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Spring 1985 (vol. 20, no. 1)

Texas and Texans in the Fiction of Kate Chopin Joyce Coyne Dyer and Robert Emmett Monroe
The Indian in the Mirror: Clark’s The Track of the Cat Max Westbrook
Thomas Savage and the West: Roots of Compulsion John Scheckter
Essay Review Reviewed By
The Rocky Mountains, by Patricia Trenton and Peter H. Hassrick; Masters of Western Art, by Mary Carroll Nelson; The Vanishing Race and Other Illusions: Photographs of Indians by Edward S. Curtis, by Christopher M. Lyman; American Women Artists from Early Indian Times to the Present, by Charlotte Streifer Rubinstein Pamela Ann Tackabury
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Western Writer Series Nos 61-65: William Saroyan, by Edward Halsey Foster; Mari Sandoz, by Helen Winter Stauffer; Barry Lopez, by Peter Wild; Tillie Olsen, by Abigail Martin Ann Ronald
Smoothing the Ground: Essays on Native American Oral Literature, edited by Brian Swann Roy W. Meyer
Atlas of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, edited by Gary E. Moulton Rex E. Robinson
Indian Country, by Peter Matthiessen Julian C. Rice
California Writers, by Stoddard Martin Arthur Frietzsche
Gunfighters, Highwaymen, and Vigilantes: Violence on the Frontier, by Roger D. McGrath W. Eugene Hollon
Trees of the Great Basin: A Natural History, by Ronald M. Lanner Thomas J. Lyon
Women of the West, by Cathy Luchetti in collaboration with Carol Olwell Rosemary Whitaker
In God’s Countries, by Bil Gilbert Mary Ellen Ackerman
Will Henry/Clay Fisher (Henry W. Allen), by Robert L. Gale John D. Nesbitt
The Pulp Western, by John A. Dinan Michael T. Marsden
Willa Cather’s Short Fiction, by Marilyn Arnold Susan J. Rosowski
John Muir: Summering in the Sierra, edited by Robert Engberg; The Pathless Way: John Muir and the American Wilderness, by Michael Cohen Bill Devall
Beyond the Wall, by Edward Abbey Jerry A. Herndon
In My Father’s House: An Autobiography, by Dorothy Allred Solomon C. L. Rawlins
Our Mark Twain: The Making of His Public Personality, by Louis J. Budd Richard H. Cracroft
Jack London’s Tales of Hawaii, introduction by Miriam Rappolt; Young Wolf: The Early Adventure Stories of Jack London, edited by Howard Lachtman Frank Buske
Major Canadian Authors: A Critical Introduction, by David Stouck Michael Peterman
Growing Old at Willie Nelson’s Picnic and Other Sketches of Life in the Southwest, edited by Ronald B. Querry James W. Lee
Shane, by Jack Schaefer. The Critical Edition, edited by James C. Work James H. Maguire
A Sender of Words: Essays in Memory of John G. Neihardt, edited by Vine Deloria Jr. Peter Wild
Trimotor and Trail, by Earl Cooley and A Pictorial History of Smokejumping, by Stan Cohen Starr Jenkins
Gaining Ground: The Renewal of America’s Small Farms, by J. Tevere MacFadyen Charles S. Peterson
A Heaven in the Eye, by Clyde Rice Lex Runciman
Jacob’s Well, by Stephen Harrigan Tom Pilkington
My Life as an Indian, by James Willard Schultz L. D. Clark

El Morro, by Lawrence Clark Powell

Paul Wotipka

A Savage Place, by Robert B. Parker

Charles L. Crow

The Journey, by Anne Cameron

Dick Harrison

False Match, by Henry Bean and The Weather Tomorrow, by John Sacret Young

Charles L. Crow

Golden States, by Michael Cunningham

Charles L. Crow

The Nation Thief, by Robert Houston

Peter Wild

Welded Women, by Nancy G. Westerfield

Cynthia H. Taylor

Summer 1985 (vol. 20, no. 2)

Special Issue: A Sampler from A Literary History of the American West Texas Christian University Press
Preface Max Westbrook
World Westerns: The European Writer and the American West Richard H. Cracroft
Robinson Jeffers Robert Brophy
Bernard DeVoto Wallace Stegner
Book Reviews Reviewed By
The Desert Rose, by Larry McMurtry Charles L. Adams
Cathedral, by Raymond Carver Patricia Schnapp
The Fire from Within, by Carlos Castaneda Edward Covello
Collected Poems1930-83, by Josephine Miles Cynthia H. Taylor
Passage through India, by Gary Snyder Ed Folsom
The Make-up of Ice, by Paul Zarzyski Robert Wrigley
Echoes Inside the Labyrinth, by Thomas McGrath Samuel Irving Bellman
Falling from Stardom, by Jonathan Holden Charles Guilford
Red Tools, by Stephanie Marlis Richard Robbins
The Peaceable Kingdom, by Peter Wild Jeany R. Pontrelli
Gold: Being the Marvelous History of General John Augustus Sutter, by Blaise Cendrars, translated by Nina Rootes Kay Davis
Stand Proud: A Texas Saga, by Elmer Kelton Dorys Crow Grover
Sam Bass: A Novel, by Bryan Wooley Dick Heaberlin
Western American Literary Criticism, by Martin Bucco Delbert E. Wylder
Walter Van Tilburg Clark: Critiques, by Charlton Laird John Milton
Critical Essays on Willa Cather, edited by John J. Murphy Joanna Lloyd
Writers of the Purple Sage, edited by Russell Martin and Marc Barasch Peter Wild
Western Writers Series Nos. 56-60: Struthers Burt, by Raymond C. Phillips Jr.; James Welch, by Peter Wild; Preston Jones, by Mark Busby; Richard Hugo, by Donna Gerstenberger; Sophus K. Winther, by Barbara Howard Meldrum Delbert E. Wylder
Cowboys and Cadillacs: How Hollywood Looks at Texas, by Don Graham Paul Andrew Hutton
Living the Sky: The Cosmos of the American Indian, by Ray A. Williamson Jack L. Davis

Fall 1985 (vol. 20, no. 3)

Robinson Jeffers’ Macabre and Darkly Marvelous Double Axe Patrick D. Murphy
The Art of the Mountain Man Novel David Stouck
Prosodic Variations in Willa Cather’s Prairie Poems Mary R. Ryder
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Jack London--An American Radical? by Carolyn Johnston Dale L. Walker
Deep North, by Bert Almon; NorthBound: Poems Selected and New, by Leona Gom; Afternoon Starlight, by Charles Noble; It Never Pays to Laugh Too Much, by Gertrude Story John Ditsky
Indians of California: The Changing Image, by James J. Rawls Jean Groulx
The Sixth Grandfather: Black Elk’s Teaching Given to John G. Neihardt, edited and with an introduction by Raymond J. DeMallie William T. Hagan
Mabel Dodge Luhan: New Woman, New Worlds, by Lois Palkin Rudnick June Sochen
The Crisis in Criticism: Theory, Literature, and Reform in English Studies, by William E. Cain Martin Bucco
Ross Macdonald, by Matthew J. Bruccoli Ernest Fontana
Paul Horgan, by Robert Gish James M. Day
The Magic of Words: Rudolfo A. Anaya and His Writings, edited by Paul Vassallo Robert Gish
Will Henry’s West, edited by Dale L. Walker Earle Labor
Heroes, Villains, and Ghosts: Folklore of Old California, by Hector Lee T. J. Gordon
Deer in the Haystacks, by Dixie Partridge and At the Tent of Heaven, by Philip St. Clair Robert Henigan

Winter 1986 (vol. 20, no. 4)

The “Case” of Willa Cather John B. Gleason
Memory, Myth, and The Professor’s House John N. Swift
Annual Bibliography Virgil Albertini
Research in Western American Literature Richard H. Cracroft
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Circling Back, by Gary Holthaus James R. Saucerman
The Indian Man: A Biography of James Mooney, by L. G. Moses Clifford E. Trafzer
English Creek, by Ivan Doig Robert A. Roripaugh
Bear Chief’s War Shirt, by James Willard Schultz, edited by Wilbur Ward Betts David Reed Miller
The Dark Is a Door, by Susan Strayer Deal Helen Winter Stauffer
The Land before Her: Fantasy and Experience of the American Frontiers, 1630-1860, by Annette Kolodny Melody Graulich
American Audio Prose Library: N. Scott Momaday reads two poems and from The Names; N. Scott Momaday Interview; John Nichols reads from two novels; John Nichols Interview; Frank Waters reads from The Man Who Killed the Deer; Frank Waters Interview Robert Gish
Westerns, by Richard Dankleff Fred L. Lee
The Summer of Jack London, by Andrew J. Fenady Dale L. Walker
The Time It Never Rained, by Elmer Kelton, with an afterword by Tom Pilkington Lawrence Clayton
The Turquoise Dragon, by David Rains Wallace James D. Houston
Los Angeles in Fiction, edited by David Fine Janis Helbert
Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Poet-at-Large, by Larry Smith Steve Wilson
Southwestern American Literature: A Bibliograpy, edited by John Q. Anderson, Edwin W. Gaston Jr., and James W. Lee Lou Rodenberger
Greening Wheat: Fifteen Mormon Short Stories, edited by Levi S. Peterson Charlotte Megan Wright
Words in the Blood, edited by Jamake Highwater and American Indian Myths and Legends, edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz Gretchen Ronnow
We Are Not in This Together, by William Kittredge, edited and with a foreword by Raymond Carver Gary Holthaus

Births, by William Saroyan;
The New Saroyan Reader: A Connoisseur’s Anthology of the Writings of William Saroyan, by William Saroyan, edited by Brian Darwent

Edward Halsey Foster
Saroyan: A Biography, by Barry Gifford and Lawrence Lee Gerald Haslam
Hunger & Dreams: The Alaskan Women’s Anthology, edited by Patricia Monaghan D. Alexa West
Kit Carson: A Pattern for Heroes, by Thelma S. Guild and Harvey L. Carter Clifford E. Trafzer
A Cloak of Light: Writing My Life, by Wright Morris Joseph J. Wydeven
Strange Sunlight, by Peter LaSalle Allen Weir
The Jailing of Cecelia Capture, by Janet Campbell Hale Louis Owens
The Cleaving, by William Studebaker Karyn Riedell

Spring 1986 (vol. 21, no. 1)

An Interview with Barry Lopez Jim Aton
Forrest Carter/Asa Carter and Politics Lawrence Clayton
The Virginian and Molly in Paradise: How Sweet Is It? Forrest G. Robinson
Life on the Mississippi: Being Shifty in a New Country John E. Bassett
Essay Review Reviewed By
Joan Didion: Essays and Conversations, edited by Ellen G. Friedman Blanche Gelfant
The Godless World of JimThompson: The Getaway; The Grifters; A Hell of a Woman; The Killer Inside Me; Nothing More Than Murder; Pop. 1280; Recoil, all by Jim Thompson Barry Gifford
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Harvesting Ballads, by Phillip Kimball; Astonishment of Heart, by Edwin Moses; Leaving the Land, by Douglas Unger Diane D. Quantic
Blood Meridan: Or The Evening Redness in the West, by Cormac McCarthy Bill Baines
Alaskan Stories, by John Mitchell David McElroy
Tales of El Huitlacoche, by Gary D. Keller Rudolph Gómez
Love Medicine, by Louise Erdrich Tom King
The Ghostway, by Tony Hillerman Robley Evans
Hopi Coyote Tales: Istutuwutsi, by Ekkehart Malotki and Michael Lomatuway’ma Laura Simms
The Raven Steals the Light, drawings by Bill Reid, stories by Bill Reid and Robert Bringhurst Merrill Lewis
Gone the Dreams and Dancing, by Douglas C. Jones Richard Tuerk
When the Wind Is in the South and Other Stories, by O. E. Rølvaag Ann Moseley
Jubal Sackett, by Louis L’Amour Robert L. Gale
Land of Earth and Sky: Landscape Painting of Western Canada, by Ronald Rees Robert Thacker
The Prairie Frontier, edited by Sandra Looney, Arthur Huseboe, and Geoffrey Hunt Clarence A. Andrews
Lewis and Clark among the Indians, by James P. Ronda Starr Jenkins
Texas Tears and Texas Sunshine: Voices of Frontier Women, edited by Jo Ella Powell Exley Kathleen Underwood
The Deer Pasture, by Rick Bass Nancy Williams
The Leather Throne, by Owen Ulph C. L. Rawlins
A Pride of Kin, by Callie Coe Wilson and Ellen Walker Rienstra Jane Bouterse
River Pigs and Cayuses: Oral Histories from the Pacific Northwest, collected, edited and introduced by Ron Strickland Louie W. Attebery
Private Investigations: The Novels of Dashiell Hammett, by Sinda Gregory R. H. Miller
Ambrose Bierce: The Making of a Misanthrope, by Richard Saunders Arthur Frietzsche
Stephen Crane, by James B. Colvert Robert Glen Deamer
One Hundred Years of Huckleberry Finn: The Boy, His Book, and American Culture, edited by Robert Sattelmeyer and J. Donald Crowley C. L. Sonnichsen
Ken Kesey, by Stephen L. Tanner Jim Hoy

The Selected Poems of Kenneth Rexroth, by Kenneth Rexroth;
and Poets’ Fellowship, by T. M. Pearce

Max Westbrook
American Poetry and Japanese Culture, by Sanehide Kodama Bert Almon
Of Huck and Alice: Humorous Writing in American Literature, by Neil Schmitz Samuel I. Bellman
Scorpio Rising, by R. G. Vliet Frances Kay Foster
The Gates of the Mountains, by Will Henry Starr Jenkins
The Hunting Years, by David Kranes Joseph M. Flora
Oregon or Bust, by Max Westbrook; Moon, by David Romtvedt; The Porcine Canticles, by David Lee Leonard Sanazaro
Will James: The Spirit of the Cowboy, edited by J. M. Neil Gunther Barth
People of the Moonshell, by Nancy M. Peterson Robert D. Harper
Prairie Fire: The 1885 Rebellion, by Bob Beal and Rod Macleod; The Riel Rebellion: A Biographical Approach, by Charles and Cynthia Hou James Doyle
Lakota Myth, by James R. Walker, edited by Elaine A. Jahner Julian Rice
Faces of the Wilderness, by Harvey Broome Don Scheese

Summer 1986 (vol. 21, no. 2)

Checkmate: Jean Stafford’s “A Slight Maneuver” William G. Leary
A Book of Resolutions: Ruth Suckow’s Some Others and Myself Fritz Oehlschlaeger
California’s Last Vaquero Gerald Haslam
Book Reviews Reviewed by:
The Last Land: The Chicano Image of the Southwest, by John R. Chávez Raymund A. Paredes
Views of a Vanishing Frontier, edited by John C. Ewers et al.; and The American West: The Modern Vision, by Patricia Janis Broder Brian W. Dippie
Brigham Young: American Moses, by Leonard J. Arrington Dennis R. Perry
Seventeen North Dakota Tales, edited by Patrick D. Morrow Rosemary L. Smith
From Rattlesnakes to Road Agents: Rough Times on the Frio, by Frances Bramlette Farris, edited by C. L. Sonnichsen Richard Moseley
The Good Old Boys, by Elmer Kelton; and Time & Place, by Bryan Woolley Marshall Terry
The Best Western Stories of Wayne D. Overholser, edited by Bill Pronzini and Martin H. Greenberg Michael T. Marsden
Spirit Mountain: An Anthology of Yuman Story and Song, edited by Leanne Hinton and Lucille J. Watahomiche Wayne Ude
Walking Up & Down in the World: Memories of a Mountain Rambler, by Smoke Blanchard Leon L. Peterson
The Fatal Environment: The Myth of the Frontier in the Age of Industrialization 1800-1890, by Richard Slotkin Richard A. Van Orman
Cowboy Poetry: A Gathering, edited by Hal Cannon Jan (Ugan) Roush
The Real American Cowboy, by Jack Weston Lawrence Clayton
Basic Texas Books: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Works for a Research Library, by John H. Jenkins Sylvia Ann Grider
Frank Waters: A Retrospective Anthology, edited by Charles L. Adams Terence A. Tanner
John Steinbeck’s Re-Vision of America, by Louis Owens Richard Astro
Phil Sheridan and His Army, by Paul Andrew Hutton John W. Bailey
Rediscovering America: John Muir in His Time and Ours, by Frederick Turner Thomas J. Lyon
Jack Kerouac, by Tom Clark Jacob Lititz
Black Wolf: The Life of Ernest Thompson Seton, by Betty Keller Michael P. Cohen
Owen Wister, by John L. Cobbs David Mogen
The Role of Place in Literature, by Leonard Lutwack Diane Dufva Quantic
Wilderness: The Way Ahead, edited by Vance Martin and Mary Inglis Thomas J. Lyon
Critical Essays on Native American Literature, edited by Andrew Wiget; The Native American in American Literature: A Selectively Annotated Bibliography, compiled by Roger O. Rock Ted N. Weissbuch
Wilderness Plots: Tales about the Settlement of the American Land, by Scott R. Sanders Paul Lehmberg
Women Writing in America: Voices in Collage, by Blanche H. Gelfant; That’s What She Said: Contemporary Poetry and Fiction by Native American Women, edited by Rayne Green Paula Petrick
Natural Acts: A Sidelong View of Science and Nature, by David Quammen Peter Wild
The Grizzly in the Southwest: Documentary of an Extinction, by David E. Brown Doug Peacock
Unknown California, edited by Jonathan Eisen and David Fine with Kim Eisen Patrick D. Morrow
Desert Passages: Encounters with the American Deserts, by Patricia Nelson Limerick Jim Aton
Inner Landscapes: The Theater of Sam Shepard, by Ron Mottram Mary Clearman Blew
Museum Pieces, by Elizabeth Tallent David Wellenbrock
Decoys and Other Stories, by Ken Smith Delbert E. Wylder
Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry Robert E. Morsberger
The Summerfield Stories,by J. M. Ferguson Jr. Ronald L. Johnson
The Old Colts, by Glendon Swarthout Kenneth W. Scott
Matty’s Heart, by C. J. Hribal Anthony Arthur
Living off the Country: Essays on Poetry and Place, by John Haines Dave Engel
Fatal Pleasure, by Sam Hamill; and Stone Roses: Poems from Transylvania, by Keith Wilson L. L. Lee

Flights of the Harvest-Mare, by Linda Bierds;
Selected Poems, by Carolyn S. Foote

David A. Carpenter
County O, by Robert Hedin James Gurley
Cowboy Poetry from Utah: An Anthology, compiled and edited by Carol A. Edison Zac Reisner
Outcroppings from Navajoland, by Donald Levering Alice C. Parker

Little-Dog-Of-Iron, by Philip St. Clair;
Star Quilt, by Roberta Hill Whiteman

Nancy McCleery
Wild Onions, by Robert L. Jones James R. Hepworth
Winegold, by Joe Nigg Art Cuelho
Where Water Comes Together with Other Water, by Raymond Carver Richard Behm
Western Writers Series Nos. 66-71:
Herbert Krause, by Arthur R. Huseboe; William Everson, by Lee Bartlett; John Haines, by Peter Wild; Sam Shepard, by Vivian M. Patraka and Mark Siegel; Robert Cantwell, by Merrill Lewis; Charles Sealsfield, by Walter Grünzweig
Robert L. Gale
Beyond Manzanar: Views of Asian-American Womanhood, by Jeanne Wakatsuki-Houston; and One Can Think about Life after the Fish Is in the Canoe, by James D. Houston James W. Byrkit
The Uncle and Other Stories, by Joan Shaw Janis Helbert
The Deadly Swarm and Other Stories, by LaVerne Harrell Clark Steven Brady

Fall 1986 (vol. 21, no. 3)

Native Daughter: Jean Stafford’s California William Leary
Nevil Shute and the Closed Frontier Fred Erisman
McMurtry’s Cowboy-God in Lonesome Dove Ernestine P. Sewell
Book Reviews Reviewed by:
Letters to an Imaginary Friend Parts Three and Four, by Thomas McGrath Frederick C. Stern
Flight from Fiesta, by Frank Waters Charles L. Adams
Divine Average; Love Is a Wild Assault; The Edge of Disrepute—all by Elithe Hamilton Kirkland Dorys Crow Grover
Always Coming Home, Ursula K. LeGuin Charles L. Crow
Playing Catch-Up, by A. B. Guthrie Jr. Thomas W. Ford
Beyond the Mountain, by William Dieter Kerry Ahearn
The Tree of Life, by Hugh Nissenson Coralie Beyers
Love Life, by James D. Houston Nancy Owen Nelson
The State of Stony Lonesome, by Jessamyn West Patty Henetz
She Won the West: An Anthology of Western and Frontier Stories by Women, edited by Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini Mary S. Weinkauf
The Roll Away Saloon: Cowboy Tales of the Arizona Strip, by Rowland W. Rider, as told to Deidre Murray Paulsen Orlan Sawey
Lake Wobegon Days, by Garrison Keillor M. Gilbert Porter
All’s Normal Here: A Charles Bukowski Primer, edited by Loss Pequeño Glazier Gerald Haslam
The Collected Stories, by William Humphrey James W. Lee
In the Deep Heart’s Core: Reflections on Life, Letters, and Texas, by Craig Edward Clifford Lou Rodenberger
No Time for Tears, by Lora Wood Hughes Ruth Alexander
Gringo and Other Poems, by Gerald Locklin Gerald Haslam
The Wind of Our Going, by Patricia Goedicke Lex Runciman
Going for Coffee: Poetry on the Job, edited by Tom Wayman Robert Hedin
Internal Resistances: The Poetry of Edward Dorn, edited by Donald Wesling Lee Bartlett
The Authentic Mark Twain: A Literary Biography of Samuel L. Clemens, by Everett Emerson; The Making of Mark Twain: A Biography, by John Lauber Richard H. Cracroft
The Experimental Fictions of Ambrose Bierce: Structuring the Ineffable, by Cathy N. Davidson M. E. Grenander
Gathering the Desert, by Gary Paul Nabhan Charles Bowden
Resist Much, Obey Little, edited by James Hepworth and Gregory McNamee Ann Ronald
This Is Dinosaur: Echo Park Country and Its Magic Rivers, edited by Wallace Stegner Paul Schullery
Owen Wister: Chronicler of the West, Gentleman of the East, by Darwin Payne Ben M. Vorpahl
Louis L’Amour, by Robert L. Gale John D. Nesbitt
Jean Stafford, by Mary Ellen Williams Walsh William Leary
Zane Grey: A Photographic Odyssey, by Loren Grey Gary Topping
Rio Grande: Mountains to the Sea, by Jim Bones Stephen Trimble
The New Native American Novel: Works in Progress, edited by Mary Dougherty Bartlett Gretchen Ronnow
Native American Folklore, 1879-1979: An Annotated Bibliography, by William M. Clements and Frances M. Malpezzi Terry P. Wilson
Native American Literature, by Andrew Wiget; American Indian Novelists: An Annotated Bibliography, by Tom Colonnese and Louis Owens Jarold Ramsey
Cherokee Tragedy: The Ridge Family and the Decimation of a People, by Thurman Wilkins David Rich Lewis
For Those Who Come After: A Study of Native American Autobiography, by Arnold Krupat Andrew Wiget
Bibliography of the Osage, by Terry P. Wilson; A Biobibliography of Native American Writers 1772-1924: A Supplement, by Daniel F. Littlefield Jr. and James W. Parins William T. Hagan
Ways of Indian Magic: Stories Retold, by Teresa VanEtten Michael Loudon
Crow Man’s People: Three Seasons with the Navajo, by Nigel Pride Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz
Cuentos Chicanos: A Short Story Anthology, edited by Rudolfo Anaya and Antonio Márquez Raymund A. Paredes
Gold Seeker: Adventures of a Belgian Argonaut during the Gold Rush Years, by Jean-Nicolas Perlot; trans. by Helen Harding Bretnor; edited by Howard R. Lamar David Rich Lewis
Inventing the Dream: California through the Progressive Era, by Kevin Starr Gerald Haslam
Ondina: A Narrative Poem, by John Roberts, with illustrations by Jake Pinello Steven Pugmire
The Shadow of Wings, by Marine Robert Warden; Haunts, by David Baker; Spirit, Hurry, by Rolly Kent Steven Brady
A New Voice for a New People: Midwestern Poetry 1800-1910, edited by Bernard F. Engel and Patricia W. Julius Richard H. Behm
Casting into a Cloud: Southwest Haiku, by Elizabeth Searle Lamb; Station Stop: A Collection of Haiku and Related Forms, by Richard Tice Richard Bodner
Song of the Sky, by Brian Swann Pamela Kay Kett
New and Old Voices from Wah’kon-tah: Contemporary Native American Poetry, edited by Robert K. Dodge and Joseph B. McCullough Patricia Clark Smith
Gullible Coyote/Una’ ihu: A Bilingual Collection of Hopi Coyote Stories, by Ekkehart Malotki Bo Schöler
Brief Cherishing, by Hildegarde Flanner James R. Hepworth
The Old Gringo, by Carlos Fuentes, transl. by Margaret Sayers Peden and the author Mark A. Foster
Warning: Writers at Work, by Larry L. King Jim Byrd

Winter 1987 (vol. 21, no. 4)

Reflections on Being a Cowboy Don D. Walker
Annual Bibliography Virgil Albertini
Research in Western American Literature Jan Roush
Esssay Review  
Riding the Grub Line:
Wind River; Powder River; The Last Buffalo Hunt; Mando
--all titles by Gary McCarthy
John D. Nesbitt
Book Reviews Review By
Lords of the Plain, by Max Crawford Tom Pilkington
Friday Night at Silver Star, stories by Patricia Henley Debra Olson
Heart of the Country, by Greg Matthews Ann Ronald
Son of the Morning Star, by Evan S. Connell Paul Andrew Hutton
The Vigil, by Clay Reynolds Gerald Haslam
The Wolf Whispered Death, by Barbara Moore Carol S. Long
The Coming of the Kid, by Oakley Hall Mary Washington
The Dispossessed, by Don Carpenter James H. Maguire
Soledad or Solitudes, by R. G. Vliet Bob J. Frye
Deadwood, by Pete Dexter Margaret A. Lukens
Snapshots: Glimpses of the Other California, by Gerald Haslam, with a foreword by W. H. Hutchinson Wayne Ude
Grace Stone Coates: Honey Wine and Hunger Root, by Lee Rostad Nancy Prothro Arbuthnot
Super Bull and Other True Escapades, by Max Evans Frances Kay Foster
South by Southwest: 24 Stories from Modern Texas, edited by Don Graham Ernestine P. Sewell
Texas: A Literary Portrait, by Don Graham R. C. Reynolds
Alamo Images: Changing Perceptions of a Texas Experience, by Susan Prendergast Schoelwer Max Westbrook
The Sacred Paw: The Bear in Nature, Myth, and Language, by Paul Shepard and Barry Sanders Dolores Lachapelle
Idaho Folklife: Homesteads to Headstones, edited by Louie W. Attebery Jay A. Anderson
The Golden Gate, by Vikram Seth William A. Evans
Famous Potatoes: Southeast Idaho Poetry, edited by Harald Wyndham James H. Maguire
Bindweed, by Christianne Balk S. S. Moorty
Underground, by Corrinne Hales J. Wesley Clark
Tracks in the Widest Orbit, by J. H. Montrose Gerald Haslam
The Literature of Idaho: An Anthology, edited by James H. Maguire Ona Siporin
N. Scott Momaday: The Cultural and Literary Background, by Matthias Schubnell Charles L. Woodard
Wright Morris: Memory and Imagination, by Roy K. Bird Terry Hansen
Sinclair Lewis at 100: Papers Presented at a Centennial Conference John T. Flanagan
John Steinbeck: The California Years, by Brian St. Pierre Richard Astro
Mark Twain in California, by Nigey Lennon T. J. Gordon
The Delicacy and Strength of Lace: Letters between Leslie Marmon Silko and James Wright, edited and with an introduction by Anne Wright Wayne Ude
Contemporary Chicana Poetry: A Critical Approach to an Emerging Literature, by Marta Ester Sánchez Lourdes Torres
The Folklore of Spain in the American Southwest: Traditional Spanish Folk Literature in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado, by Aurelio M. Espinosa, edited by J. Manuel Espinosa Marta Weigle
Chicano Poetry: A Critical Introduction, by Cordelia Candelaria Robert G. Lint
A Papago Traveler, by James McCarthy, edited by John G. Westhover Michael Loudon
The Sun Came Down, by Peter Bullchild Robert A. Roripaugh
Southwestern Fiction 1960-1980: A Classified Bibliography, by Mary Lee Morris Mark Busby
American Indian and Alaska Native Newspapers and Periodicals 1925-1970, edited by Daniel F. Littlefield Jr. and James W. Parins Richard Dwyer
Solomon D. Butcher: Photographing the American Dream, by John E. Carter Charlotte M. Wright
Forman Hanna: Pictorial Photographer of the Southwest, introduction by Mark Sawyer Jim Harris
Carl Oscar Borg and the Magic Region: Artist of the American West, by Helen Laird Pamela R. Howell

Spring 1987 (vol. 22, no.1)

Tracking the Pequod along The Oregon Trail Jack Scherting
“Wine of Wyoming” and Hemingway’s Hidden West Ann Putnam
Romantic Lyric Form and Western Mormon Experience in the Stories of Douglas Thayer B. W. Jorgensen
Essay Reviews: Acts of Recovery: The American Indian Novel in the ’80s  
The Beet Queen, by Louise Erdrich; Fools Crow, by James Welch; A Yellow Raft in Blue Water, by Michael Dorris Louis Owens
That Day in Gordon, Raymond H. Abbott Ward Churchill
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Winterkill, by Craig Lesley Robert Merrill
Song of the Meadowlark: The Story of an American Indian and the Nez Perce War, by John A. Sanford Edward Halsey Foster
Cantares Mexicanos: Songs of the Aztecs, translated from the Nahuatl, with an introduction and commentary by John Bierhorst Larry Evers
The Blind Corral, by Ralph Beer Charles L. Adams
The Cactus Garden, by William Dieter Anne M. Witmer
Beyond Blame, by Stephen Greenleaf Charles L. Crow
A Chicano in China, by Rudolfo A. Anaya Lourdes Torres
From the Missouri West, photographs by Robert Adams, and J. E. Stimson, Photographer of the West, by Mark Junge Stephen Trimble
After Barbed Wire: Cowboys of Our Time, by Kurt Markus Wallace D. McRae
Rodeo: Photography by Norman Mauskopf, introduction by Ben Maddow Lawrence Clayton
Plaintext: Essays, by Nancy Mairs Janis Helbert
Critical Essays on Sinclair Lewis, edited by Martin Bucco Frederick Manfred
In Search of York: The Slave Who Went to the Pacific with Lewis and Clark, by Robert B. Betts Rex Robinson
Max Brand: Western Giant, compiled and edited by William F. Nolan William Bloodworth
Davy Crockett: A Handbook, by Richard Boyd Hauck Jane H. Maddock
Alias Billy the Kid: The Man Behind the Legend, by Donald Cline Stephen Tatum
Time Exposure: The Autobiography of William Henry Jackson, by William Henry Jackson Coralie Beyers
The North American Sketches of R. B. Cunningham Graham, edited by John Walker Robert B. Olafson
The Indians of Puget Sound: The Notebooks of Myron Eells, edited with an introduction by George Pierre Castile George H. Tweney
Los Mesteños: Spanish Ranching in Texas 1721-1821, by Jack Jackson Larry McDonald
The Forgotten Cattle King, by Benton R. White Richard Townsley
Bone Games: One Man’s Search for the Ultimate Athletic High, by Rob Schultheis and In Search of the Simple Life, edited by David E. Shi Peter Wild
Artic Dreams, by Barry Lopez Thomas J. Lyon
The Native Home of Hope: People and the Northern Rockies, edited by Thomas N. Bethell, Deborah E. Tuck and Michael S. Clark Harald Wyndham
Having Everything Right, by Kim R. Stafford Steven Pugmire
‘What Thou Lovest Well Remains’: 100 Years of Ezra Pound, edited by Richard Ardinger Mary Ellen Walsh
Art in New Mexico, 1900-1945: Paths to Taos and Sante Fe, by Charles C. Eldredge, Julie Schimmel, and William T. Truettner Pamela R. Howell
River Runners of the Grand Canyon, by David Lavender Ann H. Zwinger
Rivers of Empire: Water, Aridity & the Growth of the American West, by Donald Worster Gerald Haslam
Theodore Roosevelt: Wilderness Writings, edited and with an introduction by Paul Schullery Orvis Burmaster
On the Mesa, by John Nichols Wayne Ude
Our Nature, by Bil Gilbert Don Scheese
Billy the Kid: A Handbook, by Jon Tuska Dave Turner
The Grains, or Passages in the Life of Ruth Rover, with Occasional Pictures of Oregon, Natural and Moral, by Margaret Jewett Bailey; edited by Evelyn Leasher and Robert J. Frank Hugh Nichols
Henry Thoreau and John Muir among the Indians, by Richard F. Fleck Frank E. Buske
Final Harvest: An American Tragedy, by Andrew H. Malcolm Roscoe L. Buckland
James Pattie’s West: The Dream and the Reality, by Richard Batman Paul Witkowsky
Chinese Camp, by John C. Pine Doc Dachtler
Selected Poems, by Robert Bly Richard Ardinger

Summer 1987 (vol. 22, no. 2)

The Pattern Which Connects: Metaphor in Gary Snyder’s Later Poetry Julia Martin
Reclaiming the Power: Robinson Jeffers’s Verse Novels Patrick D. Murphy
Making Sense of Hollywood: Nathanael West’s Day of the Locust Thomas Strychacz
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Songs of the Sage, by Curley Fletcher Florence K. Blanchard
Wyoming Stories, by Gretel Ehrlich Donn Rawlings
Seventeen Syllables: 5 Stories of Japanese American Life, by Hisaye Yamamoto, edited by Robert Rolf and Norimitsu Ayuzawa Charles L. Crow
Dance Me Outside: More Tales from the Ermineskin Reserve, by W. P. Kinsella Zac Reisner
Under the Sun: Myth and Realism in Western American Literature, introduced and edited by Barbara Howard Meldrum Ludwig Deringer
Voices and Visions of the American West, by Barney Nelson Lawrence Clayton
The Mythic West in Twentieth-Century America, by Robert G. Athearn Ann Ronald
Outlaw: The True Story of Claude Dallas, by Jeff Long Joseph M. Flora
Cowboys of the Wild West, by Russell Freedman Charlotte M. Wright
The Texas Experience, compiled by Archie P. McDonald Richard Tuerk
The Mexican Pet, by Jan Harold Brunvand Jim Harris
The Real West Marginal Way: A Poet’s Autobiography, by Richard Hugo Michael S. Allen
Moon in a Mason Jar, by Robert Wrigley Rick Ardinger
Time and the White Tigress, by Mary Barnard Dave Engel
Ultramarine, by Raymond Carver Steven Pugmire
Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water, by Marc Reisner Gerald Haslam
Martha Maxwell: Rocky Mountain Naturalist, by Maxine Benson Nancy Warner
Blessed by Light: Visions of the Colorado Plateau, edited by Stephen Trimble Leon L. Peterson
The Chief: Ernest Thompson Seton and the Changing West, by H. Allen Anderson Don E. Gribble
Paper Medicine Man: John Gregory Bourke and His American West, by Joseph C. Porter Doyce B. Nunis Jr.
Willa Cather: A Reference Guide, by Marilyn Arnold Mildred R. Bennett
Willa Cather: A Pictorial Memoir, photographs by Lucia Woods and others, text by Bernice Slote Susan J. Rosowski
Letter from Honeyhill: A Woman’s View of Homesteading, 1914-1931, by Cecelia Hennel Hendricks Virginia C. Parker
Prairie Women: Images in American and Canadian Fiction, by Carol Fairbanks Elaine J. Lawless
Frontier and Utopia in the Fiction of Charles Sealsfield: A Study of the Lebensbilder aus der westlichen Hemisphäre, by Jerry Schuchalter Robert B. Luehrs
John Ford: The Man and His Films, by Tag Gallagher Mark Busby
Apaches, by Oakley Hall Nancy Kirkpatrick Wright
Those Days: An American Album, by Richard Critchfield Dorys Crow Grover

Fall 1987 (vol. 22, no. 3)

The Genesis of Flight from Fiesta Charles L. Adams
Hemingway’s Indian Virtues: An Ecological Reconsideration Glen A. Love
Book Reviews Reviewed By
The Hopi Way: Tales from a Vanishing Culture, collected by Mando Sevillano Steve Sanfield
King of the Beatniks, by Arthur W. Knight Aden Ross
Left Out in the Rain: New Poems 1974-1985, by Gary Snyder Bert Almon
In Search of the Primitive: Rereading David Antin, Jerome Rothenberg, and Gary Snyder, by Sherman Paul Charles L. Crow
This Stubborn Soil: A Frontier Boyhood, by William A. Owens Robert D. Harper
The Sacred Game: Provincialism and Frontier Consciousness in American Literature, 1630-1860, by Albert J. von Frank Dorey Schmidt
Muir among the Animals: The Wildlife Writings of John Muir, edited by Lisa Mighetto Ron Limbaugh
At the Gentle Mercy of Plants, by Hildegarde Flanner Nancy Warner
Clear Fork Cowboys: Contemporary Cowboys along the Clear Fork of the Brazos River, by Lawrence Clayton and Sonja Irwin Clayton Sylvia Ann Grider
The Backslider, by Levi S. Peterson Kenneth B. Hunsaker
Beyond the Grave, by Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini Charlotte S. McClure
Red Earth, White Earth, by Will Weaver George F. Day
To Skin a Cat, by Thomas McGuane Dexter Westrum
Mountain Blood, by Will Baker David McElroy
Seven Rivers West, by Edward Hoagland Ronald L. Johnson
John Steinbeck’s Fiction: The Aesthetics of the Road Taken, by John H. Timmerman Robert E. Morsberger
Black Swan, by Gertrude Story James H. Maguire
The Best of Tom Thomson, by Joan Murray William Gardner Bell
The Life and Times of James Willard Schultz (Apikuni), by Warren Hanna L. L. Lee
Western Series and Sequels: A Reference Guide, by Bernard A. Drew with Martin Greenberg and Charles G. Waugh Peter Bischoff
Texas Myths, edited by Robert F. O’Connor Lawrence Clayton
Sonovagun Stew: A Folklore Miscellany, edited by Francis Edward Abernethy Richard Tuerk
Here’s to High Heels, by Patricia Elliott J. Wesley Clark
John Muir, A Reading Bibliography by William F. Kimes and Maymie B. Kimes Ann Ronald
Utah Canyon Country, by F. A. Barnes Nancy Warner
In Our Hearts and Minds: An Anthology of Northwest Writing, edited by Michael Daley Glen A. Love
Dead Kachina Man, by Teresa VanEtten Karl Kroeber
The Zarahemla Vision, by Gary Stewart Margaret K. Brady
Agatite, by Clay Reynolds Ernestine P. Sewell
Demon Box, by Ken Kesey Ronald Curran
Confessions of a Barbarian, by Edward Abbey; and Red Knife Valley, by Jack Curtis Janet L. Jacobsen
Collected Stories 1948-1986, by Wright Morris Joseph J. Wydeven
Pat’s Whores, by Barding Dahl; and Looking Glass, by Barbara Cherne Ann Putnam
Western Stories, edited by Peter Bischoff and Peter Nocon Florence Blanchard
Collected Essays and Short Stories, by H. L. Davis Lex Runciman
The Best of California … as featured in California Magazine, 1976-1986 William F. Kimes
Semi-Native, by Jim Arnholz Jim Harris
Portrait of My Father, by Lawrence Clark Powell George H. Tweney
Art and Geology: Expressive Aspects of the Desert, by Rita Deanin Abbey and G. William Fiero Pamela R. Howell
Rising from the Plains, by John McPhee Peter Wild
White Town Drowsing, by Ron Powers David A. Carpenter
California: A Place, A People, A Dream, edited by Claudia K. Jurmain and James J. Rawls Gerald Haslam
Selected Poems, by Archie (Khatchik) Minasian Gerald Haslam
Westering, by Thomas Hornsby Ferril James R. Saucerman
The Stronghold, by Phillips Kloss David A. Carpenter
Weldon Kees and the Midcentury Generation, Letters, 1935-1955, edited and with commentary by Robert E. Knoll Helen Winter Stauffer
Jack Kerouac: Novelist of the Beat Generation, by Warren French;
The Spontaneous Poetics of Jack Kerouac: A Study of the Fiction, by Regina Weinreich
Dave Engel
Blue Desert, by Charles Bowden Donn Rawlings
Wild Mustangs, by Parley J. Paskett Pamela Kay Kett
Alex Sweet’s Texas: The Lighter Side of Lone Star History, by Alexander Edwin Sweet James T. F. Tanner
West of Eden: A History of the Art and Literature of Yosemite, by David Robertson Pamela R. Howell
Lummis in the Pueblos, by Patrick T. Houlihan and Betsy E. Houlihan Arthur Frietzsche
Wolf and the Winds, by Frank Bird Linderman, introduction by Hugh Dempsey Penelope Reedy
The American Indian in Film, by Michael Hilger Jane Maddock
The Graywolf Annual, edited by Scott Walker Peter Wild
My Life in the North Woods, by Robert Smith Paul Lehmberg
Southwest Tales in Memory of Tomás Rivera: A Contemporary Collection, edited by Alurista and Xelina Rojas-Urista Mark Busby
City of Roses: Stories from Girlhood, by Mary Jane Moffat Janet L. Jacobsen
There’s Always Another Chance and Other Stories, by Elmer Kelton Jean Alhinc
Death Valley and the Amargosa: A Land of Illusion, by Richard E. Lingenfelter Phillip I. Earl
Life among the Modocs: Unwritten History, by Joaquin Miller Charles L. Adams
Life Goes On: Twenty More Years of Fortune and Friendship, by Lawrence Clark Powell Gerald Haslam
The Voyage Perilous: Willa Cather’s Romanticism, by Susan J. Rosowski Alice Hall Petry

Winter 1988 (vol. 22, no. 4)

The Implied Author as Protagonist: A Reading of Little Big Man Jon Wallace
The Hill beyond the City: Elements of the Jeremiad in Edward Abbey’s “Down the River with Henry Thoreau” John A. Murray
Annual Bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature Virgil R. Albertini
Research in Western American Literature 1986-1987 Jan Roush
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Frog Mountain Blues, by Charles Bowden Robert A. Roripaugh
Nature First, Keeping Our Wild Places and Wild Creatures Wild, by Thomas McNamee John A. Murray
The Untamed Garden and Other Personal Essays, by David Rains Wallace Russell Burrows
Pioneer Conservationists of Eastern America, by Peter Wild Jim Aton
We Need to Dream All This Again, by Bernard Pomerance Richard Bodner
Out West: An American Jouney, by Dayton Duncan Wayne R. Kime
The West of the Imagination, by William H. and William N. Goetzmann William Bloodworth
Urban Options, photographs by William Pankey;
The Texas Outback: Portraits of a Wildly Weird Country, by Caleb Pirtle III, photographs by Gerald Crawford
Lawrence Clayton
This I Can Leave You: A Woman’s Days on the Pitchfork Ranch, by Mamie Sypert Burns; Under the Texas Sun: Adventures of a Young Cowpuncher, by Anna Manns Dana Richard Moseley
Sacred Language: The Nature of Supernatural Discourse in Lakota, by William K. Powers Donald E. Gribble
The Moccasin Maker, by E. Pauline Johnson Elizabeth Hanson
Cowgirls: Women of the American West, by Teresa Jordan Karen S. Langlois
Land of the Burnt Thigh, by Edith Eudora Kohl;
Sand in My Eyes, by Seigniora Russell Laune
Margaret A. Lukens
The Women’s West, edited by Susan Armitage and Elizabeth Jameson Pamela R. Howell
Emily: The Diary of a Hard-Worked Woman, by Emily French Penelope Reedy
Traveling West: 19th Century Women on the Overland Route, by Martha Mitten Allen Ruth Alexander
The Blizzard Voices, by Ted Kooser Steven Pugmire
The Nearness of You, by Carolyn Kizer Dolph Corradino
The Enchanted Room, by Maurya Simon David A. Carpenter
Headlong, by James McKean Nancy Prothro Arbuthnot
Texasville, by Larry McMurtry Ann Ronald
Picture Bride, by Yoshiko Uchida Susan Sunada
Antelope Springs, by G. Clifton Wisler Perter Bischoff
The Haunted Mesa, by Louis L’Amour Robert L. Gale
























Spring 1988 (vol. 23, no. 1)

River of Paradox: John McPhee’s “The Encircled River” Philip G. Terrie
A. B. Guthrie’s Fair Land, Fair Land: A Requiem  Thomas W. Ford
Mary Austin and the Houghton Mifflin Company: A Case Study in the Marketing of a Western Writer Karen S. Langlois
Essay ReviewsReviewed By
The Woman at Otowi Crossing by Frank Waters  Charles L. Adams
A Literary History of the American West, sponsored by the Western Literature Association

John Milton

Books Reviewed Reviewed By
Wild Westerns: Stories from the Grand Pulps, edited by Bill Pronzini Edward C. Lynskey
Selling the Wild West: Popular Western Fiction, 1860-1960, by Christine Bold John D. Nesbitt
The Best of the West, by Joe R. Lansdale Kenneth W. Scott
Good-bye, Son and Other Stories, by Janet Lewis Deanna L. Kern Ludwin
The News of the World, by Ron Carlson Janet L. Jacobsen
Golden Days, by Carolyn See Charles L. Crow
The Earth Abideth, by George Dell Joseph J. Wydeven
Selected Letters of Raymond Chandler, edited by Frank MacShane Ernest Fontana
“The Tools of My Trade”: Annotated Books in Jack London’s Library, by David Mike Hamilton George H. Tweney
Jack London’s California: The Golden Poppy and Other Writings, edited by Sal Noto; With a Heart Full of Love: Jack London’s Presentation Inscriptions to the Women in His Life, edited by Sal Noto Earle Labor
Beats & Company: Portrait of a Literary Generation, by Ann Charters Richard Ardinger
The Beat Vision: A Primary Sourcebook, edited by Arthur and Kit Knight M. Gilbert Porter
The Silent Screen and My Talking Heart, by Nell Shipman Sharon Kahin
The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, August 30, 1803-August 24, 1804, Vol. II; and The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, August 25, 1804-April 6, 1805, Vol. III, both edited by Gary E. Moulton Rex E. Robinson
Escape from Death Valley, As Told by William Lewis Manley and Other ’49ers, edited by Leroy and Jean Johnson David Wellenbrock
Willa Cather: The Emerging Voice, by Sharon O’Brien;
Cather’s Kitchens: Foodways in Literature and Life,
by Roger L. and Linda K. Welsch, foreword by Susan J. Rosowski
George F. Day
A History of Steinbeck’s Cannery Row, by Tom MangesldorfRobert E. Morsberger
Classics of Texas Fiction, by James Ward Lee Lawrence Clayton
Land Fever: Dispossession and the Frontier Myth, by James M. Marshall Penelope Reedy
Stories from the Country of Lost Borders, by Mary Austin, edited by Marjorie PryseThomas W. Ford
Stories We Listened To, by John Haines Robert Hedin
The Men in My Life, by James D. Houston David A. Carpenter
Stephen Crane, by Bettina L. Knapp Donald E. Gribble
I See by My Get-Up, by Ron Querry Robert Murray Davis
Images of America: Travelers from Abroad in the New World, by Robert B. Downs Wayne R. Kime
The Desert Is No Lady: Southwestern Landscapes in Women’s Writing and Art, edited by Vera Norwood and Janice Monk Pamela R. Howell
Northwest Variety: Personal Essays by 14 Regional Authors, edited by Lex Runciman and Steven Sher; Owning It All, by William Kittredge  Carol S. Long
A Treasury of the Sierra Nevada, edited by Robert Leonard Reid Orvis Burmaster
Beyond Forget: Rediscovering the Prairies, by Mark Abley Peter Wild
In Condor Country, by David Darlington Gerald Haslam
The Vanishing White Man, by Stan Steiner Jack L. Davis
Last of the Breed, by Louis L’Amour Starr Jenkins
The Treble V: The Legacy of a Cattle Baron of the Old West, by R. Guild Gray John D. Nesbitt
Blood Moon, by K. Patrick Conner Gerald Haslam
The Man Who Rode Midnight, by Elmer KeltonLawrence Clayton
The Western Writer’s Handbook, edited by James L. Collins Dale L. Walker
Pieces of Map, Pieces of Music, by Robert Bringhurst;
The Nootka Rose,
by Sam Hamill
Steven Pugmire
Little Lucy’s Papa: A Story of Silverland, by Dan DeQuille/ William Wright Charlotte M. Wright

































Summer 1988 (vol. 23, no. 2)

Focus and Frame in Wright Morris’s The Works of Love Joseph J. Wydeven
Unity and Point of View in The Distant MusicRichard H. Corning
The Minimal WesternDon D. Walker
Grafting onto Her Roots: Jean Stafford’s “Woden’s Day”William Leary
Essay ReviewReviewed By
The Moccasin Telegraph and Other Tales, by W. P. KinsellaElizabeth Cook-Lynn
Book Reviews Reviewed By
Crossing to Safety, by Wallace StegnerRussell Burrows
Sam Shepard’s Metaphorical Stages, by Lynda Hart Jasbir Jain
Howard Hawks: A Jungian Study, by Clark Branson Mark Busby
Revolutionary Rexroth: Poet of East-West Wisdom by Morgan Gibson Steven Pugmire
Three Pacific Northwest Poets: William Stafford, Richard Hugo, and David Wagoner, by Sanford PinskerPaul Varner
Jack London: Adventures, Ideas, and Fiction, by James Lundquist Jeanne Campbell Reesman
Willa Cather: A Literary Life, by James Woodress Chapel Petty-Schmitt
Willa Cather in Person: Interviews, Speeches, and Letters, edited by L. Brent Bohlke Diane D. Quantic
On Mark Twain: The Best from American Literature, edited by Louis J. Budd and Edwin H. Cady Dorys Crow Grover
Frank Norris: Collected Letters, edited by Jesse S. Crisler Virgil Albertini
Zane Grey, Born to the West: A Reference Guide, by Kenneth W. Scott Gary Topping
Prairies Within, by Harold P. Simonson Arthur C. Huseboe
Western Writers Series No. 77-81:
Gerald Haslam,
by Gerald Locklin; Helen Hunt Jackson, by Rosemary Whitaker; Richard Brautigan, by Jay Boyer; Ole Edvart Rölvaag, by Ann Moseley; Lanford Wilson, by Mark Busby
Russell Burrows
The Short Stories of Fray Angelico Chavez, by Fray Angelico Chavez, edited by Genaro Padilla Robert Gish
Western Trails: A Collection of Short Stories by Mary Austin, edited by Melody Graulich Peter Wild
Griever: An American Monkey King in China, by Gerald Vizenor Dexter Westrum
Heart of a Western Woman, by Leslie Leek Durham Scott Preston
Prettyfields, by William Eastlake;
The Man Who Cultivated Fire and Other Stories, by Gerald Haslam  
Gerald I. Locklin     
Small Faces, by Gary Soto Gerald W. Haslam
Prize Stories: Texas Institute of Letters, edited and with an introduction by Marshall Terry David A. Carpenter
O. Henry’s Texas Short Stories, by O. Henry, edited by Marian McClintock and Michael Simms   Dick Heaberlin
The Interior Country: Stories of the Modern West, edited by Alexander Blackburn with Craig Lesley and Jill Landem Robert A. Roripaugh
A Beautiful, Cruel Country, by Eva Antonia Wilbur-Cruce Judy Nolte Lensink
Voices of a Place, by Gerald Haslam  Penelope Reedy
Unassigned Territory, by Kem Nunn Charles L. Crow
Ringer, by Marshall Terry James Ward Lee
Dancing at the Rascal Fair, by Ivan Doig  A. Carl Bredahl
Rats Alley, by John H. Irsfeld Lora K. Reiter
A Man in the Wheatfield, by Robert Laxalt Dorys Crow Grover
Wanderer Springs, by Robert Flynn  Jim Stull
Prose Sketches and Poems Written in the Western Country, by Albert Pike Robert D. Harper
Night Freight, by Clyde Rice  Dale L. Walker
Going Over East: Reflections of a Woman Rancher, by Linda M. Hasselstrom Kate Arneson
Plain Folk: A Commonplace of the Great Plains, by Jim Hoy and Tom Isern  George F. Day
At the Field’s End: Interviews with Twenty Pacific Northwest Writers, by Nicholas O’Connell  D. A. Hecker
Liquid City: Houston Writers on Houston, edited by Rita Saylors  Thomas W. Ford
Wingbone: Poetry from Colorado, edited by Janice Hays and Pamela Haines;
ity Kite on a Wire: 38 Denver Poets, edited by Ray Gonzalez  
Robert D. Harper
Marking the Magic Circle: An Intimate Geography, by George Venn Carol S. Long
The American West as Living Space, by Wallace E. Stegner C. L. Rawlins
Entrepreneurs of the Old West, by David Dary; The Legacy of Conquest: The Unbroken Past of the American West, by Patricia Nelson Limerick  Charles S. Peterson
Shrubs of the Great Basin: A Natural History, by Hugh N. Mozingo  Thomas J. Lyon
No Wild Dog Howled, by Bruce Embree  Scott Preston
To the Fierce Guard in the Assyrian Saloon, by Howard W. Robertson S. S. Moorty
Indian Country: America’s Sacred Land, by Tony Hillerman, photographs by Béla Kalman; Tarahumara: Where Night Is the Day of the Moon, by Bernard L. Fontana, photographs by John P. Schaefer  Jean T. Groulx
The Good Red Road, by Kenneth Lincoln with Al Logan Slagle Jack L. Davis
The Western Apache: Living with the Land before 1950, by Winfred Buskirk  Catherine S. Fowler
At Home in Texas: Early Views of the Land, by Robin W. Doughty  Lou Rodenberger
A Miner’s Christmas Carol, by Sam Davis  Charlotte S. McClure
Staying the Winter, by Nancy McCleery

Robert Hedin

















































Fall 1988 (vol. 23, no. 3)

The Myth of Quetzalcoatl in Contemporary Setting: Mythical Dimensions/Political Reality Rudolfo A. Anaya
The Problem of Knowledge in Jack London’s “The Water Baby”Jeanne C. Reesman
American Indians and German Indians: Perspectives of Doom in Cooper and May Martin Kuester
Essay ReviewReviewed By
One Life at a Time, Please, by Edward Abbey Donn Rawlings
Book Reviews Reviewed By
The Fall into Eden: Landscape and Imagination in California, by David Wyatt

Charles L. Crow

The Oregon Trail: Yesterday and Today; A Brief History and Pictorial Journey along the Wagon Tracks of Pioneers, by William E. Hill Patricia Ann Owens
Shooting Stars: Heroes and Heroines of Western Film, edited by Archie P. McDonald Jane Maddock
On Nature, edited by Daniel HalpernPaul Lehmberg
Reach of Tide, Ring of History, by Sam McKinneyDon Scheese
Words for the Wild: The Sierra Club Trailside Reader, A Sierra Club Totebook, edited by Ann Ronald Sanford E. Marovitz
A Trace of Desert Waters, by Samuel G. Houghton Nancy J. Warner
Aldo Leopold: The Man and His Legacy, edited by Thomas Tanner SueEllen Campbell
Desert Sanctuary, by Hank Messick Jim Harris
An Orange Grove Boyhood, by Lawrence Clark PowellGerald Haslam
Will James: The Life and Works of a Lone Cowboy, by William Gardner;
Ride for the High Points: The Real Story of Will James, by Jim Bramlett
Pamela Kay Kett
The Best Western Stories of Lewis B. Patten, edited by Bill Pronzini and Martin H. GreenbergAnn Ronald
The Vernacular Muse: The Eye and Ear in Contemporary Literature, by Dennis Cooley Bert Almon
Laura Ingalls Wilder: Growing Up in the Little House, by Patricia Reilly Giff Susan Naramore Maher
Time to Write: How William Sidney Porter Became O. Henry, by Trueman E. O’Quinn and Jenny Lind Porter James T. F. Tanner
Lost in West Texas, by Jim W. Corder Dick Heaberlin
Confessions of Johnny Ringo, by Geoff Aggeler Robert E. Morsberger
Murder by Impulse, by D. R. MeredithErnestine P. Sewell
The Train to Estelline, by Jane Roberts Wood

Ann Putnam

Exile in Alaska, by John Mitchell David A. Carpenter
The Oxtail Cocktail, by Shirley Hicks Janet L. Jacobsen
Shoshone Mike, by Frank Bergon Ann Ronald
Voces: Anthology of New Mexican Writers, edited by Rudolfo Anaya;
Klail City, by Rolando Hinojosa
Lourdes Torres
The Long Season, by Sam Brown Lawrence Clayton
The Adventures and Sufferings of John R. Jewitt, Captive of Maquinna, by John R. Jewitt Elizabeth Willis
Blessed McGill, by Edwin Shrake John T. Flanagan
Idaho+, Contemporary Poetry from the American WestJim Harris
Unremembered Country, by Susan Griffin   Lex Runciman
Utah’s Wasatch Front, by Ted Wilson Scott Cheney
Winter Count II, by Frederick ManfredMax Westbrook
Frames of Reference, by Richard Dauenhauer Scott Preston
Singing the Mozart Requiem, by Ingrid Wendt Paul Varner
cloudline: landscript visions of the far western eye, edited by Scott Preston Dave Engel
Lion’s Gate, Selected Poems 1963-1986, by Keith Wilson Jim Harris
Twilights and Chants, poems by Ray Gonzales Sam Hamill
Old Southwest/New Southwest: Essays on a Region and Its Literature, edited by Judy Nolte Lensink   Dorys Crow Grover
Masterpieces of the American West: Selections from the Anschutz Collection, by Elizabeth Cunningham Shelley Armitage
The Kingdom in the Country, by James Conoway Peter Wild
You Must Revise Your Life and An Oregon Message: Poems, both by William Stafford Keith Wilson
Curved Like an Eye, by George Perreault;
The Country of Here Below, by Wyn Cooper
William H. Green
The Exact Place, by Mary Ann Waters Harry Humes
Trace: Prairie Writers on Writing, edited by Birk Sproxton Robert Thacker
Hemingway, A Psychological Portrait, by Richard E. Hardy and John G. Cull Carl D. Cheney
European Perspectives on Hispanic Literature of the United States, edited by Genevieve Fabre; Chicana Creativity and Criticism: Charting New Frontiers in American Literature, edited by María Herrera-Sobek and Helena María Viramontes Ute Krauter
Haa Shuká. Our Ancestors: Tlingit Oral Narratives, edited by Nora Marks Dauenhauer and Richard Dauenhauer Suzanne Scollon
A Guide to Minnesota Writers, by Ron Barron Thomas Pribek
Robert Duncan, by Mark Andrew JohnsonPaul Varner
World Outside the Window: The Selected Essays of Kenneth Rexroth, edited by Bradford Morrow Bert Almon
Magpie Rising: Sketches from the Great Plains, by Merrill GilfillanPeter Wild
Utah Wildlands, by Stewart Aitchison

Russell Burrows

A Long Way to See: Images and Voices of North Dakota, compiled by Wayne Gudmundson and Michael Moos Patrick D. Morrow
Archaeological Insights into the Custer Battle, by Douglas D. Scott and Richard A. Fox Jr. Donald E. Gribble
Owen Wister’s West: Selected Articles, edited by Robert Murray Davis Coralie Beyers
Mayordomo: Chronicle of an Acequia in Northern New Mexico, by Stanley Crawford L. Mikel Vause
The New North, by Agnes Deans Cameron, edited by David Richeson Michael Peterman
Earth Fire: A Hopi Legend of the Sunset Crater Eruption, by Ekkehart Malotki with Michael Lomatuway’ma Mary McBride
Thunder in the Dust: Classic Images of Western Movies, photographs by John R. Hamilton; text by John Calvin Batchelor Lawrence Clayton
Madness in the Family, by William Saroyan Peter Wild
These and Other Lands: Stories from the Heartland, edited by Heartlands Fiction Collective Helen Winter Stauffer
In the Footsteps of John Wesley Powell: An Album of Comparative Photographs of the Green and Colorado Rivers, 1871-72 and 1968, by Hal G. Stephens and Eugene M. Shoemaker Jim Aton
Crossing Open Ground, by Barry Lopez Jim Aton





















































Winter 1989 (vol. 23, no. 4)

The Rise of Silas Lapham: The Western Dimension Martin Bucco
The Western Holdup Play: The Pilgrimage Continues Rudolf Erben
Annual Bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature Virgil R. Albertini
Research in Western American Literature 1987-1988 Jan Roush
Essay Review  
Rock and Hawk: A Selection of Shorter Poems by Robinson Jeffers, edited by Robert Hass; Robinson Jeffers and the Critics, 1912-1983: A Bibliography of Secondary Sources with Selective Annotations, by Jeanetta Boswell; Robinson Jeffers, Poet of California, by James Karman; The Enduring Voice: A Tor House Journal, by John Dotson. Robert J. Brophy
Books Reviewed Reviewed By
From Timberline to Tidepool: Contemporary Fiction from the Northwest, edited by Rich Ives Dan Whipple
Once a Legend, by Jack Cummings Bob J. Frye
The Graywolf Annual Four: Short Stories by Men, edited by Scott Walker Jerry R. Dickey
Big Horn Gunfighter; Long Henry; Wind River Kill; Wyoming Gunsmoke--all by Robert Kammen John D. Nesbitt
Dusk, by John Salter Peter Wild
Family Attractions, by Judith Freeman Janet L. Jacobsen
A Thief of Time, by Tony Hillerman Barbara Waters
Dan De Quille: Dive and Lazarus. Their Wanderings and Adventures in the Infernal Regions, edited and introduced by Lawrence I. Berkove Richard Dwyer
Prime Fathers, by Frederick Manfred George F. Day
Deadly Virtues, by Francois Camoin Susan Elizabeth Gunter
Big Sky, Fair Land: The Environmental Essays of A. B. Guthrie, Jr., edited by David Petersen Thomas W. Ford
California Childhood: Recollections and Stories of the Golden State, edited by Gary Soto Michael Kowalewski
The Pursuit of American Character, by Rupert Wilkinson Sam B. Girgus
A Sense of Place: The Life and Work of Forrest Shreve, by Janice Emily Bowers Peter Wild
Sailing to Corinth, by Irene Wanner John Purdy
Pound as Wuz, byJames Laughlin Michael Jennings
Larry McMurtry’s Texas: Evolution of the Myth, by Lera Patrick Tyler LichKate Arneson
The Letters of Malcolm Lowry and Gerald Noxom, 1940-1952, edited and with an introduction by Paul Tiessen with the assistance of Nancy Strobel Frances W. Kaye
Dallas Stories, by Marshall Terry James W. Byrd
Platte River Road Narratives: A Descriptive Bibliography of Travel over the Great Central Route to Oregon, California, Utah, Colorado, Montana, and Other Western States and Territories, 1812-1866, by Merrill J. Mattes, with a foreword by James A. Michener Wayne R. Kime
Rainbow’s End, by Genaro González; Schoolland, by Max Martínez; … y no se lo tragó la tierra / and the earth did not devour him, by Tomás Rivera Carl R. Shirley
The Adventures of Barney Tullus, by Don D. Walker Professor Tully Barnous
Black Ash, Orange Fire, Collected Poems 1959-1985, by William Witherup Charles H. Daughaday
Break the Mirror, by Nanao Sakaki Thomas J. Lyon

























Spring 1989 (vol. 24, no. 1)

Homecoming in the California Visionary Romance Charles L. Crow
An Interview with Ann Zwinger Paul W. Rea
Edward Abbey and Environmental Quixoticism Paul T. Bryant
Jim Burden and the Structure of My Ántonia John L. Selzer
Book Reviews Reviewed by:
Where I’m Calling From: New and Selected Stories, by Raymond Carver William Kittredge
Born Brothers, by Larry Woiwode Kenneth C. Mason
Anything for Billy, by Larry McMurtry Clay Reynolds
Tracks, by Louise Erdrich Suzanne Shane
Edward Warren, by William Drummond Stewart, edited by Bart Barbour Levi S. Peterson
The Day the Cisco Kid Shot John Wayne, by Nash Candelaria Patricia De La Fuente
Desperate Measures, by James Hannah Joseph M. Flora
The Homesman, by Glendon Swarthout Nancy Owen Nelson
A Little House Sampler, by Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rose Wilder Lane Ann Romines
The Art of Frank Norris, Storyteller, by Barbara Hochman
Frank Norris and The Wave: A Bibliography, by Joseph J. McElrath Jr.
Barbaranne Schuyler
The New Native American Novel: Works in Progress, edited by Mary Dougherty Bartlett Linda M. Hasselstrom
Pilgrim in the Sun, by C. L. Sonnichsen John R. Milton
Section Lines: A Manitoba Anthology, edited by Mark Duncan Reginald Dyck
Crossing the River, edited by Kristjana Gunnars Helen Beach Cannon
A Ruth Suckow Omnibus, by Ruth Suckow Roy W. Meyer
William Everson: The Life of Brother Antoninus,by Lee Bartlett David A. Carpenter
Sketches of California in the 1860s: The Journals of Jesus Maria Estudillo, edited and annotated by Margaret Schlichtmann  Malcolm Margolin
A Writer’s Eye: Field Notes and Watercolors, by Paul Horgan
Under the Sangre de Cristo, by Paul Horgan
A Certain Climate: Essays in History, Arts, and Letters, by Paul Horgan
Robert F. Gish
The Coyote: Defiant Songdog of the West, by Francois Leydet Margaret Pettis
The Collected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers, vol. 1: 1920-1928, edited by Tim Hunt
The Excesses of God: Robinson Jeffers as a Religious Figure, by William Everson
Patrick D. Murphy
Selected Poems 1938-1988, by Thomas McGrath Christopher Buckley
Amplitude: New and Selected Poems, by Tess Gallagher Lex Runciman
Skookum: An Oregon Pioneer Family’s History and Lore, by Shannon Applegate George Venn
Listening for Coyote: A Walk across Oregon’s Wilderness,by William L. Sullivan Glen A. Love
Worship of the Visible Spectrum,by Judith Skillman Ona Siporin
Willa Cather and France: In Search of the Lost Language, by Robert J. Nelson Margaret Doane
The Illustrated Dictionary of Western Literature, by Michael Legatt Charlotte M.Wright
Ranch Rodeos in West Texas,by Lawrence Clayton Kenneth W. Davis
The Letters of Jack London,edited by Earle Labor, Robert C. Leitz III and I. Milo Shepard Dale L. Walker
Lesser Evils: Ten Quartets,by Gary Soto Gerald Haslam
The Death of Jean-Paul Sartre and Other Poems, by Gerald Locklin
Children of a Lesser Demagogue, by Gerald Locklin
A Constituency of Dunces, by Gerald Locklin
James H. Maguire
Elements,by James Galvin Susan Elizabeth Gunter
Mezcal,by Charles Bowden Dick Kirkpatrick
The American West in Film: Critical Approaches to the Western, by Jon Tuska Jane Maddock

Summer 1989 (vol. 24, no. 2)

Bazarov, Prince Hal, and the Virginian Max Westbrook
Valuing Surface A. Carl Bredahl
Frank Waters’s The Lizard Woman and the Emergence of the Dawn Man Alexander Blackburn
Rethinking the Literary Review Charlotte M. Wright
Blue Plums and Smoke: Loren Eiseley’s Perception of Time Robert G. Franke
Essay Reviews:
Essay Review on Working Days: The Journals of The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, edited by Robert DeMott, and on The Harvest Gypsies: On the Road toThe Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, with an introduction by Charles Wollenberg James D. Houston
Book Reviews Reviewed by:
The History of the Sierra Club 1892-1970, by Michael P. Cohen Ann Ronald
Old Utah Trails, by William B. Smart Russell Burrows
Juanita Brooks: Mormon Woman Historian, by Levi S. Peterson, woodblock prints by Royden Card, foreword by Charles S. Peterson William Mulder
Dreamers and Defenders: American Conservationists, by Douglas H. Strong Peter Wild
From Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains: Major Stephen Long’s Expedition, 1819-1820, edited by Maxine Benson Dave Engel
Meditations with the Hopi, by Robert Boissiere
Meditations with the Navajo, by Gerald Hausman
Pamela Kay Kett
John C. Van Dyke. The Desert, by Peter Wild
D’Arcy McNickle, by James Ruppert
Kenneth Rexroth, by Lee Bartlett
Edward Dorn, by William McPheron
Ernest Haycox, by Richard W. Etulain
Connie White
Understanding Chicano Literature, by Carl R. Shirley and Paula W. Shirley Américo Paredes
John Steinbeck: A Study of Short Fiction, by R. S. Hughes John Ditsky
Frontier’s End, by Robert F. Gish Dick Heaberlin
The Witch of Goingsnake and Other Stories, by Robert J. Conley Julian Rice
How to Write Western Novels, by Matt Braun Michael T. Marsden
Nebraska, by Ron Hansen Kerry Ahearn
Faraway Places, by Tom Spanbauer James H. Maguire
The Wake of the General Bliss, by Edward Lueders Keith Wilson
Cactus Thorn, by Mary Austin, with a foreword and afterword by Melody Graulich Rae G. Ballard
Mamaw: A Novel of an Outlaw Mother, by Susan Dodd David Hecker
Trail of Tears: The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation, by John Ehle Robert E. Morsberger
Yellow Sun, Bright Sky: The Indian Country Stories of Oliver La Farge, edited with an introduction by David L. Caffey Louis Owens
Rough and Rowdy Ways: The Life and Hard Times of Edward Anderson, by Patrick Bennett Ernestine P. Sewell
Haunted by Home: The Life and Letters of Lynn Riggs, by Phyllis Cole Braunlich James H. Maguire
Writing to Survive: The Private Notebooks of Conrad Richter, edited by Harvena Richter Charles L. Adams
Journal of an Aleutian Year, by Ethel Ross Oliver Carolyn Servid
Idaho’s Poetry: A Centennial Anthology, edited by Ronald E. McFarland and William Studebaker James H. Maguire
Willie: An Autobiography, by Willie Nelson with Bud Shrake Richard Dwyer
Crossing the River: Poets of the Western United States, edited by Ray Gonzales  James R. Saucerman
Lima Beans and City Chicken: A Memoir of the Open Hearth, by Martina Durbin Robert E. Morsberger
Willa Cather and the Fairy Tale, by Marilyn Berg Callander Margaret Doane
From a Distant Place, by Don Carpenter David M. Fine
The Western Hero in Film and Television: Mass Media Mythology, by Rita Parks Paul Skenazy
Alaska: Reflections on Land and Spirit, edited by Robert Hedin and Gary Holthaus John A. Murray
Letters from the Southwest: September 20, 1884, to March 14, 1885, by Charles Lummis, edited by James W. Byrkit;
Some Strange Corners of Our Country: The Wonderland of the Southwest, by Charles Lummis
Peter Wild
Earthen Wayfarer. Selected Poems: 1972-1987, by Richard F. Fleck
The Abalone Heart, by Barbara Meyn
Deborah Clifford Gessaman
Blossoms & Bones: On the Life and Work of Georgia O’Keeffe, by Christopher Buckley Charles H. Daughaday
Literature and Belief, Willa Cather Issue, edited by John J. Murphy Dana Brunvand
Willa Cather Handbook, compiled by John March Dana Brunvand
Blood and Bones, poems by Clifton Snider Gerald Locklin
The Roundup Quarterly, edited by Judy Alter Dana Brunvand
Lady of No Man’s Land, by Jeanne Williams Marina Hall

Fall 1989 (vol. 24, no. 3)

The Land and Language of Desire: Where Deep Ecology and Post-Structuralism Meet SueEllen Campbell
Why Don’t They Write about Nevada? Ann Ronald
“The Frontier Myth” on Stage: From the Nineteenth Century to Sam Shepard’s True West Richard Wattenberg
Cadillac Larry Rides Again: McMurtry and the Song of the Open Road Janis P. Stout
Rølvaag’s “Roguish Smile” in Peder Victorious Dexter Martin
Essay Reviews:
Essay Review on The Terrible Threes, by Ishmael Reed, and on New and Collected Poems, by Ishmael Reed Steven Jeffrey Jones
Essay Review on Sam Chance, on The Brothers of Uterica, and on The White Man’s Road, all by Benjamin Capps Lou Rodenberger
Book Reviews Reviewed by:
Common Ground, by John Daniel Ona Siporin
Not Vanishing, by Chrystos Andrea Lerner
Emerald Ice, by Diane Wakoski Bill Baines
Pulling Leather: Being the Early Recollections of a Cowboy on the Wyoming Range, 1884-1889, by Reuben B. Mullins, edited and with an introduction by Jan E. Roush and Lawrence Clayton Robert A. Roripaugh
Literature & Lanscape: Writers of the Southwest, by Cynthia Farah Stephen Trimble
This Incomparable Lande. A Book of American Nature Writing, edited by Thomas J. Lyon Ann Ronald
Coyote’s Canyon, photographs by John Telford, text by Terry Tempest Williams Margaret Pettis
Baja Journey: Reveries of a Sea-Kayaker, by Robin Carey Rick Bass
A New Collection of Thomas Bangs Thorpe’s Sketches of the Old Southwest, by Thomas Bangs Thorpe, edited by David C. Estes Robert Dodge
Life in Alaska: The Reminiscence of a Kansas Woman, 1916-1919, by May Wynne Lamb, edited by Dorothy Wynne Zimmerman Carol Miles Petersen
Mexican-American Folkore, edited by John O. West Ramon Sanchez
EATS: A Folk History of Texas Foods, by Ernestine Sewell Linck and Joyce Gibson Roach Clay Reynolds
Cross a Wide River, by Paul R. Stevenson Jean C. Alhinc
South of the Border, by John Byrne Cooke Ann Putnam
Delia’s Song, by Lucha Corpi
Oddsplayer, by Joe Rodriguez
El Cóndor and Other Stories, by Sabine Ulibarri
Lourdes Torres
Chester’s Last Stand, by Richard E. Brown M. Gilbert Porter
Range Wars: Heated Debates, Sober Reflections, and Other Assesments of Texas Writing, edited by Craig Clifford and Tom Pilkington Charlotte M. Wright
The Last Best Place: A Montana Anthology, edited by William Kittredge and Annick Smith Nancy Prothro Arbuthnot
Misbegotten Muses: History and Anti-History, by Richard C. Poulsen Brian W. Dippie
American Women Writing Fiction, edited by Mickey Pearlman Shelley Armitage
Breaking Boundaries: Latina Writings and Critcal Readings, edited by Asunción Horno-Delgado, Eliana Ortega, Nina M. Scott, and Nancy Saporta Sternbach Patricia De La Fuente
A Life of William Inge: The Strains of Triumph, by Ralph F. Voss James F. Maguire
Downstream from Trout Fishing in America. A Memoir of Richard Brautigan, by Keith Abbott Floyd Salas
The Revolutionary Poet in The United States: The Poetry of Thomas McGrath, edited by Frederick C. Stern James McKenzie
Elmer Kelton and West Texas: A Literary Relationship, by Judy Alter Bob J. Frye

Winter 1990 (vol. 24, no. 4)

The Professor’s House: Cather, Hemingway, and the Chastening of American Prose Style Glen A. Love
Odd Exception or Mainstream Tradition: “The Shot” in Context Lawrence H. Martin Jr.
Huck among the Indians: Mark Twain and Richard Irving Dodge’s The Plains of the Great West and Their Inhabitants Wayne R. Kime
Annual Bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature Virgil R. Albertini
Research in Western American Literature: 1988-89 Jan Roush
Book Reviews Reviewed by:
Margaret Atwood, by Barbara Hill Rigney Helen Cannon
Selected One-Act Plays of Horton Foote, edited by Gerald C. Wood James H. Maguire
Frederic Remington—Selected Letters, edited by Allen P. Splete and Marilyn D. Splete Fred Erisman
Simon Ortiz, by Andrew Wiget
John Nichols, by Peter Wild
Dick Heaberlin
Willa Cather: Writing at the Frontier, by Jamie Ambrose Chapel Petty-Schmitt
Mother Earth: An American Story, by Sam D. Gill Barre Toelken
Gringos in Mexico, edited by Edward Simmen
The Children of the Sun: Mexican-Americans in the Literature of the United States, by Marcienne Rocard, translated by Edward G. Brown Jr.
Carl R. Shirley
Exploring Western Americana, by Austin E. Fife, edited by Alta Fife David H. Stanley
Fire on the Rim: A Firefighter’s Season at the Grand Canyon, by Stephen J. Pyne Don Scheese
Poets, Poems, Movements, by Thomas Parkinson Michael Jennings
No Name on the Bullet: A Biography of Audie Murphy, by Don Graham Clay Reynolds
Stephen Crane: A Study of the Short Fiction, by Chester L. Wolford Wendy Carse
James M. Cain, by Paul Skenazy David Fine
Maverick Writers, by S. Jean Mead John Milton
Siringo, by Ben E. Pingenot Roscoe L. Buckland
Tracks in the Snow: Essays by Colorado Poets, edited by Ray Gonzales Robert D. Harper
A Quilt of Words: Women’s Diaries, Letters & Original Accounts of Life in the Southwest, 1860-1960, by Sharon Niederman Judy Nolte Lensink
Son of Old Jules: Memoirs of Jules Sandoz, Jr., by Caroline Sandoz Pifer and Jules Sandoz Jr. Joseph J. Wydeven
Sisters of the Dream, by Mary Sojourner James B. Hemesath
Winterchill, by Ernest J. Finney Kerry Ahearn
No Resting Place, by William Humphrey Robert E. Morsberger
The Scapeweed Goat, by Frank Schaefer Clay Reynolds
The Best Western Stories of Loren D. Estleman, edited by Bill Pronzini and Martin H. Greenberg Michael T. Marsden
Of America East & West: Selections from the Writings of Paul Horgan, by Paul Horgan Robert F. Gish
Mattie, by Judy Alter James Ward Lee
A Charge of Angels, by L. D. Clark Rita Burleson Melendez

Spring 1990 (vol. 25, no. 1)

Wright Morris, Author in Hiding G. B. Crump
Wallace Stegner’s Version of Pastoral Russell Burrows
“Eastering”: Wallace Stegner’s Love Affair with Vermont in Crossing to Safety Jackson J. Benson
“The Lost Children” in James Welch’s The Death of Jim Loney Nora Barry
Essay Review:
Essay Review on Mr. Wahlquist in Yellowstone, by Douglas Thayer Eugene England
Essay Review on Yellow, by Anne Pitkin
Essay Review on All That Comes to Light, by Lisa Malinowski Steinman
George Venn
Book Reviews Reviewed by:
A New Path to the Waterfall, by Raymond Carver L. L. Lee
“Constantly Risking Absurditty”: The Writings of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, by Michael Skau Dan McLeod
The Washington 89, by George H. Tweney Lee Nash
The Island Within, by Richard Nelson Glen A. Love
Lizzie: The Letters of Elizabeth Chester Fisk, 1864-1893, edited by Rex C. Meyers Susanne George
Nuevos Pasos: Chicano and Puerto Rico Drama, edited by Nicolás Kanellos and Jorge A. Huerta
Necessary Theater: Six Plays About the Chicano Experience, edited by Jorge Huerta
Rudolf Erben
Growing Up with the Country: Childhood on the Far Western Frontier, by Elliot West Peter Wild
I, Jesse James, by James R. Ross Roscoe L. Buckland
Canoe Country, by Florence Page Jaques and illustrated by Francis Lee Jaques
Snowshoe Country, by Florence Page Jaques and illustrated by Francis Lee Jaques
Mary Ellen Ackerman
The Frontier Experience and the American Dream: Essays on American Literature, edited by David Mogen, Mark Busby, and Paul Bryant Robert F. Gish
The American West, by Michael P. Malone and Richard W. Etulain Wayne K. Hinton
The Checkerd Years, by Mary Dodge Woodward Jane S. Bakerman
War on War, by Lowell Jaeger C. L. Rawlins
An American Memory, by Eric Larsen Diane Dufva Quantic
The Watch, by Rick Bass Joan Sanders
In Bad Faith: The Dynamics of Deception in Mark Twain’s America, by Forrest G. Robinson Alan Gribben
The Harvest: Short Stories by Tomás Rivera, by Tomás Rivera, edited by Julián Olivares Patricia De La Fuente
Harvest: Contemporary Mormon Poems, editedby Eugene England and Dennis Clark Keith Atwater
How Many Horses, by David Romtvedt Ona Siporin
Letters from America: The Life and Times of O. E. Rølvaag, by Chris Craton and Tim Schwab Frederick Manfred
Any Single Loss, by Marine Robert Warden
The Signature of the Spiral, by Daniel Wells Schreck
Jim Harris
The Autobiography of Mildred Bennett, The Early Years: The Winter is Past, by Mildred Bennett Harold P. Simonson
Back Before the World Turned Nasty, by Pauline Mortensen Penelope Reedy
Joan Didion, by Mark Royden Winchell John Whalen-Bridge
Theodore Roethke, William Stafford, and Gary Snyder: The Ecological Metaphor as Transformed Regionalism, by Lars Nordstrom Bert Almon
Tony Hillerman, by Fred Erisman
David Wagoner, by Ron McFarland
Joseph Wood Krutch, by Paul N. Pavich
David Henry Hwang, by Douglas Street
John Graves, by Dorys Crow Grover
Jim Harris
Helen Hunt Jackson’s Colorado, edited by Katherine Scott Sturdevant Martin Bucco
Tripmaster Monkey: His Fake Book, by Maxine Hong Kingston Charles L. Crow
Recovering the Word: Essays on Native American Literature, edited by Brian Swann and Arnold Krupat John Whalen-Bridge
Desire: Selected Poems 1963-1987, by David Bromige C. L. Rawlins
Cowboy Culture: A Saga of Five Centuries, by David Dary Blake Allmendinger
New Ground: Western American Narrative and the Literary Canon, by A. Carl Bredahl, Jr. James H. Maguire
The Heirs of Franklin Woodstock, by Benjamin Capps Robert A. Roripaugh
The Grapes of Wrath: Trouble in the Promised Land, by Louis Owens Robert DeMott
The Great Prairie Fact and Literary Imagination, by Robert Thacker Roy W. Meyer
Pasó por Aqui: Critical Essays on the New Mexican Literary Imagination, 1542-1988, edited by Erlinda Gonzales-Berry Carl L. Shirley
As Far As I Can See: Contemporary Writing of the Middle Plains, edited by Charles L. Woodward. Illustrated by Robert L. Hanna Robert C. Steensma
Death Valley Lore,edited by Richard E. Lingdenfelter and Richard A. Dwyer Mary Ellen Ackerman

Summer 1990 (vol. 25, no. 2)

The New Historicism and the Old West Forrest G. Robinson
Margaret Fuller, an Engendered West, and Summer on the Lakes Susan J. Rosowski
Casting Flies and Recasting Myths with Norman Maclean  Helen Lojek
The Night John Wayne Danced with Shirley Temple Max Westbrook
Book Reviews Reviewed by:
Red Line, by Charles Bowden Jim Harris
Keep The Change, by Judith Henry Wall Dorys Crow Grover
Ghost Dancing, by James Magnuson Barbara Waters
Prior Convictions, by Dave Hickey Clay Reynolds
Windfall and Other Stories, by Winifred M. Sanford Bob J. Frye
Lasting Attachments, by Annette Sanford D. L. Wright
The Admirations, by Lex Runciman James R. Saucerman
Mapping the Distance, by Alicia Hokanson Ann Putnam
The Ripening Light: Selected Poems 1977-1987, by Lucile Adler James R. Saucerman
The Collected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers, vol. 2: 1928-1938, edited by Tim Hunt Patrick D. Murphy
The Night Hank Williams Died: A Play in Two Acts with Incidental Music, by Larry L. King Clay Reynolds
Headed Upstrem: Interviews with Iconoclasts,by Jack Loeffler  Jack Turner
Major Canadian Authors. Second Edition, Revised and Expanded, by David Stouck Michael Peterman
My Ántonia: The Road Home, by John J. Murphy David Stouck
In a Far Country: Jack London’s Tales of the West, edited by Dale Walker Howard Lachtman
Critical Essays on Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath”, edited by John Ditsky Robert S. Hughes, Jr. 
Looking for Steinbeck’s Ghost, by Jackson J. Benson R.S. Hughes
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: Rising to Heroism, by M. Gilbert Porter Mark Busby
Natives in Exile, by Dirk Harman Peter Wild
Writing Natural History, edited by Edward Lueders Ann Ronald
Thomas Berger, by Brooks Landon L. L. Lee
The Journals of Lewis and Clark, edited and with an introduction by Frank Bergon Marina Hall
Resist Much, Obey Little: Some Notes on Edward Abbey, edited by James Hepworth and Gregory McNamee Dana Brunvand

Fall 1990 (vol. 25, no. 3)

Revaluing Nature: Toward An Ecological Criticism  Glen A. Love
A Western Sun Sets in the East: The Five “Appearances” Surrounding John C. Van Dyke’s The Desert Peter Wild
“The Picture Written in the Dirt”: The Old and New West in Dan O’Brien’s Spirit of the Hills Tim Poland
Book Reviews Reviewed by:
Pastoral in Antebellum Southern Romance, by Jan Bakker J. F. Kobler
The Plains of North American and Their Inhabitants, by Richard Irving Dodge, edited by Wayne R. Kime Diane Quantic
Beyond the Frontier. Writers, Western Regionalism and a Sense of Place, by Harold P. Simonson Peter Bischoff
A Story that Stands Like a Dam, by Russell Martin Dick Kirkpatrick
Preserving the Game, by J. R. Jones Kevin Holdsworth
The Good Red Road: Passages into Native America, by Kenneth Lincoln with Al Logan Slagle Tim Poland
The Sagebrush Ocean: A Natural History of the Great Basin, by Stephen Trimble Steven R. Simms
A Guide to Exploring Oak Creek and the Sedona Area, by Stewart Aitchison Russell Burrows
Seasonal: A Life Outside, by Ed Engle Peter Wild
Home is the Heart, by Roberta Gibson Marie M. Schein
Monterey in 1786: The Journals of Jean Francois La Perouse, edited by Malcolm Margolin W. H. Hutchinson
Libby, The Alaskan Diaries and Letters of Libby Beaman, 1879-1880, a presented by her Granddaughter Betty John, edited by Betty John Terrence Cole
American Indian Autobiography, by H. David Brumble III Alanna Kathleen Brown
Ancestral Voice: Conversations with N. Scott Momaday, by Charles L. Woodward Pamela Kay Kett
Trail: the stroy of the lewis & clark expedition (sic), by Louis Charbonneau George H. Tweney
Some Can Whistle, by Larry McMurtry Judith Hagan
Caverns, by O.U. Levon, with introduction by Ken Kesey Bill D. Toth
The Sounds of Rescue, The Signs of Hope, by Robert Flynn. Introduction by Robert Flynn, Afterword by Fred Erisman Max Westbrook
Bulow Hammock: Mind in a Forest, by David Rains Wallace Sean O’Grady
The Wedding, by Mary Helen Ponce Rita Burleson Melendez
The End of Nature, by Bill McKibben Thomas J. Lyon 
Hollywood, by Charles Bukowski Janis Helbert
Greetings from Wisdom, Montana, by Ruth Rudner Kerry Ahearn
Coming of Age in California, by Gerald Haslam Gary Soto
Boomer: Railroad Memoirs, by Linda Niemann Thomas Madden
Democracy and the Novel: Popular Resistance to Classic Writers, by Henry Nash Smith Charles H. Adams
The Sun Is But a Morning Star: Studies in West Coast Poetics, by Lee Bartlett Bert Almon
Theodore Roethke’s Far Fields--The Evolutions of His Poetry, by Peter Balakian Nancy McCleery
The Sacred Hoop: Recovering the Feminine in American Indian Traditions, by Paula Gunn Allen Wayne Ude
The Singing Spirit: Early Short Stories by North American Indians, edited by Bernd C. Peyer Wayne Ude
A Farm Under a Lake, by Martha Bergland Diane Dufva Quantic
Oil Notes, by Rick Bass Dick Kirkpatrick
The Selected Letters of Frederick Manfred, 1931-1954, edited by Arthur R. Husboe and Nancy Owen Nelson Gary Topping
Line of Fall, by Miles Wilson Robert F. Gish
Stories of the Early American West, edited by Peter Bischoff Wayne R. Kime
a/long prairie lines: An Anthology of Long Prairie Poems, edited by Daniel S. Lenoski James McKenzie
The Breaking Edge, by Michael Umphrey Deborah Clifford Gessaman
The Droning Shaman, by Nora Marks Dauenhauer Carolyn Servid
Mourning Dove: A Salishan Autobiography, by Mourning Dove, edited by Jay Miller Charles Ballard
For Earth’s Sake: The Life and Times of David Brower, by David Brower Peter Wild
No Woman Tenderfoot: Florence Merriam Bailey, Pioneer Naturalist, by Harriet Kofalk Nancy J. Warner
Self-Portrait: Ceaselessly Into the Past, by Ross Macdonald. Foreword by Eudora Welty Kenneth C. Mason
California, An Interpretive History, by Walton Bean and James J. Rawls Gerald Haslam
I Returned and Saw Under the Sun: Pedre Martínez of Taos, by E. A. Mares Rudolf Erben
Flowers of Desire, by Frederick Manfred
No Fun on Sunday, by Frederick Manfred
Dexter Martin
Talking God, by Tony Hillerman Thomas W. Ford
A Long Road Home: Journeys through American’s Present in Search of America’s Past, by Geoffrey O’Gara Becky Jo Gesteland
The Basque Hotel, by Robert Laxalt Bill Baines
Mark Twain’s Letters, Volume 2: 1867-1868, edited by Harriet Elinor Smith and Richard Bucci Alan Griben

Winter 1991 (vol. 25, no. 4)

Frederick Manfred’s The Golden Bowl: Myth and Reality in the Dust Bowl Diane Dufva Quantic
Echoes, Allusions, and “Reality” in Hayduke Lives! Paul T. Bryant
Annual Bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature Virgil R. Albertini
Research in Western American Literature: 1989-90 Jan Roush
Book Reviews Reviewed by:
The Best of the West 2: New Short Stories from the Wide Side of the Missouri, edited by James Thomas and Denise Thomas Alexander Blackburn
The Hero Trilogy, by Mark Medoff David Weamer
Time Pieces: Photographs, Writing,and Memory, by Wright Morris Joseph J. Wydeven
Baptism of Desire, by Louise Erdrich Nancy Prothro Arbuthnot
Ross MacDonald, by Bernard A. Schopen Robert Merrill
Entering A Life, by Ernesto Trejo
Who Will Know Us?, by Gary Soto
Christopher Buckley
Coyote in the Mountains, by John Rember Scott Preston
That Constant Coyote: California Stories, by Gerald W. Haslam Janis Helbert
Three Coyote Tales, by Wayne Ude Sam Hamill
The Testimony of Mr. Bones, by Olive Ghiselin Susan E. Gunter
California Gold, by John Jakes Karen S. Langlois
Hayduke Lives!, by Edward Abbey Starr Jenkins
CW2, by Layne Heath Clay Reynolds
Buffalo Nickel,by C. W. Smith Clay Reynolds
New Poems: 1980-1988, by John Haines L. L. Lee
Men at Work, by Bill Witherup Charles H. Daughaday
Disturbances, by Elio Emiliano Ligi Charles H. Daughaday
A Dragon in the Clouds, by Sam Hamill
Basho’s Ghost, by Sam Hamill
Richard Bodner
Fred Giposon At Work, by Glen E. Lich Lee Schultz
Willa Cather: Double Lives, by Hermione Lee Joan Wylie Hall
The Humanization of Willa Cather: Classicism in an American Classic, by Erik Ingvar Thurin Donna Maples
Innocence, Loss, and REcovery in the Art of Joan Didion, by Michelle Carbone Loris Helen Beach Cannon


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