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Spring 1977 (vol. 12, no. 1)

“Post Mortem”: “The Poet Is Dead” Frederic I. Carpenter
John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row: A Reconsideration Jackson J. Benson
Riders of Judgement: An Exercise in Ontological Criticism Max Westbrook
Sons of Oliver Edwards; or, The Other American Hero Michael D. Butler
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Southwest Classics: The Creative Literature of the Arid Lands; Essays on the Books and Their Writers, by Lawrence Clark Powell Tom Pilkington
In This Wild Water: The Suppressed Poems of Robinson Jeffers, by James Shebl Frederic I. Carpenter
The Collected Poems: 1956-1974, by Edward Dorn; Gathering the Tribes, by Carolyn Forché L. L. Lee
Selected Writings of Edward S. Curtis: Excerpts from Volumes I-XX of the North American Indian, edited by Barry Gifford Brian W. Dippie
Mark Twain’s Notebooks and Journals, Volume I, edited by Frederick Anderson, Michael B. Frank, and Kenneth M. Sanderson Max Westbrook
Climbing in North America, by Chris Jones Thomas J. Lyon
Mountain Sheep and Man in the Northern Wilds, by Valerius Geist Merrill Lewis
The Valley of the Moon, by Jack London Richard W. Etulain
The Long Trail: How Cowboys & Longhorns Opened the West, by Gardner Soule Orlan Sawey
Windsinger, by Gary M. Smith Mary Ellen Ackerman
B. Traven: An Introduction, by Michael L. Baumann Robert B. Olafson
The Selected Poems of Gwendolen Haste Martin Bucco
James J. Hill and the Opening of the Northwest, by Albro Martin Howard Lachtman
The Names: A Memoir, by N. Scott Momaday Elton Miles

Summer 1977 (vol. 12, no. 2)

Emerson Hough as Conservationist and Muckraker Delbert E. Wylder
Robinson Jeffers: Apocalypse and His “Inevitable Place” Edward A. Nickerson
Predators in Literature Gerald Haslam
Fascists in Fiction: Two Early Novels of Mari Sandoz Scott L. Greenwell
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Land of Clear Light, by Michael Jenkinson Edward Abbey

The Cowboy: Six-Shooters, Songs, and Sex, edited by Charles W. Harris and Buck Rainey

Richard D. Keller
Folklore of Canada, by Edith Fowke Orlan Sawey
Tales of the Big Bend, by Elton Miles Edwin W. Gaston, Jr.
A Taste of the Knife, by Marnie Walsh Joseph B. McCollough
Hearts Made Glad: The Charges of Intemperance against Joseph Smith the Mormon Prophet (and Folkes that Dronken ben of Ale), by LaMar Petersen Levi S. Peterson
Poets West: Contemporary Poems from the Eleven Western States, edited by Lawrence Spingarn; New and Selected Poems, by Peggy Pond Church Alice G. Hart
Lewis and Clark: Historic Places Associated with Their Transcontinental Exploration (1804–06), by Roy E. Appleman Starr Jenkins
Airlift to Wounded Knee, by Bill Zimmerman Thomas J. Lyon
ARCHETYPE WEST: The Pacific Coast as a Literary Region, by William Everson Gerald Haslam
Shabegok, by Jaime de Angulo, edited by Bob Callahan; How the World Was Made, by Jaime de Angulo, edited by Bob Callahan Barry Gifford
The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights, from the Winchester Manuscripts fo Thomas Malory, by John Steinbeck Robert E. Morsberger
The Education of Little Tree, by Forrest Carter Orlan Sawey
Desert Notes: Reflections in the Eye of a Raven, by Barry Holstun Lopez Mary Ellen Ackerman
The Court-Martial of George Armstrong Custer, by Douglas C. Jones; Wind on the Buffalo Grass: The Indians” Own Account of the Battle at the Little Big Horn River and the Death of Their Life on the Plains, collected and edited by Leslie Tillett James V. Holleran
Song of the Pedernales: A Novel of Reconstruction in Texas, by John L. Mortimer Orlan Sawey
Los Angeles: Biography of a City, by John and LaRee Caughey Doyce B. Nunis, Jr.
“I Wish I Could Give My Son a Wild Raccoon,” edited by Eliot Wigginton Hector H. Lee

Fall 1977 (vol. 12, no. 3)

The East-West Theme in Dreiser’s An American Tragedy Martin Bucco
Francis Parkman on the Oregon Trail: A Study in Cultural Prejudice L. Hugh Moore
Martin Eden: Jack London’s “Splendid Dream” Sam S. Baskett
Natural, Tribal, and Civil Law in Cooper’s The Prairie Mary E. Rucker
Essay Reviews Reviewed By
Dear Judas and Other Poems, by Robinson Jeffers, edited by Robert J. Brophy; The Double Axe and Other Poems, edited by William Everson and Bill Hotchkiss; The Women at Point Sur and Other Poems, by Robinson Jeffers, edited by Tim Hunt; Jeffers: The Sivaistic Vision, by Bill Hotchkiss Edward A. Nickerson
Jack London: The Man, the Writer, the Rebel, by Robert Barltrop; Jack London: A Reference Guide, by Joan Sherman Dale L. Walker
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Westen Writers Series, edited by Wayne Chatterton, James H. Maguire and Dale K. Boyer (no. 21–25): Edward F. Ricketts, by Richard Astro; Bill Nye: The Western Writings, by David B. Kesterson; Gertrude Atherton, by Charlotte S. McClure; Hamlin Garland: The Far West, by Robert Gish; John G. Neihardt, by Lucile F. Aly Martin Bucco
Truck, by John Jerome Craig George
Masks, by Gerald Haslam Tom Pilkington
Ceremony, by Leslie Marmon Silko Jack L. Davis
Seeing Castaneda: Reactions to the “Don Juan” Writings of Carlos Castaneda, edited by Daniel C. Noel Thomas J. Lyon
Petroglyphs, by Sam Hamill; The Catch, by George Bowering; Selected Poems, by Lucien Stryk Gary Nabhan
John Steinbeck: A Dictionary of His Fictional Characters, edited by Tetsumaro Hayashi Elroy Bode
Rivertrip, by Rita Deanin Abbey, introduction by Frank Waters Charles L. Adams
The Journey Home: Some Words in Defense of the American West, by Edward Abbey; The John McPhee Reader, edited by William L. Howarth Thomas J. Lyon
Shifting World: Social Change and Nostalgia in the American Novel, by David C. Stineback Martin Bucco
Lone Star Universe: The First Anthology of Texas Science Fiction, edited by George W. Proctor and Steven Utley Don Graham
The Mystery of B. Traven, by Judy Stone Robert B. Olafson
Charles F. Lummis: Crusader in Corduroy, by Dudley Gordon; Charles F. Lummis: The Man and His West, by Thurbesé Lummis Fiske and Keith Lummis Sidney Jenson
The Mesa of Flowers, by Harold Courlander Orlan Sawey
Fred Rosenstock: A Legend in Books and Art, by Donald E. Bower, foreword by Frank Waters Sam Weller
Buffalo and Other Stories, by Wayne Ude Salley McCluskey

Winter 1978 (vol. 12, no. 4)

“The Thing Not Named” in The Professor’s House Barbara Wild
The Bear‘s Son Folk Tale in When the Legends Die and House Made of Dawn Nora Baker Barry
Learning the Hard Way in James Dickey’s Deliverance Don Kunz
Annual Bibliography Richard D. Keller
Book Reviews Reviewed By
The Mind-Reader: New Poems, by Richad Wilbur; The Compass Flower, by W. S. Merwin L. L. Lee
The Taste of Time, by Ferol Egan Richard C. Poulsen
The Killdeer Crying: Selected Poems of William Barney, edited and introduced by Dave Oliphant Don Graham
Who Is Teddy Villanova? by Thomas Berger Warren French
Learn to Love the Haze, by Robert Roripaugh; Sundance at Dusk, by Al Purdy Morton L. Ross
Dance Me Outside, by W. P. Kinsella Terry Andrews Lasansky
Cumberland Station, by Dave Smith Veneta Nielsen
Sunlight and Storm: The Great American Plains, by Alexander B. Adams Jack Hafer
A Fringe of Leaves, by Patrick White Stephen Tatum
On Us, by Douglas Woolf L. L. Lee
Stephen Crane’s Artistry, by Frank Bergon Robert Glen Deamer
Solitudes, by R. G. Vliet Don Graham
A Study Guide to Steinbeck’s THE LONG VALLEY, edited by Tetsumaro Hayashi Arthur Frietzsche
Farther Off from Heaven, by William Humphrey George D. Hendricks
The Carmen Miranda Memorial Flagpole, by Gerald Rosen Barry Gifford
Gary Snyder, by Bob Steuding Bert Almon
The Last Cattle Drive, by Robert Day James F. Hoy
Western Writers of America: Silver Anniversary Anthology, edited by August Lenniger; Spurs: Western Writers of America, introduction by S. Omar Barker Dale L. Walker
Fresh Meat/Warm Weather, by Joyce Eliason Alan Crooks
The Manly-Hearted Woman, by Frederick Manfred Mick McAllister
Wilderness Calling: The Hardeman Family in the American Westward Movement, 1750–1900, by Nicholas Perkins Hardeman Robert L. Hungarland
The Way to the Old Sailors Home, by Thomas Baird; The Badgers of Summercombe, by Ewan Clarkson Robert A. Roripaugh
Hamlin Garland’s Observations on the American Indian, 1895–1905, edited by Lonnie E. Underhill and Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr. Patricia Ann Owens

Spring 1978 (vol. 13, no. 1)

Jack Schaefer: The Writer as Ecologist Fred Erisman
Sex on the Lone Prairee C. L. Sonnichsen
You Can’t Go Home: Jeremiah Johnson and the Wilderness Mick McAllister
Zane Grey: A Literary Reassessment Gary Topping
Change of Purpose in the Novels of Louis L’Amour John D. Nesbitt
Book Reviews Reviewed By
The Twentieth-Century American West: A Potpourri, by Gene M. Gressley Robert G. Athearn
The Thin Mountain Air, by Paul Horgan Mary Washington
The Genuine Article, A. B. Guthrie Jr. Robert Gish
Nevada, A History, by Robert Laxalt Ann Ronald
Light Years, by J. M. Ferguson, Jr. Dowling G. Campbell
The Old Ways, by Gary Snyder Thomas J. Lyon
The Wishing Bone Cycle, by Howard A. Norman John Trimbur
Mexico and the Hispanic Southwest in American Literature, by Cecil Robinson Rudolph Gomez
Fig Tree John: An Indian in Fact and Fiction, by Peter G. Beidler Wayne Ude
A British Ranchero in Old California: Henry Dalton and the Rancho Azusa, by Sheldon G. Jackson Arthur Frietzsche
The Texans, by James Conaway Max Westbrook
Indian Dances of North America, by Reginald and Gladys Laubin Thomas J. Lyon
The Bradbury Chronicles; Harlan Ellison, Unrepentant Harlequin; Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in His Own Land, by George Edgar Slusser; John D. MacDonald and the Colorful World of Travis McGee, by Frank D. Campbell Jr. Robert E. Morsberger
In the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods, by Galen Rowell Thomas J. Lyon
Crooked Road: The Story of the Alaska Highway, by David A. Remley Geary Hobson
Headlands, Rising, by Robert Krieger; Winter Constellations, by Richard Blessing; Corners in the Glass, by Ralph Gustafson Hemant Kulkarni
Survival: Life and Art of the Alaskan Eskimo, by Barbara Lipton Jim Green
Crinoline to Calico, by Nan Heacock Roy W. Meyer
A World by Itself: The Pastoral Moment in Cooper’s Fiction, by H. Daniel Peck Michael D. Butler
The Midland: A Venture in Literary Regionalism, by Milton M. Reigelman Richard W. Etulain
Selected Writings of Joaquine Miller, edited with intro and notes by Alan Rosenus Richard W. Etulain

Summer 1978 (vol. 13, no. 2)

From ‘Mythic’ to ‘Fictive’ in a Nez Perce Orpheus Myth Jarold Ramsey
Endings in Contemporary American Indian Fiction David B. Espey
Willa Cather’s Archbishop: A Western and Classical Perspective John J. Murphy
Joseph Wood Krutch: Persistent Champion of Man and Nature Paul N. Pavich
“Gravy Says A Lot”: The Poetry of Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel Gerald Haslam
Essay Review Reviewed By
Coyote Was Going There: Indian Literature of the Oregon Country, compiled and edited by Jarold Ramsey Barre Toelken
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Alaska Crude: Visions of the Last Frontier, by Kenneth Andrasko Margaret E. Murie
Wallace Stegner, by Forest G. and Margaret G. Robinson Kerry Ahearn
31 Letters and 13 Dreams, by Richard Hugo Michael Allen
Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle, by Katie Lee Louie W. Attebery
Thoreau and the American Indians, by Robert F. Sayre Thomas J. Lyon
No Other Country, by Al Purdy Brian W. Dippie
John G. Neihardt: A Critical Biography, by Lucile F. Aly Billie Wahlstrom
The Language of the Railroader, by Ramon F. Adams G. Franklin Ackerman
ESKIMO ART: Tradition and Innovation in North Alaska, by Dorothy Jean Ray; Indian Artists at Work, by Ulli Steltzer Bart Robinson
The Reef Girl, by Zane Grey Gary Topping
Shining Clarity: God and Man in the Works of Robinson Jeffers, by Marlan Beilke Frederic I. Carpenter
A Dictionary of the Old West, by Peter Watts Richard C. Poulsen
Good Life in Hard Times: San Francisco’s 20’s and 30’s, by Jerry Flamm Kevin Starr
The Fork River Space Project, by Wright Morris James K. Folsom
A Literary History of Iowa, by Clarence A. Andrews Richard W. Etulain
Travels in Southern California, by John Xántus Alan Kishbaugh
Garden in the Wind, by Gabrielle Roy, trans. Alan Brown Dick Harrison
Memories of the Alhambra, by Nash Candelaria Carlota Cárdenas de Dwyer
Taos, by Irwin R. Blacker Richard Moseley
Sex and Violence in the Canadian Novel, by John Moss John Donahue
My Seasons, by Haniel Long T. M. Pearce
Wyoming: A Bicentennial History, by T. A. Larson Robert A. Roripaugh
Handbook for Poets, by M. K. O’Brien Robert F. Richards
The Coyote: Defiant Songdog of the West, by Francois Leydet Paul T. Bryant
Frost in the Orchard, by Donald R. Marshall; The Blue Door & Other Stories, by Lawrence P. Spingarn Robert Gish
Astoria, or Anecdotes of an Enterprize beyond the Rocky Mountains, by Washington Irving, edited by Richard Dilworth Rust Wayne R. Kime
As Ever: The Collected Correspondence of Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady, edited by Barry Gifford Dennis McNally
The Sorcerer of Bolinas Reef, by Charles Reich Starr Jenkins

Fall 1978 (vol. 13, no. 3)

The Authentic Western Max Westbrook
The Tempered Romanticism of John Muir Harold P. Simonson
Stephen Crane, Eastern Outsider in the West and Mexico Jamie Robertson
One of Ours: Willa Cather’s Losing Battle Marilyn Arnold
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Island Between, by Margaret E. Murie, illustrated by Olaus J. Murie Jean Craighead George
Irving Stone’s Jack London: His Life, Sailor on Horseback (A Biography) and 28 Selected Jack London Stories, by Irving Stone and Jack London; Jack London, Sailor on Horseback: A Biography, by Irving Stone Dale L. Walker
Western Writers Series 26–30: Edited by Wayne Chatterton and James H. Maguire: E. W. Howe, by Martin Bucco; George Catlin, by Joseph R. Millichap; Josiah Gregg and Lewis H. Garrard, by Edward Halsey Foster; Edward Abbey, by Garth McCann; Charles Warren Stoddard, by Robert L. Gale Fred Erisman
Holy the Firm, by Annie Dillard Bobbie Burch Lemontt
Arrest Sitting Bull, by Douglas C. Jones James V. Holleran
Railroadin, Etc., by J. J. Greenbrier George Venn
I, Leo:—An Unfinished Novel, by Lew Welch; On Bread and Poetry: A Panel Discussion with Gary Snyder, Lew Welch, and Philip Whalen Albert Saijo
Utah: A History, by Charles S. Peterson Richard C. Poulsen
Howbah Indians, by Simon J. Ortiz Karl Kroeber
Ghost in the Wheels: Selected Poems, by Earle Birney Kristoffer F. Paulson
Unnamed Country: The Struggle for a Canadian Prairie Fiction, by Dick Harrison Roy W. Meyer
Patterns and Coincidences, a Sequel to All Is But a Beginning, by John G. Neihardt John T. Flanagan
The Westering Experience in American Literature: Bicentennial Essays, edited by Merrill Lewis and L. L. Lee Lucile F. Aly
Schoolboy, Cowboy, Mexican Spy, by Jay Monaghan Neal Lambert
Notes to a Bald Buffalo, by J. R. Milton Robert F. Richards
The Bough of Summer, by Duane Carr; The Grass Creek Chronicle, by Pat Carr; The Vengeance Trail of Josey Wales, by Forrest Carter; The Chisholms: A Novel of the Journey West, by Evan Hunter; Don Q: A Novel, by José López Portillo, translated from the Spanish by Eliot Weinberger and Wilfrido Corral; Quetzalcoatl: A Novel, by José López Portillo, translated from the Spanish by Eliot Weinberger and Diana S. Goodrich; Walks Far Woman, by Colin Stuart Delbert E. Wylder
Transhominal Criticism, by E. R. Zietlow Thomas J. Lyon
The Last Cowboy, by Jane Kramer Olena H. Saciuk
In Time and Place, by Floyed C. Watkins Max Westbrook
The Assassination Bureau, Ltd., by Jack London, completed by Robert L. Fish Howard Lachtman
Texas Liveoak, by Paul Foreman; Yarbrough Mountain, by Karl Kopp; Granite Station, by Don Thompson Gerald Haslam
Bad Company, by Joseph Henry Jackson; Legends of the California Bandidos, by Angus MacLean Gerald Haslam
Tsuga’s Children, by Thomas Williams Sylvia Grider
Dreaming of Babylon, by Richard Brautigan Bobbie Burch Lemontt
The Way of an Indian, by Frederic Remington John W. Bailey

Winter 1979 (vol. 13, no. 4)

John G. Neihardt and the American Epic Lucile F. Aly
Hawthorne’s Dream in the Forest Robert Glen Deamer
Annual Bibliography Richard D. Keller
Research in Progress Richard Cracroft
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Dodge City: The Most Western Town of All, by Odie B. Faulk Fred L. Lee
Heart Beat: My Life with Jack and Neal, by Carolyn Cassady John T. Murphy
The Trader on the American Frontier: Myth’s Victim, by Howard R. Lamar Joe B. Frantz
In Mediterranean Air, by Ann Stanford Ronald Vierling
Larry McMurtry, by Charles D. Peavy Alan F. Crooks
Jack: A Biography of Jack London, by Andrew Sinclair Earle Labor
Fair Blows the Wind, by Louis L’Amour William A. Bloodworth
Five on the Western Edge: An Anthology of Works from San Francisco, by Beau Beausoleil, Steve Brooks, Larry Felson, Hilton Obenzinger, and Stephen Vincent Thom Tammaro
Guns, Gold, & Caravans: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Fred Meyer Schroder, by Robert Easton Arthur Frietzsche
The Selected Poems of H. L. Davis, selected and edited by Orvis C. Burmaster, with a preface by Thomas Hornsby Ferril Paul T. Bryant
Rocky Mountain Rendezvous, by Fred R. Gowans Alan Sandy
Southwest: A Contemporary Anthology, edited by Karl and Jane Kopp and Bart Lanier Stafford III Dorys Crow Grover
The Worlds between Two Rivers: Perspectives in American Indians in Iowa, edited and with an introduction by Gretchen M. Bataille, David M. Gradwohl, and Charles L. P. Silet Sally McCluskey
Sister to the Sioux: The Memoirs of Elaine Goodale Eastman, 1885-91, edited by Kay Graber William E. Koch
Sun Tracks Four: Native American Perspectives, edited by Larry Evers Jack L. Davis
Desert Journal: Reflections of a Naturalist, by Raymond B. Cowles Mary Ellen Ackerman
Climbing Ice, by Yvon Chouinard Max Lyon
Stories That Could Be True: New and Collected Poems, by William Stafford; Writing the Australian Crawl: Views on the Writer’s Vocation, by William Staford Bert Almon
The Hidden Canyon: A River Journey, photographs by John Blaustein, with A Journal by Edward Abbey, and an Introduction by Martin Litton Jan Bakker
Words and Savages, by Ronald Robinson and Arthur Huseboe Kathryn R. Johnson

Spring 1979 (vol. 14, no. 1)

Richard Shelton: A Voice in the Wilderness Victor Contoski
The Dual Nature of Art in The Song of the Lark Ann Moseley
Jack Schaefer: The Evolution of Pessimism Michael Cleary
Sacred Sources in The Canyon Gerald Haslam
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Where the West Begins, edited by Arthur R. Huseboe and William Geyer John Milton
Lost Tribes and Promised Lands: The Origins of American Racism, by Ronald Sanders Jack L. Davis
Mystic Warriors of the Plains, by Thomas E. Mails Reginald Laubin
The Snow Leopard, by Peter Matthiessen Thomas J. Lyon
California Heartland: Writing from the Great Central Valley, edited by Gerald Haslam and James Houston, illustrated by Clayton Turner Howard Lachtman
The Horse Soldier 176-1943, vol. III, by Randy Steffen John Taylor
Swimming Man Burning, by Terrence Kilpatrick Tom Pilkington
Itinerary: Criticism, Essays on California Writers, edited by Charles Crow Forrest Robinson
Cowboy, by Ross Santee Stephen Tatum
Green Earth, by Frederick Manfred Waring Jones
Reinhabiting a Separate Country: A Bioregional Anthology of Northern California, edited by Peter Berg Kraig Klungness
H. L. Davis, by Paul T. Bryant Jan Harold Brunvand
The Elements of San Joaquin, by Gary Soto Jerry Bradley
American Indian Fiction, by Charles R. Larson Wayne Ude
The Novels of Wright Morris, by G. B. Crump Mary Washington
While Dancing Feet Shatter the Earth, by Keith Wilson Alan Steinberg
Riders to Cibola, by Norman Zollinger Geary Hobson
Captain Mayne Reid, by Joan Steele Michael T. Marsden
New Directions in Chicano Scholarship, by Ricardo Romo and Raymund Paredes Robert G. Lint
Triada, by Sam Hamill L. L. Lee
America’s Frontier Culture: Three Essays, by Ray A. Billington Lee Nash
In Search of Steinbeck, by Anne-Marie Schmitz Sal Noto
History and Utopia: A Study of the World View of James Fenimore Cooper, by Allan M. Axelrad Richard C. Poulsen
Decompressions: Selected Poems, by Philip Whalen; Off the Wall: Interviews with Philip Whalen, edited by Donald Allen Albert Saijo
Wintu Trails, by Helen Hogue, edited by Margaret M. Kardell Jacqueline Koenig
A Good Journey, by Simon J. Ortiz Geary Hobson
Studio, by Thomas Maremaa David M. Fine

Summer 1979 (vol. 14, no. 2)

The Roosevelt-Wister Connection: Some Notes on the Uses of History Forrest G. Robinson
The Huck Finn Swindle Barry A. Marks
Animals and Human Development in the Contemporary American Indian Novel Peter G. Beidler
A Bibliography of Western American Drama James H. Maguire
Essay Reviews Reviewed By
Towards a New American Poetics, by Ekbert Faas Max Westbrook
Western Women Writing: A Bride Goes West, by Nannie T. Alderson and Helena Huntington Smith; A Frontier Lady: Recollections of the Gold Rush and Early California, by Sarah Royce; Home below Hell’s Canyon, by Grace Jordan; A Lady’s Experience in the Wild West in 1883, by Rose Prender; Letters of a Woman Homesteader, by Elinore Pruitt Stewart; Mollie: The Journal of Mollie Dorsey Sanford in Nebraska and Colorado Territories, 1857-1866, by Mollie Dorsey Sanford; No Life for a Lady, by Agnes Morley Cleaveland Ann Ronald
Book Reviews Reviewed By
The Starship and the Canoe, by Kenneth Brower Paul T. Bryant
Jack London: Essays in Criticism, edited by Ray Wilson Ownbey Dale L. Walker
A Whaler and Trader in the Arctic, by Arthur James Allen John Craighead George
Two in the Far North, by Margaret E. Murie, illustrated by Olaus J. Murie Beatrice K. Morton
The Lewis and Clark Trail: Retracing America’s Most Adventurous Journey, by Archie Satterfield, illustrated by Marilyn Weber Rex Robinson
Big Falling Snow, by Albert Yava James R. Hepworth
The Paradox of Pancho Villa, by Haldeen Braddy; Border Patrol: With the US Immigration Service on the Mexican Boundary 1910-54, by Clifford Alan Perkins, assisted by Nancy Dickey, edited by C. L. Sonnichsen Robert B. Olafson
From the High Plains, by John Fischer June O. Underwood
Growing Up in Iowa, by Clarence A. Andrews Robert Gish

Fall 1979 (vol. 14, no. 3)

Settlement Waves and Coordinate Forces in Shane James C. Work
California Heartland: Voice from the Great Central Valley Gerald Haslam
Woman on the Trail: Hough’s North of 36 Linda K. Downey
Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: The Fusion of Form and Content Ronald J. Lee
Book Reviews Reviewed By
A Concise Bibliography of English-Canadian Literature, compiled by Michael Gnarowski; On the Road Again, by David McFadden; Ragged Horizons, by Peter Trower Robert Thacker
Dakota Texts, edited by Ella C. Deloria, reprinted with deletions and with introductory notes by Agnes Picotte and Paul N. Pavich Jarold Ramsey
Speaking of Indians, by Ella C. Deloria, introductory notes by Agnes Picotte and Paul N. Pavich William Bloodworth
Of Wolves and Men, by Barry Holstun Lopez Mary Ellen Ackerman
The Scorched-Wood People, by Rudy Wiebe Delbert E. Wylder
Hanta Yo, by Ruth Beebe Hill William Bloodworth
Familiar as a Sparrow, by Veneta Leatham Nielsen May Swenson
Growing Up in North Dakota, edited by Patrick D. Morrow Clarence A. Glasrud
The Dime Novel Western, by Daryl Jones Gary Topping
The Last Good Kiss, by James Crumley James K. Folsom
Always Merry and Bright: The Life of Henry Miller, by Jay Martin Roger Jones
The Ghost Country: A Study of the Novels of Larry McMurtry, by Raymond Neinstein; Kerouac’s Town, by Barry Gifford; Zen in the Art of J. D. Salinger, by Gerald Rosen Gerald Haslam
Earthly Delights, Unearthly Adornments: American Writers as Image Makers, by Wright Morris Robert D. Harper
Wind in the Rock, by Ann Zwinger Michael P. Cohen
Rock and Hawk: Robinson Jeffers and the Romantic Agony, by William H. Nolte Jerry A. Herndon
Hispano Folklife of New Mexico, by Lorin W. Brown, with Charles L. Briggs and Marta Weigle Lynn Moncus
Women, Women Writers, and the West, edited by L. L. Lee and Merrill Lewis Helen Cox Thompson
Mirror for the Moon: A Selection of Poems by Saigyo (1118-1190), translated by William R. LaFleur Bert Almon
The Van Gogh Field and Other Stories, by William Kittredge Anthony Arthur
The Dark Range: A Naturalist’s Night Notebook, by David Rains Wallace Sabine Kremp
Everybody Gets Something Here, by Ken Mitchell Peter Stevens
Jack London: No Mentor But Myself, edited by Dale L. Walker Sal Noto
From Hopalong to Hud: Thoughts of Western Fiction, by C. L. Sonnichsen Tom Pilkington
Recapitulation, by Wallace Stegner Howad Lachtman
The Fiction of Frank Norris: The Aesthetic Context, by Don Graham Glen A. Love
The Surrounded, by D’Arcy McNickle, introduction by Lawrence W. Towner Wayne Ude
An American Original: The Life of J. Frank Dobie, by Lon Tinkle Henry L. Alsmeyer Jr.

Winter 1980 (vol. 14, no. 4)

Carlyle’s Presence in The Professor’s House Meredith R. Machen
Literary Extensions of the Formula Western William Bloodworth
Annual Bibliography Richard D. Keller
Research in Progress Richard Cracroft
Book Reviews Reviewed By
The Crayon Miscellany, by Washington Irving, edited by Dahlia Kirby Terrell Wayne R. Kime
The Western: A Collection of Critical Essays, edited by James K. Folsom Delbert E. Wylder
This House of Sky: Landscapes of a Western Mind, by Ivan Doig David Remley
Crossing Frontiers: Papers in American and Canadian Western Literature, edited by Dick Harrison Robert Thacker
Women Poets of the West: An Anthology, 1850-1950, edited by A. Thomas Trusky; introduction by Ann Stanford Ann Ronald
Blanco, by Allen Wier Don Graham
The Collected Writings of Frederic Remington, edited by Peggy and Harold Samuels William Gardner Bell
Benchmark and Blaze: The Emergence of William Everson, edited by Lee Bartlett Gary Holthaus
Charles Olson: Call Him Ishmael, by Paul Christensen, foreword by George F. Butterick John Trimbur
The War, the West, and the Wilderness, by Kevin Brownlow Thomas Sobchack
Boise Western Writers Series Nos. 31-35: Virginia Sorensen, by L. L. Lee and Sylvia B. Lee; Alfred Henry Lewis, by Abe D. Ravitz; Charles Alexander Eastman (Ohiyesa), by Marion W. Copeland; Ruth Suckow, by Abigail Ann Hamblen; Don Berry, by Glen A. Love Robert Gish
Mark Twain’s Last Years as a Writer, by William R. Macnaughton Patrick D. Morrow
The Plains Across, by John D. Unruh Jr. Don S. Bowers
Hello, La Jolla, by Edward Dorn; Cottonwood Moon, by Richard F. Fleck; The Dark Playground (Poems 1970-1978), by Lawrene P. Spingarn S. S. Moorty (S. Murthy Sikha)
Greasybear Songs, by Charles John Greasybear, selected and edited by Judson Crews and A. Thomas Trusky, introduction by J. Whitebird S. S. Moorty (S. Murthy Sikha)
Montana Gothic, by Dirck Van Sickle Peter Stevens
History of Wyoming, by T. A. Larson Gary Holthaus
Land’s End, by Kevin Starr Howard Lachtman

Spring 1980 (vol. 15, no. 1)

Feeding and Consuming in Garland’s Main-Travelled Roads David W. Hiscoe
Historical Fact and Literary Truth: The Problem of Authenticity in Western American Literature Jackson K. Putnam
“Only the eternal nothing of Space”: Richard Hugo’s West Michael Allen
Essay Review Reviewed By
Who Shall Be the Sun? Poems Based on the Lore, Legends and Myths of Northwest Coast and Plateau Indians, by David Wagoner Jarold Ramsey
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Desperadoes, by Ron Hansen Robert E. Morsberger
Pioneer Conservationists of Western America, by Peter Wild Michael McCloskey
The Rockies: High Where the Wind Is Lonely, photographs by Shin Sugino Rex E. Robinson
The Western Writings of Stephen Crane, edited by Frank Bergon Chester L. Wolford
The Ancient Ones, by Janet Lewis, drawings by Daniel M. Mendelowitz Charles L. Crow
A Study Guide to Steinbeck (Part II), edited by Tetsumaro Hayashi Arthur Frietzsche
Jack London: Selected Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories, annotated by Dick Weiderman, illustrated by Philip Craig Russell Richard W. Etulain
Literature against Itself: Literary Ideas in Modern Society, by Gerald Graff William A. Bloodworth
Unnatural Axe: A Novel of Colorado, by Tom Huth James K. Folsom
Dateline Fort Bowie; Charles Fletcher Lummis Reports on an Apache War, edited by Dan L. Thrapp Arthur Frietzsche
Literary America, 1903-1934: The Mary Austin Letters, selected and edited by Thomas Matthews Pearce James H. Maguire
Belle Starr, by Speer Morgan William Bloodworth
Woman Chief, by Benjamin Capps Jack Schneider
Dust Bowl: The Southern Plains in the 1930’s, by Donald Worster Jack Hafer
A Pictorial Life of Jack London, by Russ Kingman Howard Lachtman
He Who Hunted Birds in His Father’s Village, by Gary Snyder Thomas J. Lyon
Encyclopedia of Western Gunfighters, by Bill O’Neal W. Eugene Hollon
Abbey’s Road, by Edward Abbey Tom Pilkington
Photography and the Old West, text by Karen Current, photographs selected and printed by William R. Current Stan Anderson
Hopi Painting: The World of the Hopi, by Patricia Janis Broder Jack L. Davis
The American Walk Book, by Jean Craighead George; A Literary Guide to the United States: West and Midwest, by Rita Stein; A Literary Guide to the United States: South and Southwest, by Rita Stein Robert Roripaugh
California and the West, by Charis Wilson and Edward Weston Thomas J. Lyon

Summer 1980 (vol. 15, no. 2)

Eugene Manlove Rhodes: Ken Kesey Passed by Here Mark Busby
A Critical Approach to Plains Poetry James R. Saucerman
Gary Snyder’s Descent to Turtle Island: Searching for Fossil Love L. Edwin Folsom
Remarks on the Western Stance of Stephen Crane Robert Glen Deamer
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Gertrude Atherton, by Charlotte S. McClure Forrest G. Robinson and Margaret G. Robinson
Filaree, by Marguerite Noble Bobbie Burch Lemontt
Bret Harte, Literary Critic, by Patrick D. Morrow Henry Hahn
The Executioner’s Song, by Norman Mailer Mark Royden Winchell
Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity, by Gregory Bateson Thomas J. Lyon
The Half-Blood: A Cultural Symbol in 19th-Century American Fiction, by William J. Scheick Warren French
Readings in American Folklore, edited by Jan Harold Brunvand Patricia Gardner
Lawrence, Greene, and Lowry: The Fictional Landscape of Mexico, by Douglas W. Veitch Robert B. Olafson
Steinbeck and Covici, The Story of a Friendship, by Thomas Fensch Robert E. Morsberger

Fall 1980 (vol. 15, no. 3)

“Bubbs Creek Haircut”: Gary Snyder’s “Great Departure” in Mountains and Rivers without End Anthony Hunt
The Art of Ruth Suckow’s “A Start in Life” Fritz Oehlschlaeger
Cultural Regionalism and Chicano Literature Carlota Cárdenas de Dwyer
Finding the Center of the Earth: Satire, History, and Myth in Little Big Man Michael Cleary
Essay Review Reviewed By
Ten Poets: A Review Dale K. Boyer
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Continental Drift, by James D. Houston Gerald Haslam
So Sweet to Labor: Rural Women in America, 1865-1895, by Norton Juster; Frontier Women: The Trans-Mississippi West, 1840-1880, by Julie Roy Jeffrey Billie J. Wahlstrom
The Death of Jim Loney, by James Welch Paul N. Pavich
The Alaskan Bird Sketches of Olaus Murie, with excerpts from his field notes, compiled and edited by Margaret E. Murie Gary Holthaus
The Collected Stories of Amado Muro, by Amado Jesus Muro Gerald Haslam
The Wind Blows Free, by Frederick Manfred George F. Day
History of the Westward Movement, by Frederick Merk Gary Topping
Folklore from Kansas: Customs, Beliefs, and Superstitions, by William E. Koch Jan Harold Brunvand
Jack London’s Scorn of Women: World Premiere Booklet, edited by Marlan Beilke Howard Lachtman
The River Between, by Lawrence Clark Powell; People of the Sun: Some Out-of-Fashion Southwesterners, text by Marc Simmons; photography by Buddy Mays; foreword by Lawrence Clark Powell Richard Moseley
Shaman’s Daughter, by Nan F. Salerno and Rosamond M. Vanderburgh Mary Ellen Ackerman
The Holdouts, by William Decker Delbert E. Wylder
There Ain’t No Such Animal and Other East Texas Tales, by Bill Brett James M. Day
Jack London’s First Editions: A Chronological Reference Guide, by James E. Sisson III and Robert W. Martens Richard W. Etulain
The American Indian in Short Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography, by Peter G. Beidler and Marion F. Egge; American Indian Poetry, by Helen Addison Howard; American Indian Literature: An Anthology, edited and with an introduction by Alan R. Velie Wayne Ude
At the Home Altar, by Robert Hedin Gary Holthaus

Winter 1981 (vol. 15, no. 4)

The Pattern of Willa Cather’s Novels Susan J. Rosowski
The Fool Figure in Willa Cather’s Fiction Paul Comeau
Annual Bibliography Richard D. Keller
Research in Western American Literature Richard H. Cracroft
Essay Review Reviewed By
Discovering Pacific Northwest Writing: Contemporary Northwest Writing, edited by Roy Carlson; An Anthology of Northwest Writing 1900-1950, edited by Michael Strelow; Northwest Perspectives: Essays on the Culture of the Pacific Northwest, edited by Edwin R. Bingham and Glen A. Love Merrill Lewis
Book Reviews Reviewed By
The Southwest, by David Lavender Edwin W. Gaston
Track of the Grizzly, by Frank C. Craighead Jr. Coralie Beyers
Letters of Henry Miller and Wallace Fowlie (1943-1972); Book of Friends, by Henry Miller; Joey, by Henry Miller Roger Jones
Plains Song: For Female Voices, by Wright Morris Jack Hafer
Aransas, by Stephe Harrigan William Bloodworth
Selected Poems, by Richard Hugo Michael Allen
Peckinpah: The Western Films, by Paul Seydor Mark Busby
Inyo-Sierra Passage, by Jack Rowe Paul T. Bryant
White Center, by Richard Hugo; The Right Madness on Skye, by Richard Hugo Michael Allen
Secret Go the Wolves, by R. D. Lawrence George H. Tweney
Vision Quest, by Terry Davis William Bloodworth
Vienna Blood & other poems, by Jerome Rothenberg; To the Natural World, by Genevieve Taggard; Water and Stone, by R. G. Vliet; Country Boy, by Max Westbrook James R. Saucerman

Spring 1981 (vol. 16, no. 1)

Poetry and History in Neihardt’s Cycle of the West Lucile F. Aly
The Inhumanism of Robinson Jeffers Frederic I. Carpenter
William Eastlake’s First Novel: An Account of the Making of Go in Beauty Don Graham
James Kirke Paulding: Myth and the Middle Ground Leland S. Person Jr.
Book Reviews Reviewed By
The Real Work: Interviews & Talks 1964-1979, by Gary Snyder, edited by Scott McLean Bert Almon
Only One Point of the Compass: Willa Cather in the Northeast, by Marion Marsh Brown and Ruth Crone Susan J. Rosowski
Jack London on the Road: The Tramp Diary and Other Hobo Writings, edited by Richard W. Etulain Howard Lachtman
Jacob Hamblin: Mormon Apostle to the Indians, by Juanita Brooks; Sixshooters and Sagebrush: Cowboy Stories of the Southwest, by Rowland W. Rider Charles S. Peterson
The Novel of the American West, by John R. Milton Max Westbrook
A Day Late, by Carolyn Doty Janis Helbert
The Life and Adventures of John Muir, by James Mitchell Clarke William F. Kimes
In the Strong Woods: A Season Alone in the North Country, by Paul Lehmberg Mary Ellen Ackerman
American Roads, by Freya Manfred Robert Gish
The Masks of Drought, by William Everson Marlan Beilke
Is This Naomi? And Other Stories, by L. D. Clark Mildred R. Bennett
Blue Sunrise, by Bert Almon Sam Hamill
No Time but Place: A Prairie Pastoral, by Jeff and Jessica Pearson, photographs by John W. Manos Paul Lehmberg
Easy Favors, by Neil Claremon Paul Varner
Creek Mary’s Blood, by Dee Brown Paul Pavich
An Apache Odyssey: Indeh, by Eve Ball with Nora Henn and Lynda Sanchez Gretchen Ronnow
Sinclair Ross, by Lorraine McMullen Peter Stevens
Sign of a Promise, by James C. Schaap Terry Andrews Lasansky
Appaloosa Rising: The Legend of the Cowboy Buddha, by Gino Sky James H. Maguire
Era of Exploration: The Rise of Landscape Photography in the American West, 1860-1885, by Weston J. Naef Shelley Armitage
Gold Dust, by Donald Dale Jackson William F. Kimes
Grand Canyon: An Anthology, compiled by Bruce Babbitt, illustrations from the Emery Kolb Collection Jacqueline Koenig
Jack Smith’s L.A., by Jack Smith John Trimbur
Anna’s Song, by Arthur Oberg Samuel Iriving Bellman
Mary Hallock Foote, by Lee Ann Johnson James H. Maguire
Ride South!, by C. H. Haseloff John D. Nesbitt
The Women Who Made the West, by the Western Writers of America Ann Ronald
Wind from an Enemy Sky, by D’Arcy McNickle Jack W. Schneider

Summer 1981 (vol. 16, no. 2)

“Moderate Extremism”: Edward Abbey and “The Moon-Eyed Horse” Jerry A. Herndon
The Inconsistent Octopus Robert E. Morsberger
Ambivalent Warriors in The Octopus Robert Micklus
Manfred’s Elof Lofblom Nancy Nelson McCord
Essay Reviews Reviewed By
White Corn Sister, by Peter Blue Cloud Clem Rawlins
The Kerouac Boom: The Beat Generation, by Bruce Cook; Kerouac: A Biography, by Ann Charters; Visions of Kerouac, The Life of Jack Kerouac, by Charles E. Jarvis; Jack Kerouac, Prophet of the New Romanticism, by Robert A. Hipkiss; Naked Angels: The Lives and Literature of the Beat Generation, by John Tytell; Jack’s Book: An Oral Biography of Jack Kerouac, by Barry Gifford and Lawrence Lee; Jack Kerouac, by Harry Russell Huebel; Desolate Angel: A Biography of Jack Kerouac, the Beat Generation, and America, Dennis McNally David Stanley
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Beyond Geography: The Western Spirit against the Wilderness, by Frederick Turner Joan Nice
Good News, by Edward Abbey Jerry A. Herndon
Zane Grey--Born to the West: A Reference Guide, by Kenneth W. Scott Gary Topping
The South Corner of Time: Hopi, Navajo, Papago, Yaqui Tribal Literature, edited by Larry Evers et al. Jack L. Davis
The World of Lawrence: A Passionate Appreciation, by Henry Miller Donald Gutierrez
Sons of Adam, by Frederick Manfred Beatrice K. Morton
The Don Juan Papers, by Richard de Mille Thomas J. Lyon
Incident at Eagle Ranch: Man and Predator in the American West, by Donald G. Schueler Paul T. Bryant
Idle Weeds, The Life of a Sandstone Ridge, by David Rains Wallace Sabine Kremp
Sacagawea of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, by Ella E. Clark and Margot Edmonds Rex E. Robinson
The Secret of the Sierra Madre: The Man Who Was B. Traven, by Will Wyatt Robert B. Olafson
This Song Remembers, edited by Jane B. Katz James R. Hepworth
Thomas Moran: Watercolors of the American West, text and catalogue raisonné by Carol Clark William Gardner Bell
Bret Harte: A Reference Guide, by Linda D. Barnett Patrick D. Morrow
New Native American Drama: Three Plays, by Hanay Geiogamah Tom King
Woman Poet, edited by Carolyn Kizer; Selected Poems, by Hazel Hall Veneta Leatham Nielsen
Man Meets Grizzly: Encounters in the Wild from Lewis and Clark to Modern Times, gathered by F. M. Young and edited by Coralie Beyers Karl E. Young
This Tree Will Be Here for a Thousand Years, by Robert Bly James R. Saucerman
The Apaches: Eagles of the Southwest, by Donald Worcester Stan Steiner
Yellowfish, by John Keeble Robert B. Olafson
The Wolf and the Buffalo, by Elmer Kelton Dorys Grover
Music for Chameleons, by Truman Capote Mark Royden Winchell
Big Sioux Pioneers, edited by Arthur R. Huseboe Kathryn E. R. Johnson
Winter Brothers: A Season at the Edge of America, by Ivan Doig Harold P. Simonson
Ursus Major, by Roberta Smoodin Katharine M. Morsberger

Fall 1981 (vol. 16, no. 3)

Max Brand’s West William A. Bloodworth Jr.
Faking the Pumpkin: On Jerome Rothenberg’s Literary Offenses William M. Clements
Ritual and Murder in Tony Hillerman’s Indian Detective Novels Ellen Strenski and Robley Evans
Violence in Old Jules and Slogum House Rosemary Whitaker
Book Reviews Reviewed By
The Ranchers: A Book of Generations, by Stan Steiner James F. Hoy
One Night Stand and Other Poems, by Jack Spicer; Enough Said: Poems 1974-79, by Philip Whalen John Trimbur
The Wages of Sin, by Gerald Haslam Bill Baines
Showdown: Confronting Modern America in the Western Film, by John H. Lenihan Paul A. Hutton
Luke Short, by Robert L. Gale John D. Nesbitt
Boise State Western Writer’s Series Nos. 41-45: Janet Lewis, by Charles L. Crow; Tom Robbins, by Mark Siegel; Joaquin Miller, by Benjamin S. Lawson; Dorothy Johnson, by Judy Alter; Leslie Marmon Silko, by Per Seyersted Arthur Frietzsche
American Indian Archery, by Reginald and Gladys Laubin Larry Dean Olsen
Bibliography of the Sioux, by Jack W. Marken and Herbert T. Hoover Clyde A. Milner II
Nomad: George A. Custer in Turf, Field, and Farm, edited by Brian W. Dippie William Price
Basin and Range, by John McPhee; Hiking the Great Basin, by John Hart Thomas J. Lyon
Joaquin Murrieta and His Horse Gangs, by Frank F. Latta Gerald Haslam
Klondike Lost: A Decade of Photographs by Kinsey & Kinsey, by Norm Bolotin Bart Robinson
The Red Snow, by James Greiner John C. George
Finding the Sky, by José Paul Varner
South by West: A Galaxy of Southwestern and Western Scenes and Portraits, by Everett A. Gillis Paul Varner
Animae, by Sam Hamill J. Taylor
The Disputed Lands: A History of the American West, by Alexander B. Adams J. K. Putnam
Lew Wallace: Militant Romantic, by Robert E. and Katharine M. Morsberger Joseph C. Porter
Eagles over Big Sur, by Jack Curtis David W. Madden
From a Limestone Ledge: Some Essays and Other Ruminations about Country Life in Texas, by John Graves Sabine Kremp
Edward S. Curtis in the Land of the War Canoes: A Pioneer Cinematographer in the Pacific Northwest, by Bill Holm and George Irving Quimby Thomas Sobchack
The Many-Forked Branch, by Ewan Clarkson Ann Schimpf
Clearing of the Mist, by Richard F. Fleck Bill Baines
Cuentos: Tales from the Hispanic Southwest, by José Griego y Maestas, translated by Rudolfo A. Anaya Robert G. Lint

On the Trail: The Life and Tales of “Lead Steer” Potter, by Jean M. Burroughs, original stories by Col. Jack Potter

Patricia Ann Owens
Will James: The Last Cowboy Legend, by Anthony Amaral James R. Nicholl

Winter 1982 (vol. 16, no. 4)

Nietzschean Psychology in London’s The Sea-Wolf Michael Qualtiere
Coordinate Forces in “The Leader of the People” James C. Work
Annual Bibliography Richard D. Keller
Research in Western American Literature Richard H. Cracroft
Essay Review

Reviewed By

Charters and Poets: Winters, Swallow, Drummond:
The Republic of Letters: A History of Postwar American Literary Opinion
, by Grant Webster; New and Selected Poems 1938-1978, by Donald Drummond

Martin Bucco
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Bendigo Shafter, by Louis L’Amour; Comstock Lode, by Louis L’Amour John D. Nesbitt
Interviews and Views, both by Edward Dorn, edited by Donald Allen; Later, by Robert Creeley Dale K. Boyer
No Moving Parts, by Susan Strayer Deal Katharine W. Cohen
Traditional Literatures of the American Indian, edited by Karl Kroeber; Karok Myths, by A. L. Kroeber and E. W. Gifford Jack L. Davis
Thirteen Tales of Terror by Jack London, edited and introduced by John Perry Howard Lachtman
The Pretend Indians: Images of Native Americans in the Movies, edited by Gretchen M. Bataille and Charles L. P. Silet; Images of the Mexican American in Fiction and Film, by Arthur G. Pettit, edited by Dennis E. Showalter William A. Bloodworth Jr.
Pioneer Women: Voices from the Kansas Frontier, by Joanna L. Stratton Diane Quantic
The Medicine Calf, by Bill Hotchkiss Robert E. Morsberger
Annapurna--a Woman’s Place, by Arlene Blum Marjane Ambler
Winter of the Salamander, by Ray Young Bear Paul N. Pavich
Gleanings in Europe: Switzerland, by James Fenimore Cooper, historical intro and notes by Robert E. Spiller and James F. Beard; The Pioneers, by James Fenimore Cooper, historical intro and notes by James Franklin Beard; Gleanings in Europe: Italy, by James Fenimore Cooper, historical intro and notes by John Conron and Constance Ayers Denne; The Pathfinder, by Jame Fenimore Cooper, edited with a historical intro by Richard Dilworth Rust Richard C. Poulsen
Jumping-Off Place, by Baine Kerr Cynthia A. Carlisle
Concerning Western Poetry, edited by Merrill Lewis Clinton Larson
American Genesis: The American Indian and the Orgins of Modern Man, by Jeffrey Goodman Paul Riesman
To Touch the Water, by Gretel Ehrlich Alice G. Hart
Cold Wind River, by Kent Nelson James K. Folsom
National Parks: The American Experience, by Alfred Runte John Robert Leo

Spring 1982 (vol. 17, no. 1)

A Willa Cather Issue

Cather’s Archbishop and Travel Writing David Stouck
St. Peter and the World All before Him Missy Dehn Kubitschek
Godfrey St. Peter and Eugene Delacroix: A Portrait of the Artist in The Professor’s House? L. Brent Bohlke
Willa Cather’s Bodies for Ghosts Mildred R. Bennett
Willa Cather and Catholic Themes John J. Murphy
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Mountain Dialogues, by Frank Waters Charles L. Adams
A River No More: The Colorado River and the West, by Philip L. Fradkin Ann H. Zwinger
Writers in Residence: American Authors at Home, by Glynne Robinson Betts, with an introduction by Christopher Lehmann-Haupt John J. Murphy
The Life of D. H. Lawrence, by Keith Sagar Donald Gutierrez
News of the Universe: Poems of Twofold Consciousness, edited by Robert Bly Lee Bartlett
Will’s Boy: A Memoir, by Wright Morris Mary Washington
Songs for the Harvester of Dreams, by Duane Niatum L. L. Lee
Walt Whitman’s Western Jaunt, by Walter H. Eitner James R. Nicholl
Ecotopia Emerging, by Ernest Callenbach Thomas J. Lyon
Southwest Fiction, edited by Max Apple David Johnson
On the Border: Portraits of America’s Southwestern Frontier, by Tom Miller Dorothy Schmidt
Mexicano Resistance in the Southwest: “The Sacred Right of Self-Preservation,” by Robert J. Rosenbaum Dorothy Schmidt
40 Years’ Gatherin’s, by Spike Van Cleve Coralie Beyers
Slade’s Glacier, by Robert F. Jones John Magee
Endless Life: Selected Poems, by Lawrence Ferlinghetti John Trimbur
Above Timberline: A Wildlife Biologist’s Rocky Mountain Journal, by Dwight Smith, edited by Alan Anderson Jr. Paul T. Bryant
Talking with Texas Writers: Twelve Interviews, by Patrick Bennett Dorys Crow Grover
Chrysalis, by Joyce Ellen Davis Eileen Manwaring
Bounds Out of Bounds: A Compass for Recent American and British Poetry, by Roberta Berke Lee Bartlett
The Collected Shorter Poems 1947-1977, by Robin Skelton Sam Hamill
Poems Old and New: 1918-1978, by Janet Lewis Tom Trusky
Ask Me Now, by Al Young Geary Hobson
Speaking for Nature, by Paul Brooks Coralie Beyers
An Annotated Bibliography of American Indian and Eskimo Autobiographies, by H. David Brumble III Clyde A. Milner II
Catch the Wind, by James Grady C. L. Rawlins
Legendary Ladies of Texas, edited by Francis Edward Abernethy Dorys C. Grover
Joan Didion, by Mark Royden Winchell Anthony Arthur

Summer 1982 (vol. 17, no. 2)

Wallace Stegner’s Family Saga: From The Big Rock Candy Mountain to Recapitulation Forrest G. Robinson
How the Western Ends: Frnimore Cooper to Frederic Remington Christine Bold
Gary Snyder’s Myth & Texts and the Monomyth Lee Bartlett
Norman Maclean’s Two-Hearted River Harold P. Simonson
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Jack London: An American Myth, by John Perry Richard W. Etulain
Land of Savagery, Land of Promise: The European Image of the American Frontier in the Nineteenth Century, by Ray Allen Billington Rodman W. Paul
Works for the Wind: The Collected Verse of Theodore Roethke Kim R. Stafford
American Places, by Eliot Porter, Wallace Stegner, Page Stegner Forrest G. Robinson
Frederick Manfred: A Bibliography and Publishing History, by Rodney J. Mulder and John H. Timmerman Joseph M. Flora
Morgana’s Fault, by Susan Lukas Ann Ronald
Expeditions to Nowhere, by Paddy Sherman Brian Patton
The Primal Mind: Vision and Reality in Indian America, by Jamake Highwater Karl Kroeber
Steinbeck’s Unhappy Valley: A Study of The Pastures of Heaven, by Joseph Fontenrose Sanford E. Marovitz
The Piñon Pine: A Natural and Cultural History, by Ronald M. Lanner; with a section on Pine-Nut Cookery by Harriette Lanner John Hart
A Closed Book, by Richard Blessing L. L. Lee
Let My People Know: American Indian Journalism, 1828-1978, by James E. Murphy and Sharon M. Murphy Geary Hobson
The Ambidextrous Historian: Historical Writers and Writing in the American West, by C. L. Sonnichsen Charles S. Peterson
Enos Mills, by Peter Wild; Gary Snyder, by Bert Almon; Charles Marion Russell, by Robert L. Gale; Jack Kerouac, by Harry Russell Huebel; C. L. Sonnichsen, by Joyce Gibson Roach George F. Day
Western Writers Series Nos. 46-50. George R. Stewart, by John Caldwell; Scandinavian Immigrant Literature, by Christer Lennart Mossberg; Clarence King, by Peter Wild; Benjamin Capps, by Ernest B. Speck; Charles F. Lummis, by Robert E. Fleming Arthur R. Huseboe
Yosemite, Its Discovery, Its Wonders & Its People, by Margaret Sanborn Shirley Sargent
Growing Up in the Midwest, edited by Clarence A. Andrews; A Bibliographical Guide to Midwestern Literature, by Gerald C. Nemanic Abigail Ann Hamblen
Bartlett Richards, Nebraska Sandhills Cattleman, by Bartlett Richards Jr. with Ruth Van Ackeren Mildred R. Bennett
Back in Keith County, by John Janovy Jr. Clem Rawlins
So This Is the Map, by Reg Saner Bill Tremblay
The Hardrock Miners: A History of the Mining Labor Movement in the American West, 1863-1893, by Richard E. Lingenfelter F. Ross Peterson
Wild Freedom, by Max Brand John D. Nesbitt
The World Rushed In: The California Gold Rush Experience, by J. S. Holliday James D. Houston
Texas Rhapsody: Memories of a Native Son, by Bill Porterfield Jane Bouterse
Nightwind, by Roberta Jean Mountjoy Susan Lukas
Mr. American, by George MacDonald Fraser Raymond Schmudde
Converstions with Bullwhackers, Muleskinners, Pioneers, Prospectors, ’49ers, Indian Fighters, Trappers, Ex-Barkeepers, Authors, Preachers, Poets and Near Poets, and All Sorts and Conditions of Men, compiled and edited by Mike Helm Lonnie L. Willis
The Land of the Long Shadow, by Oliver Lange Robert Gish
Mapping My Father, by Ripley Schemm Sam Hamill

Fall 1982 (vol. 17, no. 3)

The Genesis of the Rapist in The Octopus John Jolly
Dorothy Johnson’s Short Fiction Barbara H. Meldrum
Hamlin Garland’s Boy Life on the Prairie Marcia Jacobson
A Supplement to An Annotated Bibliography of American Indian and Eskimo Autobiographies H. David Brumble III
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Recollected Essays 1965-1980, by Wendell Berry Harold P. Simonson
Literary San Francisco, by Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Nancy J. Peters Arthur Frietzsche
The Desert Smells Like Rain: A Naturalist in Papago Indian Country, by Gary Paul Nabhan Peter Wild
A Biobibliography of Native American Writers, 1772-1924, by Daniel F. Littlefield Jr. and James W. Parins Arnold Krupat
The Southern Cross, by Charles Wright Veneta Leatham Nielsen
Sporting Blood: Selections from Jack London’s Greatest Sports Writing, edited by Howard Lachtman Dale L. Walker
Emerson Hough, by Delbert E. Wylder Robert L. Gale
The Ghosts of Elkhorn, by Kerry Newcomb and Frank Schaefer C. L. Rawlins
Rhine Maidens, by Carolyn See Janis Helbert
A Good Day to Die, by Jim Harrison Glenn E. Selander
Galon Clark: Yosemite Guardian, by Shirley Sargent Valerie P. Cohen
All titles by Frederick Manfred: This Is the Year, introduction by Max Westbrook; Conquering Horse, introduction by John R. Milton; Lord Grizzly, introduction by Joseph M. Flora; Scarlet Plume, introduction by Ted N. Weissbuch; King of Spades, intro by Frederick Manfred; Riders of Judgment, intro by Priscilla Oaks: Delbert E. Wylder
A Brush with the West, by Dale Burk, with an introduction by Vivian Paladin Robert Thacker
Home Ground, by Cecelia Holland Melody Graulich
The Man in the Black Coat Turns, by Robert Bly Charles Molesworth
Dark and Dashing Horsemen, by Stan Steiner Olena H. Saciuk
Crazy Fox Remembers, by Don and Sue Preston Fred L. Lee
Mountain Islands and Desert Seas: A Natural History of the US-Mexican Borderlands, by Frederick R. Gehlbach Peter Wild
The Literary Guide to the United States, edited by Stewart Benedict M. Gilbert Porter
MISTER, You Got Yourself a Horse: Tales of Old-Time Horse Trading, edited with an introduction by Roger L. Welsh C. L. Rawlins
Going to Extremes, by Joe McGinniss Valerie P. Cohen
Agua Negra, by Leo Romero David Lee
Pre-Faces & Other Writings, by Jerome Rothenberg Alan Steinberg
The Modern Cowboy, by John R. Erickson, photographs by Kris Erickson Richard D. Keller
Corey Lane, by Norman Zollinger Paul Skenazy
The Fifth Wind, by L. D. Clark Lawrence Davis
Custer Legends, by Lawrence A. Frost James V. Holleran

Winter 1983 (vol. 17, no. 4)

Self-Hatred and Spiritual Corruption in House Made of Dawn Bernard A. Hirsch
Social Philosophy as Best-Seller: Jack London’s The Sea-Wolf Susan Ward
Annual Bibliography Richard D. Keller
Research in Western American Literature Richard H. Cracroft
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Women’s Diaries of the Westward Journey, by Lillian Schlissel, preface by Carl Degler Roger E. Carp
The Texas Hill Country: Interpretations of Thirteen Artists, introduction by A. C. Greene, foreword by John Palmer Leeper John O. West
The Eagle’s Gift, by Carlos Castaneda Jane Holden Kelley
Holy Wind in Navajo Philosophy, by James Kale McNeley C. L. Rawlins
A Suitable Church, poems by Jim Heynan Gaymon Bennett
Hard Road West: Alone on the California Trail, by Gwen Moffat Joanna Lloyd
Bobcat Year, by Hope Ryden Paul T. Bryant
The Last Texas Hero, by Douglas Terry Mark Busby
Life amongst the Modocs: Unwritten History, by Joaquin Miller, historical introduction by Alan Rosenus Norma J. Engberg
Down the River, by Edward Abbey Thomas J. Lyon
Death and the Good Life, by Richard Hugo Michael S. Allen
A. B. Guthrie, Jr, by Thomas W. Ford John D. Nesbitt
The Broken Face of Summer, by Michael Hogan Sam Hamill
Collected Poems of Mongrel, by Kenneth Brewer Sam Hamill
Rainbow, poems by Peter Wild, illustrations by Doug Hendrickson Edward C. Lynskey
Original Sound, by Marya Manfred George F. Day
Kerouac’s Crooked Road: Development of a Fiction, by Tim Hunt; The Holy Goof: A Biography of Neal Cassady, by William Plummer Charles L. Crow
The Nirvana Blues, by John Nichols Lynn Z. Bloom
Cowboy Culture: A Saga of Five Centuries, by David Dary J. R. Nicholl
Buckaroos in Paradise: Cowboy Life in Northern Nevada, by Howard W. Marshall and Richard E. Ahlborn Albin J. Cofone
Nobody’s Angel, by Thomas McGuane David W. Madden
Hannah’s Travels, by Richard Speakes; Laws of the Land, by David Baker Gary Holthaus
Aleut and Eskimo Art: Tradition and Innovation in South Alaska, by Dorothy Jean Ray C. L. Rawlins
Becoming Coyote, by Wayne Ude Jack L. Davis
Flaws in the Glass: A Self-Portrait, by Patrick White Stephen Tatum

Spring 1983 (vol. 18, no. 1)

Every Husband’s Right: Sex Roles in Mari Sandoz’s Old Jules Melody Graulich
“Wolf That I Am ...”: Animal Symbology in Lord Grizzly and Scarlet Plume Mick McAllister
Essay Review Reviewed By
The Naked Man. Introduction to a Science of Mythology: 4, by Claude Lévi-Strauss, translated from the French by John and Doreen Weightman Barre Toelken
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Fair Land, Fair Land, A. B. Guthrie Jr. Fred Erisman
Journey Inward, by Jean Craighead George Flo Krall
Cuchama and Sacred Mountains, by W. Y. Evans-Wentz, edited by Frank Waters and Charles L. Adams Jack L. Davis
Ascent: The Spiritual and Physical Quest of Willi Unsoeld, by Laurence Leamer Michael Cohen
“In vain I tried to tell you”: Essays in Native American Ethnopoetics, by Dell Hymes William Bloodworth
Birth of a Poet, by William Everson, edited by Lee Bartlett David A. Carpenter
We Are Called Human: The Poetry of Richard Hugo, by Michael S. Allen Donna Gerstenberger
One Way to Spell Man: Essays with a Western Bias, by Wallace Stegner Kerry Ahearn
The Shingle Weaver’s Journal, by Carlos Reyes C. L. Rawlins
The Last Beautiful Days of Autumn, by John Nichols Donn Rawlings
Rattlesnakes: Their Habits, Life Histories, and Influence on Mankind, by Laurence M. Klauber, abridged by Karen Harvey McClung Norma J. Engberg
Scratching the Beat Surface, by Michael McClure Lee Bartlett
The Tent Peg, by Aritha Van Herk Lynne Van Luven
Chief Left Hand, Southern Arapaho, by Margaret Coel Charles Roberts
This Journey, by James Wright William Geyer
Laurel & Thorn: The Athlete in American Literature, by Robert J. Higgs Gerald Haslam
Clio’s Cowboys: Studies in the Historiography of the Cattle Trade, by Don D. Walker Edwin R. Bingham
Literary L.A., by Lionel Rolfe Janis Helbert
Elderberry Flute Song: Contemporary Coyote Tales, by Peter Blue Cloud C. L. Rawlins
Empires in the Sun: The Rise of the New American West, by Peter Wiley and Robert Gottlieb Joan Nice
Other Days, by John Haines Lex Runciman
Yuwipi: Vision and Experience in Oglala Ritual, by William K. Powers Jack W. Schneider
The Redneck Way of Knowledge: Down Home Tales, by Blanche McCrary Boyd James D. Houston
New Americans: The Westerner and the Modern Experience in the American Novel, by Glen A. Love James W. Byrkit
Interwoven: A Pioneer Chronicle, by Sallie Reynolds Matthews; Lambshead before Interwoven: A Texas Range Chronicle, 1848-1878, by Frances Mayhugh Holden Lawrence Clayton
The Clam Lake Papers, by Edward Lueders Coralie Beyers
Solitary Comrade--Jack London and His Work, by Joan D. Hedrick Carolyn Johnston
Thousand Pieces of Gold, by Ruthanne Lum McCunn Billie Wahlstrom
Mexico Bay, by Paul Horgan Max Westbrook
Encyclopedia of North American Railroading, by Freeman Hubbard G. Franklin Ackerman
Wyoming, by Terry Treadway David Wellenbrock
Four American Indian Literary Masters: N. Scott Momaday, James Welch, Leslie Marmon Silko and Gerald Vizenor, by Alan R. Velie Robley Evans
Lambing Out and Other Stories, by Mary Clearman Martha Scott Trimble
Storyteller, by Leslie Marmon Silko Tom King
Sketches against the Dark, by Gracia Grindal Paul Varner
Frederick Manfred, by Robert C. Wright Mick McAllister
Walking Home from the Icehouse: Poems, by Vern Rutsala Bill Tremblay
Of Solitude and Silence: Writings on Robert Bly, edited by Richard Jones and Kate Daniels James R. Saucerman
The West as Romantic Horizon, by William H. Goetzmann and Joseph C. Porter, with artists’ biographies by David C. Hunt Gunther Barth
Hemingway’s Nick Adams, by Joseph M. Flora Delbert E. Wylder
Vision and Refuge: Essays on the Literature of the Great Plains, edited by Virginia Faulkner with Frederick C. Luebke Beatrice K. Morton
Platte Valley Homestead, by William Kloefkorn Mark Sanders

Summer 1983 (vol. 18, no. 2)

Symbols: Meat for the Soul in Cheyenne Myth and Lakota Ritual Julian C. Rice
Wallace Stegner’s Vision of Wilderness Susan J. Tyburski
A Note on Japanese Allusions in Gary Snyder’s Poetry Katsunori Yamazato
Essay Review Reviewed By
People of the Sacred Mountain: A History of the Northern Cheyenne Chiefs and Warrior Societies 1830-1879, with an Epilogue 1969-1974, by Father Peter John Powell Larry Evers
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Fifty Western Writers: A Bio-Bibliographical Sourcebook, edited by Fred Erisman and Richard W. Etulain Martin Bucco
Critical Essays on Wallace Stegner, edited by Anthony Arthur Melody Graulich
The Frontier in History: North America and Southern Africa Compared, edited by Howard Lamar and Leonard Thompson William F. Lye
The Beats, edited by Lee Bartlett Regina Weinreich
The Fiddleback: Lore of the Line Camp, by Owen Ulph C. L. Rawlins
Crucible for Conservation: The Creation of Grand Teton National Park, by Robert W. Righter Philip M. Hocker
So the Wind Won’t Blow It All Away, by Richard Brautigan Ann Ronald
Mountain in the Clouds: A Search for the Wild Salmon, by Bruce Brown Orvis Burmaster
Frederic Remington: A Biography, by Peggy and Harold Samuels Ben Merchant Vorpahl
The Vanishing American: White Attitudes and US Indian Policy, by Brian W. Dippie John W. Bailey
Nature and Madness, by Paul Shepard Thomas J. Lyon
Death, Too, for The-Heavy-Runner, by Ben Bennett C. L. Rawlins
Read This Only to Yourself: The Private Writings of Midwestern Women, 1880-1910, by Elizabeth Hampsten Diane D. Quantic
American Frontier Tales, by Helen Addison Howard Karl Ames
Siouxland Heritage: Eight Essays about Cultural Preservation in the Prairie West, edited by Arthur R. Huseboe Robert C. Steensma
Horace McCoy, by Mark Royden Winchell; Will Henry/Clay Fisher, by Robert L. Gale; Jessamyn West, by Ann Dahlstrom Farmer; The New Wild West: The Urban Mysteries of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, by Paul Skenazy; Mabel Dodge Luhan, by Jane Nelson Richard W. Etulain
Mark Twain and the Limits of Power: Emerson’s God in Ruins, by James L. Johnson Joseph J. Wydeven
Talking to the Moon, by John Joseph Matthews Reginald and Gladys Laubin
Sweet Cane, by Bruce McGinnis Lou Rodenberger
Women and Western American Literature, edited by Helen Winter Stauffer and Susan J. Rosowski Dorys Crow Grover
Tanaina Tales from Alaska, by Bill Vaudrin, with an introduction by Joan B. Townsend Frank Buske
Santa Fe & Taos: The Writer’s Era, 1916-1941, by Marta Weigle and Kyle Fiore Robert Gish
Happy Hunting Grounds, by Stanley Vestal Reginald and Gladys Laubin
The Beauty of the Weapons, by Robert Bringhurst Sam Hamill
The Pure Experience of Order: Essays on the Symbolic in the Folk Material Culture of Western America, by Richard C. Poulsen Simon J. Bronner
Between Loaded Guns: A Historical Novel, by James R. Parrish Richard Tuerk
Women in Texas: Their Lives, Their Experiences, Their Accomplishments, by Ann Fears Crawford and Crystal Sasse Ragsdale Dorys Crow Grover

Fall 1983 (vol. 18, no.3)

Owen Wister’s Achievement in Literary Tradition John D. Nesbitt
California Writing and the West Gerald W. Haslam
Narrative Voice in Sandoz’s Crazy Horse Helen Stauffer
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Mari Sandoz: Story Catcher of the Plains, by Helen Winter Stauffer Melody Graulich
Willa Cather: A Bibliography, by Joan Crane David Stouck
The Canyons of Grace, by Levi S. Peterson Joan Sanders
The Art of Grit: Ken Kesey’s Fiction, by M. Gilbert Porter Ronald Curran
Other Lips and Other Hearts, by Joan Sanders Robert E. Morsberger
How the West Was Drawn: American Art and the Settling of the Frontier, by Dawn Glanz Robert Thacker
Selected Poems, 1969-1981, by Richard Shelton Lee Bartlett
News from the Glacier: Selected Poems 1960-1980, by John Haines Robert Hedin
Theodore Roethke: An American Romantic, by Jay Parini Nancy McCleery
A Glass Face in the Rain: New Poems, by William Stafford J. Russell Roberts Sr.
A Place Made Fast, by Mark Halperin; The Leaf Path, by Emily Warn; Drinking and Driving, by David Lee L. L. Lee
New Poetry of the American West, edited by Peter Wild and Frank Graziano Stanford E. Marovitz
Brooks Range Passage, by David J. Cooper Max Lyon
Now That the Buffalo’s Gone, by Alvin M. Josephy Jr. Tom King
Westering Women and the Frontier Experience, 1800-1915, by Sandra L. Myres Carol A. O’Connor
Cowboy Life on the Texas Plains: The Photographs of Ray Rector, edited by Margaret Rector, introduction by John Graves; Last of a Breed: Portraits of Working Cowboys, by Martin H. Schreiber, introduction by Louis L’Amour Lawrence Clayton
Carry the Wind, by Terry C. Johnston Beatrice K. Morton
The Last Lords of Palenque: The Lacandon Mayas of the Mexican Rain Forest, by Victor Perera and Robert D. Bruce David Johnson
The Hidden West: Journeys in the American Outback, by Rob Schultheis James C. Work and Sharon Work
Many Strange Characters: Montana Frontier Tales, by James Willard Schultz Winfred Blevins
A Family Likeness, by Janis Stout Frances K. Foster
Man Descending, by Guy Vanderhaeghe Aritha van Herk
The River Why, by David James Duncan Peter Wild
Man and Beast in American Comic Legend, by Richard M. Dorson Richard E. Meyer
Hold High Your Heads (History of the Métis Nation in Western Canada), by A.-H. de Tremaudan, translated by Elizabeth Maguet; The Ballad of Alice Moonchild—and Others, by Aleata E. Blythe; The Overlanders, by Florence McNeil; The Seventh Day, by Lewis Horne Frances W. Kaye
Gleanings in Europe: England, by James Fenimore Cooper, historical introduction and explanatory notes by Donald A. Ringe and Kenneth W. Staggs; Wyandotte, or The Hutted Knoll: A Tale, by James Fenimore Cooper, historical introduction by Thomas and Marianne Philbrick; The Last of the Mohicans: A Narrative of 1757, by James Fenimore Cooper, historical introduction by James Franklin Beard Richard C. Poulsen
Dictionary of Literary Biography. Volume 12: American Realists and Naturalists, edited by Donald Pizer and Earl N. Harbert Patrick D. Morrow

Winter 1984 (vol. 18, no. 4)

The Professor’s House and “Rip Van Winkle” Patricia Lee Younger
In Defense of Lillian St. Peter: Men’s Perceptions of Women in The Professor’s House Margaret Doane
Cather’s Confounded Conundrums in The Professor’s House James C. Work
Annual Bibliography Virgil Albertini
Research in Western American Literature Richard H. Cracroft
Book Reviews Reviewed By
The New West of Edward Abbey, by Ann Ronald James R. Hepworth
Frank Waters: A Bibliography with Relevant Selections from His Correspondence, by Terence A. Tanner Charles L. Adams
Twentieth Century Interpretations of “The Grapes of Wrath,” edited by Robert Con Davis Richard Astro
The Sea Runners, by Ivan Doig Kerry Ahearn
A Novel Called Heritage, by Margaret Mitchell Dukore Janis Helbert
Shiny Objects, by Dianne Benedict Corinne Dale
The Silence of the Llano, by Rudolfo A. Anaya Paul Skenazy
Home Firest, by David Long Marjorie Jarrett
The Children of the Sun, by Oakley Hall Charles Hood
The Mosquito Coast, by Paul Theroux Jack L. Davis
Headwaters: Tales of the Wilderness, by Ash, Russell, Doog, and Del Rio Carol Long
Cowboy Riding Country, by John L. Sinclair, illustrated by Edmond DeLavy Robert E. Fleming
Inventing Billy the Kid: Visions of the Outlaw in America, 1881-1981, by Stephen Tatum Michael T. Marsden
The Code of the West, by Bruce A. Rosenberg Richard C. Poulsen
Wilderness Visions, by David Mogen James K. Folsom
With Good Intentions: Quaker Work Among the Pawnees, Otos, and Omahas in the 1870s, by Clyde A. Milner II William Bloodworth
Frank Matsura, Frontier Photographer, by JoAnn Roe, introduction by Murray Morgan Merrill Lewis
Californians: Searching for the Golden State, by James D. Houston Gerald Haslam
The Santa Fe and Taos Colonies: Age of the Muses, 1900-1942, by Arrell Morgan Gibson T. M. Pearce
The Novels of Jack London--A Reappraisal, by Charles N. Watson Jr. Carolyn Johnston
Twentieth-Century Western Writers, edited by James Vinson John R. Milton
When It Rains: Papago and Pima Poetry, by Ofelia Zepeda Robley Evans
Cheif Joseph of the Nez Perce, by Robert Penn Warren Frederick Manfred
Requiem, by Sam Hamill Lex Runciman
The Glow, by Robert Wrigley David Baker
Coyote’s Journal, edited by James Koller, Peter Blue Cloud, “Gogisgi” Carroll Arnett and Steve Nemirow Bill Baines
To Remember What Is Lost, by Kenneth Brewer C. L. Rawlins
Heretics and Bitteroots, both by Peter Wild David A. Carpenter
Anvil of Roses, by Thomas Hornsby Ferril James R. Saucerman
Theodore Roethke: The Journey from I to Otherwise, by Neal Bowers T. R. Hummer

Spring 1984 (vol. 19, no. 1)

Vandover and the Brute: The Decisive Experience of Loss Barbara Hochman
Wilderness as Salvation in Peterson’s The Canyons of Grace Eugene England
The Husband of My Ántonia Beth Bohling
Essay Review

Reviewed By

“Where Is the Voice Coming From?”: Toward a Western Canadian Aesthetic. RePlacing, edited by Dennis Cooley; Draft: An Anthology of Prairie Poetry, edited by Dennis Cooley; Homage, Henry Kelsey: A Poem in Five Parts, by Jon Whyte; A Voice in the Land: Essays by and about Rudy Wiebe, edited by W. J. Keith; Sinclair Ross: A Reader’s Guide, by Ken Mitchell Robert Thacker
Book Reviews Reviewed By
A Bibliographical Guide to the Study of Western American Literature, by Richard W. Etulain Stephen Tatum
Passages toward the Dark, by Thomas McGrath Frederick C. Stern
Sea Lanes Out, by Richard Hugo Lex Runciman
Summits Move with the Tide: Poems and a Play, by Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge Alice G. Hart
Encyclopedia of Frontier and Western Fiction, by Jon Tuska and Vicki Piekarski Richard W. Etulain
the discipline of crevices: poems of Yosemite, by June Dwyer John Hart
What Was Literature? Class Culture and Mass Society, by Leslie Fiedler Stephen Tatum
The American West in Fiction, edited by Jon Tuska John D. Nesbitt
Ride the Wind: The Story of Cynthia Ann Parker and the Last Days of the Comanche, by Lucia St. Clair Robson Diane Dufva Quantic
Hawk Flights: Visions of the West, by Gerald Haslam Dorys Crow Grover
Not by the Sword, by Nash Candelaria Robert Lint
Her Work: Stories by Texas Women, edited by Lou Halsell Rodenberger Nancy Owen Nelson
El Vago, by Laurence Gonzales Donald L. Zelman
The Bonner Boys: A Novel about Texans, by Campbell Geeslin Gerald Haslam
Ride the River, by Louis L’Amour Robert L. Gale
Mountains of the Middle Kingdom, by Galen Rowell Thomas J. Lyon
The Klamath Knot: Explorations of Myth and Evolution, by David Rains Wallace, illustrations by Karin Wikstrom Paul T. Bryant
Spiders and Spinsters: Women and Mythology, by Marta Weigle Beverly Stoeltje
I-Mary: A Biography of Mary Austin, by Augusta Fink Rae G. Ballard
Solo, by Wright Morris Mary Washington
Western Films: A Complete Guide, by Brian Garfield Ricard W. Etulain
Mark Twain in California: The Turbulent California Years of Samuel Clemens, by Nigey Lennon Patrick D. Morrow
Charles A. Siringo, by Orlan Sawey Thomas Fox Averill
Visionaries, Mountain Men & Empire Builders. They Made a Difference, by Fred Lockley, compiled and edited by Mike Helm Gary Topping

Summer 1984 (vol. 19, no. 2)

Guest Editor: Gerald Haslam

Alternative Publishing in the West Gerald Haslam
With Dreams or Sweat: Portrait of a Small Western Press Frank Laureano
Necessary Ecstasy: An Afterword to Cawdor James D. Houston
An Interview with John R. Milton Gerald Haslam
A Checklist of Western Small Presses and Magazines Kirk Robertson
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Poems & Stories, by Richard Blessing L. L. Lee
The Shino Suite, Sansei Poetry by Ronald Tanaka Albert Saijo
The Troll Garden, by Willa Cather, a Variorum Edition, edited by James Woodress Mildred R. Bennett
The Collected Poems of Robert Creeley: 1945-1975 Samuel Irving Bellman
Beyond Here, by Jim Green; Silence Like the Sun, by John Hicks Peter Stevens
Dramatic W. O. Mitchell: Five Plays by W. O. Mitchell John Ditsky
Cadillac Jack, by Larry McMurtry Alan F. Crooks
When You and I Were Young, Whitefish, by Dorothy M. Johnson Anthony Arthur
Eagle Song: An Indian Saga Based on True Events, by James Houston Roscoe L. Buckland
A Flannel Shirt & Liberty: British Emigrant Gentlewomen in the Canadian West, 1880-1914, edited by Susan Jackel Lois K. Smedick
Days without Weather, by Cecil Brown Janis Helbert
Ohiyesa: Charles Eastman, Santee Sioux, by Raymond Wilson Ward Churchill
The American Cowboy, by Lonn Taylor and Ingrid Maar J. Wesley Clark
Willa: The Life of Willa Cather, by Phyllis C. Robinson Kevin A. Synnott
Shadows of the Indian, by Raymond William Stedman Tom King
Historians and the American West, edited by Michael P. Malone, foreword by Rodman W. Paul Jackson K. Putnam
Native American Renaissance, by Kenneth Lincoln Julian C. Rice
Legacy of the West, by David C. Hunt, with a contribution by Marsha V. Gallagher Gunther Barth
Mark Twain’s Escape from Time: A Study of Patterns and Images, by Susan K. Harris Richard H. Cracroft
Westering Man: The Life of Joseph Walker, Master of the Frontier, by Bil Gilbert Harvey L. Carter
The Account of a Voyage to the North West Coast of America in 1785 and 1786, by Alexander Walker, edited by Robin Fisher and J. M. Bumsted Roscoe L. Buckland
The Buffalo Book: The Saga of an American Symbol, by David A. Dary Terry Nipper
Richard Bautigan, by Marc Chenetier Tim Hunt
Quicksand and Cactus: A Memoir of the Southern Mormon Frontier, by Juanita Brooks, with an introduction by Charles S. Peterson William Mulder
Radical Discontinuities: American Romanticism and Christian Consciousness, by Harold P. Simonson William H. Shurr
Studies in American Indian Literature, edited by Paula Gunn Allen; Three American Literatures, edited by Houston R. Baker Jr. Tom King
T for Texas: A State Full of Folklore, edited by Francis Edward Abernethy Dorys Crow Grover

Fall 1984 (vol. 19, no. 3)

Chivalry and Modernity in Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep Ernest Fontana
Closing and Opening Western American Fiction: The Reader in The Brave Country Stephen Tatum
Why the Lakota Still Have Their Own: Ella Deloria’s Dakota Texts Julian Rice
The Entropic World of the Washo: Fatality and Self-Deception in Rabbit Boss Sanford E. Marovitz
Book Reviews Reviewed By
The True Adventures of John Steinbeck, Writer, by Jackson J. Benson Robert E. Morsberger
The Further Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Greg Matthews Mary Ann Lowry
The Vision Is Fulfilled, by Kay L. McDonald June O. Underwood
Good Thunder, by John Solensten Linda M. Hasselstrom
Making Certain It Goes On, by Richard Hugo Michael S. Allen
Fragments of Perseus, by Michael McClure; Heavy Breathing, by Philip Whalen Arthur Winfield Knight
A Country for Old Men and Other Stories, by E. R. Zietlow Art Cuelho
The Clock of Moss, by Judson Crews; Ish River, by Robert Sund J. Wesley Clark
First Light, by David Wagoner Rebecca Pickett
Songs from This Earth on Turtle’s Back: Contemporary American Indian Poetry, edited by Joseph Bruchac Sam Hamill
American Indian Women, Telling Their Lives, by Gretchen M. Bataille and Kathleen Mullen Sands Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz
Conversations with Wallace Stegner on Western History and Literature, by Wallace Stegner and Richard W. Etulain Forrest G. Robinson
Reading the Fire: Essays in the Traditional Indian Literatures of the Far West, by Jarold Ramsey Andrew Wiget
Make Prayers to the Raven: A Koyukon View of the Northern Forest, by Richard K. Nelson Arnold Krupat
My Name Is Saroyan, by William Saroyan, compiled with a commentary by James H. Tashjian Gerald Haslam
The Frontier Spirit and Progress, by Frank H. Tucker Barbara Howard Meldrum
Symposium of the Whole: A Range of Discourse toward an Ethnopoetics, edited by Jerome Rothenberg and Diane Rothenberg Lee Bartlett
The Favored Place: The Texas Hill Country, by Elroy Bode, photography by Frederick C. Baldwin and Wendy V. Watriss Lawrence Clayton
Red & White: Indian Views of the White Man 1492-1982, by Annette Rosenstiel Daniel F. Littlefield Jr.
Looking Far North: The Harriman Expedition to Alaska, 1899, by William H. Goetzmann and Kay Sloan Ann Ronald

Winter 1985 (vol. 19, no. 4)

Frederick Manfred and the Anglo-Saxon Oral Tradition Nancy Owen Nelson
The “Map of the Mind”: D’Arcy McNickle and the American Indian Novel Louis Owens
Annual Bibliography Virgil Albertini
Research in Western American Literature Richard H. Cracroft
Essay Review Reviewed By
The Wheel, by Wendell Berry; Axehandles, by Gary Snyder Gary H. Holthaus
Book Review Reviewed By
Regionalism and the Pacific Northwest, edited by William G. Robbins, Robert J. Frank, and Richard E. Ross Harold P. Simonson
Sundeck, by Jim Harris Richard Tuerk
Unexpected Events: Poems from Writers in New Mexico, edited by Jim Harris Dorys Crow Grover
The Texas Literary Tradition: Fiction, Folklore, History, edited by Don Graham, James W. Lee, and William T. Pilkington Sylvia Ann Grider
Roving across Fields: A Conversation and Uncollected Poems, 1942-1982, by William Stafford; Smoke’s Way: Poems from Limited Editions 1968-1981, by William Stafford Bert Almon
Hopitutuwutsi/Hopi Tales, narrated by Herschel Talashoma, edited by Ekkehart Malotki Laura Simms
Breaking Silence: An Anthology of Contemporary Asian American Poets, edited by Joseph Bruchac James D. Houston
Interpreting the Indian: Twentieth-Century Poets and the Native American, by Michael Castro Paul Pavich
William Everson: On Writing the Waterbirds and Other Presentations, edited by Lee Bartlett David A. Carpenter
On Common Ground: The Poetry of William Kloefkorn, Ted Kooser, Greg Kuzma, and Don Welch, edited by Mark Sanders and J. V. Brummels James R. Saucerman
The Illinois Suite, by Marine Robert Warden; Confrontations, by Max Westbrook William Geyer
Not Working, by George Szanto Jay Gillette
Season of Yellow Leaf, by Douglas C. Jones Linda M. Hasselstrom
Steinbeck’s Reading: A Catalogue of Books Owned and Borrowed, by Robert DeMott Roy Simmonds
William Saroyan: My Real Work Is Being, by David Stephen Calonne Walter Shear
The Four Seasons of Success, by Budd Schulberg Anthony Arthur
A Desert Country Near the Sea: A Natural History of the Cape Region of Baja California, by Ann Zwinger Carol S. Long
The Mother Ditch/ La Acequia Madre, by Oliver La Farge. English/ Spanish edition, illustrated by Karl Larsson Robert Gish
Once a River: Bird Life and Habitat Changes on the Middle Gila, by Amadeo M. Rea, illustrated by Takashi Ijichi Charles Hood
The Tenth Virgin, by Gary Stewart David W. Madden
My Land is the Southwest: Peter Hurd Letters and Journals, edited by Robert Metzger Joseph J. Wydeven
Cowboy: The Enduring Myth of the Wild West, by Russell Martin Louie W. Attebery
Willie, a Girl from a Town Called Dallas, by Willie Newbury Lewis Lawrence Clayton
The Oxford Companion to American Literature, fifth edition; by James D. Hart Martin Bucco
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, by Ron Hansen Robert E. Morsberger
Ammahabas, by Bill Hotchkiss Winfred Blevins
Many Tender Ties: Women in Fur-Trade Society, 1670-1870, by Sylvia Van Kirk Billie Wahlstrom
Famous All Over Town, by Danny Santiago, pseud. Daniel James Charles L. Crow
God’s Fools: Four Plays, by Thomas Rogers Aden Ross
A River Runs through It, by Norman Maclean Peter Wild



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