Western Literature Association Presidents 1966 to Present

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Western Literature Association Presidents 1966 to Present

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

WLA leaders who have served as presidents of the organization and have hosted the annual conference.

NOTE: If you have a photograph of a past president who is not pictured below, or if you are a past president and you’re not happy with your photo below, please send photos to Sabine Barcatta, Western Literature Association, PO Box 6815, Logan UT 84341.
Digital photographs preferred, but printed photos acceptable. (They will be returned after scanning.)

 Susan Bernardin Susan Bernardin 2015 Reno, Nevada
 David Fenimore David Fenimore 2015 Reno, Nevada
 Laurie Ricou Laurie Ricou 2014 Victoria, BC, Canada
AnneKaufman Anne Kaufman 2014 Victoria, BC, Canada
Richard Hutson Richard Hutson 2013 Berkeley, California
Sara Spurgeon 2012 Lubbock, Texas
Nancy Cook 2011 Missoula, Montana
Bonney MacDonald 2011 Missoula, Montana
Gioia Woods 2010 Prescott, Arizona
David Cremean 2009 Spearfish, South Dakota
Karen Ramirez 2008 Boulder, Colorado
Nicolas Witschi 2008 Boulder, Colorado
Ann Putnam 2007 Tacoma, Washington
Tara Penry 2006 Boise, Idaho
William Handley 2005 Los Angeles, California
Susan Kollin 2004 Big Sky, Montana
Krista Comer 2003 Houston, Texas
Judy Nolte Temple 2002 Tucson, Arizona
Susan Naramore Maher 2001 Omaha, Nebraska
Robert Murray Davis 2000 Norman, Oklahoma
Michael Kowalewski[pictured with Al Young and James Houston] 1999 Sacramento, California
Robert Thacker 1998 Banff, Alberta
Gary Scharnhorst 1997 Albuquerque, New Mexico
Susanne K. George Bloomfield 1996 Lincoln, Nebraska
Laurie Ricou 1995 Vancouver, British Columbia
Stephen Tatum 1994 Salt Lake City, Utah
Diane Quantic 1993 Wichita, Kansas
Joseph Flora 1992 Reno, Nevada
James C. Work 1991 Estes Park, Colorado
Lawrence Clayton 1990 Denton, Texas
Barbara Meldrum 1989 Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Glen Love 1988 Eugene, Oregon
Susan J. Rosowski 1987 Lincoln, Nebraska
Tom Pilkington[pictured in the middle, receiving award] 1986 Durango, Colorado
Gerald Haslam 1985 Fort Worth, Texas
Ann Ronald 1984 Reno, Nevada
George Day 1983 St. Paul, Minnesota
Martin Bucco 1982 Denver, Colorado
James Maguire 1981 Boise, Idaho
Bernice Slote [not pictured]&Helen Stauffer [pictured] 1980 St. Louis, Missouri
Richard Etulain 1979 Albuquerque, New Mexico
Mary Washington 1978 Park City, Utah
Arthur Huseboe 1977 Sioux Falls, South Dakota
L. L. Lee L. L. Lee 1976 Bellingham, Washington
Maynard Fox 1975 Durango, Colorado
John S. Bullen 1974 Sonoma, California
Max Westbrook 1973 Austin, Texas
Thomas J. Lyon 1972 Jackson Hole, Wyoming
John R. Milton 1971 Red Cloud, Nebraska
Don D. Walker 1970 Sun Valley, Idaho
Morton L. Ross 1969 Provo, Utah
Jim L. Fife 1968 Colorado Springs, Colo.
Delbert E. Wylder 1967 Albuquerque, New Mexico
C. L. Sonnichsen 1966 Salt Lake City, Utah

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