email: jtharaud@brandeis.edu
Primary Phone: 781.736.2140

José Limón
Email: Jose.Limon.5@nd.edu

May Yang
Independent scholar
Email: mwyyaj@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 559.999.5578

Thomas I Becknell
Bethel University
Email: t-becknell@bethel.edu
Primary Phone: 651.638.6130

Mary Paniccia Carden
Edinboro University of PA
Email: mpcarden@edinboro.edu
Primary Phone: 814.732.1584

Lisa Udel
Illinois College
Email: ludel@ic.edu

Teresa McKenna
University of Southern California, emerita
Email: Jose.Limon.5@nd.edu

Clinton Crockett Peters
University of North Texas
Email: clintoncrockettp@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 615.962.3071

Tony Hughes-d’Aeth
University of Western Australia
Email: tony.hda@uwa.edu.au
Primary Phone: +61.433.127.031

Cynthia Taylor
Colorado State University - Pueblo
Email: cynthia.taylor@csupueblo.edu
Primary Phone: 719.549.2312

Joni Iglinski
Email: joni.iglinski@phoenix.edu

Vanessa Steinroetter
Washburn University
Email: vanessa.steinroetter@washburn.edu
Primary Phone: 785.670.1734

Tim Kemper
Email: tkemper313@gmail.com

Mai Neng Moua
Email: mainengmoua@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 612.968.8583

Christopher Dolle
University of Iowa
Email: christopher-dolle@uiowa.edu

Joy Marie Hamilton
University of Minnesota
Email: hamil520@umn.edu
Primary Phone: 303.902.3160

Braden Joseph Krien
University of Iowa
Email: braden-krien@uiowa.edu, bkrien@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 262.903.0558

Kelsey M. Bee
University of Nebraska-Omaha
Email: kbee@unomaha.edu

Lydia R. Presley
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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Tarra Stevenson
Westridge School for Girls & UC Riverside
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University of Nebraska at Omaha
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University of Waterloo
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University of Southern California
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University of Kansas
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University of North Texas
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Hastings College
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Goldsmiths University of London
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Marie Drews
Luther College
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Nina O’Leary
University of Minnesota
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Kristine Langley Mahler
University of Nebraska - Omaha
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Kelly Griffith
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Christopher John Pexa
University of Minnesota
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Robert Lipscomb
University of Nebraska
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University of Maryland
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University of North Texas
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University of Nebraska Lincoln
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Emily J. Rau
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
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Cory Willard
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
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University of Southern California
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Akikwe Cornell
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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Kaitlyn Willy
University of North Texas
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Glenn Murray Wasicuna
Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Kai Pyle
University of Minnesota Twin Cities
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Erin Martin
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University of Tennessee at Martin
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Rice University
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Texas Tech University
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University of Wisconsin - Superior
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University of Washington
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University of Orgeon
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Sara Armstrong
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Lafayette College
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Vanderbilt University
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Western Washington University
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Jennifer Kawecki
Omaha Public Schools
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Sezai Hakan Armagan
Omaha Public Schools
Email: sezai.armagan@ops.org
Primary Phone: 402.556.1712

  • Western Literature Association (WLA)

    Founded in 1965, the Western Literature Association (WLA) is a non-profit, scholarly association that promotes the study of the diverse literature and cultures of the North American West, past and present.

  • Western American Literature (WAL)

    (The Journal)

    Published by the Western Literature Association, Western American Literature is the leading journal in western American literary studies.