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    The resolute but congenial atmosphere of the WLA has set the tone for my approach to teaching and scholarship, and established my regard for active service to my institution and the profession.
    William V. Lombardi
    Assistant Professor, Missouri Valley College (Grad student rep 2012-2014)



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Michael Branch, who received both the Manfred Award AND the Willa Pilla Award from the WLA in 2015 and who is the winner of the 2017 Ellen Meloy Desert Writers Award, has two new books available from Roost Books. The latest, RANTS FROM THE HILL, is a collection of reflections on living in the high desert of northwestern Nevada, which Kirkus Reviews calls “lyrical and subversive…a rollicking celebration of living a joyously untamed life” and “an engagingly quirky collection.” Branch’s memoir, RAISING WILD, is now available in paperback and is a finalist for the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment Creative Writing Award.

Here’s a link to an interview by Orion: 


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