Tables of Contents

2005–Winter 2010

Spring 2005 (vol. 40, no. 1)

Crossing the Frontier: Hollow Men, Modernist Militias, and Mixedblood Mimesis in Louis Owens’s Dark River Stuart Christie 
The Argonauts of ’49: Class, Gender, and Partnership in Bret Harte’s West  Matthew A. Watson
Seeing a Corner of the Sky in Gary Snyder’s Mountains and Rivers without End  Julia Martin
Authenticity, the West, and Literature Lee Clark Mitchell
Margaret Bell, When Montana and I Were Young: A Frontier Childhood and 
Mary Clearman Blew and Imogene Welch, Writing Her Own Life: Imogene Welch, Western Rural Schoolteacher
Evelyn I. Funda
Dean Rader and Janice Gould, eds., Speak to Me Words: Essays on Contemporary American Indian Poetry Angie Kritenbrink 
Laurie Ricou, The Arbutus/Madrone Files: Reading the Pacific Northwest John Cleman
Carol J. Williams, Framing the West: Race, Gender, and the Photographic Frontier in the Pacific Northwest and Mary Murphy, Hope in Hard Times: New Deal Photographs of Montana, 1936-1942 Lisa MacFarlane
Char Miller, Gifford Pinchot and the Making of Modern Environmentalism  Corey Lewis
Joy Passanante, My Mother’s Lovers Jane Varley
John A. Byers, Built for Speed: A Year in the Life of Pronghorn Ben Quick
Eric L. Clements, After the Boom in Tombstone and Jerome, Arizona:Decline in Western Resource Towns Robert Murray Davis
Dwight M. Miller, ed., Laura Ingalls Wilder and the American Frontier: Five Perspectives Laura Cuozzo
Alexander Huber and Heinz Zak, Yosemite: Half a Century of Dynamic Rock Climbing Mikel Vause

Summer 2005 (vol. 40, no. 2) 

America Is a Diet Pepsi: Sherman Alexie’s Reservation Blues  Blythe Tellefsen
Closure in Mark Spragg’s Where Rivers Change Direction Brian Dillon
“Discovering” New Talent: 
Charles F. Lummis’s Conflicted Mentorship of Sui Sin Far, Sharlot Hall, and Mary Austin 
Joe Staples
F. Marina Schauffler, Turning to Earth: Stories of Ecological Conversion John Tallmadge
Linda Lawrence Hunt, Bold Spirit: Helga Estby’s Forgotten Walk across Victorian America Brandon R. Schrand
Jacquelyn Kilpatrick, ed., Louis Owens: Literary Reflections on His Life and Work David Mogen 
Seth Kantner, Ordinary Wolves  Eric Heyne
Michael Sowder, The Empty Boat: Poems Theodore Haddin
Devon Abbott Mihesuah, Indigenous American Women: Decolonization, Empowerment, Activism Patrice Hollrah
Melody Graulich and Stephen Tatum, eds., Reading The Virginian in the New West Christine Bold
Sanora Babb, Whose Names Are Unknown Douglas Wixson
Vickie Leigh Krudwig, Searching for Chipeta: The Story of a Ute and Her People Jennifer Eastman Attebery
Richard V. Francaviglia, Believing in Place: A Spiritual Geography of the Great Basin Edgar H. Thompson
Lawrence Coates, The Master of Monterey Lois Ann Goossen
Sean Belanger, Savage Mountain: A Novel of the Yosemite Scott Herring
Kent Nelson, Land That Moves, Land That Stands Still Diane D. Quantic
Kent Meyers, The Work of Wolves David Cremean

Scott Herring, Lines on the Land: Writers, Art, and the National Parks

Richard Grusin, Culture, Technology, and the Creation of America’s National Parks

Brooke Ann Smith

Fall 2005 (vol. 40, no. 3)

It’s About Time Somebody Out Here Wrote the Truth:
Betty Bard MacDonald and North/Western Regionalism
Beth Kraig
Western Myth and the End of History in the Novels of Douglas Coupland
William H. Katerberg
E-race-d Presences in The Life and Adventures of Nat Love Kenneth Speirs
Plenary Houston 2003:  
The Role of Place in Mexican American Culture
José Aranda
A Border Life by the Book
Ramón Saldívar
Mujeres Testimoniando: No Neutral Position
Sonia Saldívar-Hull
Presentation of the 2003 Distinguished Achievement Award
Krista Comer
Three Bicentennial Perspectives on Lewis and Clark
Jason Williams
Kevin Starr, Coast of Dreams: California on the Edge, 1990-2003 Charles L. Crow
John Price, Not Just Any Land: A Personal and Literary Journey into the American Grassland Matthew Cella
Quintard Taylor and Shirley Ann Wilson Moore, eds., African American Women Confront the West, 1600–2000 Michael K. Johnson
Terry Tempest Williams, The Open Space of Democracy Tara Penry
Rigoberto González, Crossing Vines: A Novel

Daniel R. Martinez
Nathaniel Lewis, Unsettling the Literary West: Authenticity and Authorship Jefferson D. Slagle
Jeff Karem, The Romance of Authenticity: The Cultural Politics of Regional and Ethnic Literatures David A. Allred
Edward F. Ricketts, Renaissance Man of Cannery Row: The Life and Letters of Edward F. Ricketts.Ed. by Katherine A. Rodger Michael J. Meyer

James Ward Lee, Adventures with a Texas Humanist

Robert Murray Davis
Creating an Indian Place on the American Mall: National Museum of the American Indian

Reginald B. Dyck

Winter 2006 (vol. 40, no. 4) 

Special Issue: Working-Class Literature of the American West
Special Issue Editor Renny Christopher
The Pacific Northwest and the Post-Colonial Imagination:
Robert Cantwell’s The Hidden Northwest
John Trombold
Dana Gioia Is Wrong about Cowboy Poetry
Barney Nelson
Thomas McGrath, T. S. Eliot, and the Commissars of Culture Ian Peddie
“We Almost Killed Ourselves with Rage”:
Working-Class Lives in Recent American Writing
Wendell Ricketts
The New West in Contemporary Western Working-Class Poetry: 1990–2005 Julia Stein
Mark Dean Johnson, ed.,
At Work: The Art of California Labor
M. Elizabeth Boone
Wendell Ricketts, ed.,
Everything I Have Is Blue: Short Fiction by Working-Class Men
about More or Less Gay Life
Gerald Haslam

Janet Zandy,
Hands: Physical Labor, Class, and Cultural Work
Vanessa Hall
Paul Buhle and Nicole Schulman, eds.,
WOBBLIES! A Graphic History of the Industrial Workers of the World
Martha A. Sandweiss
Joel Daehnke,
In the Work of Their Hands Is Their Prayer: Cultural Narrative and Redemption on the American Frontiers, 1830–1930
Jenny Emery Davidson
Annie Proulx,
Bad Dirt: Wyoming Stories 2
Jenny Whisenhunt
Richard Logsdon, Todd Scott Moffett, and Tina D. Eliopulos, eds.,
In the Shadow of the Strip: Las Vegas Stories
Heather Robison
Martin Padget,
Indian Country: Travels in the American Southwest, 1840–1935
Sara L. Spurgeon
Tracy Daugherty,
Five Shades of Shadow
Neil P. Baird
Diana Lindsay, ed.,
Marshal South and the Ghost Mountain Chronicles: An Experiment in Primitive Living
Thomas J. Lyon

Spring 2006 (vol. 41, no. 1) 

“She and I Are Molecules”: The Disabled Body in Denise Chávez’s
The Last of the Menu Girls
Elizabeth J. Wright
Home on the Fringe:“Western” Autobiography, 1936–1937
Cathryn Halverson
Jack London’s “South of the Slot” and William James’s “The Divided Self and the Process of Its Unification” Patrick K. Dooley
Western Women’s Biographies
Susan Armitage
Luis Humberto Crosthwaite, John William Byrd, and Bobby Byrd, eds., Puro Border: Dispatches, Snapshots & Graffiti from La Frontera Megan Sibbett Inclán
Katherine R. Chandler and Melissa A. Goldthwaite, eds.,
Surveying the Literary Landscapes of Terry Tempest Williams: New Critical Essays
David Messmer
Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Crux: A Novel, ed. and with an intro. by Jennifer S. Tuttle and
Charlotte Perkins Gilman,The Crux, with an intro. by Dana Seitler
Randi Tanglen
SueEllen Campbell, Even Mountains Vanish: Searching for Solace in an Age of Extinction Angela Waldie
Leonard Engel, ed., Sam Peckinpah’s West: New Perspectives Brian McCuskey
O. Alan Weltzien and Susan N. Maher, eds., Coming into McPhee Country: John McPhee and the Art of Literary Nonfiction Paul Bogard
Jim Kitses, Horizons West: Directing the Western from John Ford to Clint Eastwood Leonard Engel
Ladette Randolph, ed., A Different Plain: Contemporary Nebraska Fiction Writers Becky Faber
Peter Donahue and John Trombold, eds.,
Reading Seattle: The City in Prose
O. Alan Weltzien
Gary Ferguson, The Great Divide: The Rocky Mountains in the American Mind Ben Quick
David Gessner, Sick of Nature Robert Murray Davis
Sylvia Ann Grider and Lou Halsell Rodenberger, eds.,
Let’s Hear It: Stories by Texas Women Writers
Carmen Pearson
Paul S. Piper and Stan Tag, eds., Father Nature: Fathers as Guides to the Natural World Sarah Vause

Summer 2006 (vol. 41, no. 2) 

From the Editor
Melody Graulich
Remedial Aesthetics
Nathaniel Lewis
Spectral Beauty and Forensic Aesthetics in the West
Stephen Tatum
Engaging the Politics and Pleasures of Indigenous Aesthetics
Chadwick Allen
Moving Stories:
Visualization, Mise-en-scène, and Native American Fiction

John Purdy
The Arrival of Regions: The Blackwell
Companion to the Regional Literatures of America
Jeremy Wells
Stephanie LeMenager,
Manifest and Other Destinies: Territorial Fictions
of the Nineteenth-Century United States
Nicole Tonkovich
Jane Varley, Flood Stage and Rising
Thomas Fox Averill, Ordinary Genius
Jennifer Henderson
Deborah Paes De Barros, Fast Cars and Bad Girls:
Nomadic Subjects and Women’s Road Stories
Stephanie LeMenager
Martin Bucco,
Sinclair Lewis as Reader and Critic
Sanford E. Marovitz
Michael K. Johnson, Black Masculinity
and the Frontier Myth in American Literature
Kathryn West
Amelia María de la Luz Montes and Anne Elizabeth Goldman, eds.,
María Amparo Ruiz de Burton: Critical and Pedagogical Perspectives
María C. González
Robert Murray Davis, The Ornamental Hermit:
People and Places of the New West
Neil Campbell
Linda M. Hasselstrom, Gaydell Collier, and Nancy Curtis, eds.,
Crazy Woman Creek: Women Rewrite the American West
Beth Kalikoff
Bernard DeVoto, DeVoto’s West: History, Conservation,
and the Public Good, ed. by Edward K. Muller
Charles Waugh
Cathryn Halverson, Maverick Autobiographies:
Women Writers and the American West 1900–1936
Jennifer Dawes Adkison
David Axelrod, Troubled Intimacies: A Life in the Interior West
and John Daniel, Rogue River Journal: A Winter Alone
Kathleen Boardman
Charles Bowden, A Shadow in the City:
Confessions of an Undercover Drug Warrior
David Cremean
Roberta Price, Huerfano: A Memoir of Life in the Counterculture

Robert Murray Davis

Fall 2006 (vol. 41, no. 3) 

The Riddle of Ghost Towns in the Environmental Imagination
Cheryll Glotfelty
All the Pretty Horses:
Cormac McCarthy’s Reading of For Whom the Bell Tolls
Dennis Cutchins
Embodying the Indian:
Rethinking Blood, Culture, and Identity in James Welch’s
Winter in the Blood and The Death of Jim Loney
Christopher Nelson
“The Like of Which Is Found Nowhere Else in All the World”:
Placing and Imagining an African American West
Michael K. Johnson
Rick Van Noy,
Surveying the Interior: Literary Cartographers and the Sense of Place
Kent C. Ryden
Brewster E. Fitz, Silko: Writing Storyteller and Medicine Woman
Joshua Dolezal
Philip J. Deloria, Indians in Unexpected Places
Nancy Cook
Maureen Konkle, Writing Indian Nations: Native Intellectuals
and the Politics of Historiography, 1827–1863

Nicole Tonkovich
Jennifer Henderson, Settler Feminism and Race Making in Canada
Connie Brim
Elvira Pulitano, Toward a Native American Critical Theory
Gregory Wright
Mary Cimarolli, The Bootlegger’s Other Daughter
Angie Kritenbrink

Lauren Coodley, ed.,
The Land of Orange Groves and Jails: Upton Sinclair’s California
Terry Beers, ed.,
Gunfight at Mussel Slough: Evolution of a Western Myth

Lawrence Coates
David J. Wishart, ed.,
Encyclopedia of the Great Plains
Brian W. Dippie

Daniel J. Philippon, Conserving Words:
How American Nature Writers Shaped the Environmental Movement

Terre Satterfield and Scott Slovic, eds., What’s Nature Worth?
Narrative Expressions of Environmental Values

Jim Dwyer
Shilpa Davé, LeiLani Nishime, and Tasha G. Oren, eds.,
East Main Street: Asian American Popular Culture
Joel Miyasaki
Joel Pfister,
Individuality Incorporated: Indians and the Multicultural Modern
Linda Lizut Helstern
Dayton O. Hyde,
The Pastures of Beyond: An Old Cowboy Looks Back at the Old West
Stephen Cook

Winter 2007 (vol. 41, no. 4)

Under the Neon Worm: Ideological Consciousness and Code Switching in Juan Felipe Herrera’s Border-Crosser with a Lamborghini Dream
John Wegner
How the West Was Whitened: “Racial” Difference on Cather’s Prairie
Jean C. Griffith
The Mythology of the Buffalo Commons in Proulx’s That Old Ace in the Wall and King’s Truth & Bright Water
Matthew J. C. Cella
Disappearing Fathers and Domineering Mothers:
Biography in the Canadian West
Dick Harrison
Kathleen A. Boardman and Gioia Woods, eds.,
Western Subjects: Autobiographical Writing in the North American West
Judy Nolte Temple
Marilee Lindemann, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Willa Cather
Janis P. Stout, Willa Cather and Material Culture: Real-World Writing, Writing the Real World
Evelyn I. Funda
Lisa Lenard-Cook, Coyote Morning
Rudolfo Anaya, Serafina’s Stories
Andrea Tinnemeyer
Jonathan Johnson,
Hannah and the Mountain: Notes Toward a Wilderness Fatherhood
Sanford E. Marovitz
Don Lago,
On the Viking Trail: Travels in Scandinavian America
Jennifer Eastman Attebery
Sharon Butala, Lilac Moon
Megan Riley McGilchrist
W. K. Stratton,
Chasing the Rodeo: On Wild Rides and Big Dreams, Broken Hearts and Broken Bones, and One Man’s Search for the West
Liz Stephen
Mary Clearman Blew and Phil Druker, eds.,
Forged in Fire: Essays by Idaho Writers
Brandon Schrand
Chelsea Blackbird and Barney Nelson, eds.,
Mary Austin’s Southwest: An Anthology of Her Literary Criticism
Sara Spurgeon
David Strohmaier,
Drift Smoke: Loss and Renewal in a Land of Fire
Sheldon Lawrence
Ron Powers, Mark Twain: A Life
Charles Crow
Aaron Abeyta, As Orion Falls Wayne Sheldrake

Spring 2007 (vol. 42, no. 1)

Winning the West in Jimmy Santiago Baca’s Black Mesa Poems
Bernard Quetchenbach
Looking at the Big Picture: Percival Everett’s Western Fiction
Michael K. Johnson
“Ineffectual Chase”: Indians, Prairies, Buffalo, and the Quest for the Authentic West in Washington Irving’s A Tour on the Prairies
Mark K. Burns
Alan Williamson, Westernness: A Meditation
Diane Quantic
Sara L. Spurgeon, Exploding the Western: Myths of Empire on the Postmodern Frontier
Dan Moos, Outside America: Race, Ethnicity, and the Role of the American West in National Belonging
Patrick J. Walsh
Jessica G. Rabin, Surviving the Crossing: (Im)migration, Ethnicity, and Gender in Willa Cather, Gertrude Stein, and Nella Larsen; Lionel Rolfe, The Uncommon Friendship of Yaltah Menuhin and Willa Cather
Matthew Lavin
Thomas H. Pauly, Zane Grey: His Life, His Adventures, His Women
David Fenimore
Brian McGinty, The Oatman Massacre: A Tale of Desert Captivity and Survival
Wendy Witherspoon
Lawrence Buell, The Future of Environmental Criticism: Environmental Crisis and Literary Imagination
Nathan C. Crook
Rose Castillo Guilbault, Farmworker’s Daughter: Growing Up Mexican in America
Melissa Bowles
Verne Huser, ed., River Reflections: A Collection of River Writings
Katherine Fischer
Ken Egan Jr., Hope and Dread in Montana Literature
Vanessa Hall
Gail Caldwell, A Strong West Wind
Edith B. Vandervoort
Stephen R. Jones, The Last Prairie: A Sandhills Journal
Sarah Hulme Hill
Lesley Poling-Kempes, Ghost Ranch Rod Streng
Jim Reese, These Trespasses Susan Naramore Maher
Jackson J. Benson, The Ox-Bow Man: A Biography of Walter Van Tilburg Clark Joseph M. Flora
Doug Peacock and Andrea Peacock, The Essential Grizzly: The Mingled Fates of Men and Bears Sarah E. McFarland
Susan Lang, Juniper Blue
Nancy Owen Nelson
Andrew Wingfield, Hear Him Roar: A Novel Harriet Rafter
Peter C. Rollins and John E. O’Connor, eds., Hollywood’s West: The American Frontier in Film, Television, & History;Angela Aleiss, Making the White Man’s Indian: Native Americans and Hollywood Movies Robert Murray Davis

Summer 2007 (vol. 42, no. 2)

Sight in the Sound: Seeing and Being Seen in The Lone Ranger Radio Show
Chadwick Allen
Against Nostalgia: Turning the Page of Cormac McCarthy’s Cities of the Plain
Trenton Hickman
Bringing Contexts Closer: James Welch Rewrites Elio Vittorini’s In Sicily

Roberta Orlandini
A New Day in the Study of Western Women’s Experience: Who’ll Follow?
Susan H. Swetnam

J. Scott Bryson, The West Side of Any Mountain: Place, Space, and Ecopoetry
W. T. Pfefferle, Poets on Place: Interviews & Tales from the Road

Laurie Ricou
Albert L. Hurtado, John Sutter: A Life on the North American Frontier
David Fenimore
Liza J. Nicholas, Becoming Western: Stories of Culture and Identity in the Cowboy State
Sara Humphreys
Carl Abbott, Frontiers Past and Future: Science Fiction and the American West
David Mogen
Lee Rozelle, Ecosublime: Environmental Awe and Terror from New World to Oddworld
Nicholas Lawrence
Terry Gifford, Reconnecting with John Muir: Essays in Post-Pastoral Practice
Jeffrey Mathes McCarthy
Arthur J. Bachrach, D. H. Lawrence in New Mexico: “The Time Is Different There”
Earl Ganz
Peter Richardson, American Prophet: The Life & Work of Carey McWilliams
Forrest G. Robinson
W. Scott Olsen, At Speed: Traveling the Long Road between Two Points
Kathe Lison
Ann Ronald, Oh, Give Me a Home: Western Contemplations
Mary Clearman Blew
Alberto Ríos, The Theater of Night
Maria Melendez

Fall 2007 (vol. 42, no. 3)

Casa Grande, the Ruin of Expectations
Ann E. Lundberg
My Ántonia and the Making of the Great Race
Linda Lizut Helstern
Imagining Bigfoot
Gregory L. Morris
The Languages of Landscape: Contemporary Writing from the West
Susan Naramore Maher

José R. López Morín, The Legacy of Américo Paredes

Javier Rodríguez
Jovita González, Life along the Border: A Landmark Tejana Thesis Javier Rodríguez
Fay Botham and Sara M. Patterson, eds., Race, Religion, Region: Landscapes of Encounter in the American West
Diane Quantic
Andrea Tinnemeyer, Identity Politics of the Captivity Narrative after 1848
Marissa López
Charlotte Hogg, From the Garden Club: Rural Women Writing Community
Liz Rohan
Ivan Doig, The Whistling Season
O. Alan Weltzien
William Kittredge, The Willow Field O. Alan Weltzien
Joseph R. McElrath Jr. and Jesse S. Crisler, Frank Norris: A Life
Harriet Rafter
Gerald W. Haslam, Grace Period
Andrew Wingfield
Richard C. Blum, Erica Stone, and Broughton Coburn, eds., Himalaya: Personal Stories of Grandeur, Challenge, and Hope Mikel Vause
Kingsley M. Bray, Crazy Horse: A Lakota Life Julie Foster
Steve Hendricks, The Unquiet Grave: The FBI and the Struggle for the Soul of Indian Country Julie Foster
Theodore Winthrop, The Canoe and the Saddle John Trombold
John-Michael Rivera, The Emergence of Mexican America: Recovering Stories of Mexican Peoplehood in US Culture Sandra L. Dahlberg
Tom Lynch, ed., El Lobo: Readings on the Mexican Gray Wolf Sherry Booth
Deborah A. Carmichael, ed., The Landscape of Hollywood Westerns: Ecocriticism in an American Film Genre Robert Murray Davis

Winter 2008 (vol. 42, no. 4)

The White Nomad and the New Masculine Family in Jack Kerouac’s On the Road
Victoria Elmwood
The Frontier Origins of North American Realism: Metarealism and the Travel Writings of Susanna Moodie and Caroline Kirkland
Noreen Groover Lape
Lessons from the Past: The Cliff Dwellers and New Historicism
Michael Tavel Clarke
Toward Red Readings in Literature, History, and Film
Janis Johnson and Georgia Grady Johnson

Robert Thacker, Alice Munro: Writing Her Lives

Doug Werden
Luis G. Gómez, Crossing the Rio Grande: An Immigrant’s Life in the 1880s Rodrigo Lazo
Vincent Pérez, Remembering the Hacienda: History and Memory in the Mexican American Southwest Rodrigo Lazo
Jane E. Simonsen, Making Home Work: Domesticity and Native American Assimilation in the American West, 1860–1919 Donelle Dreese
Paul Crumbley and Patricia M. Gantt, eds., Body My House: May Swenson’s Work and Life Sarah Stoeckl
Dagoberto Gilb, ed., Hecho en Tejas: An Anthology of Texas-Mexican Literature Bernard Quetchenbach
Jim Stiles, Brave New West: Morphing Moab at the Speed of Greed James M. Cahalan
Mark Busby and Terrell Dixon, eds., John Graves, Writer Clay Reynolds
María Meléndez, How Long She’ll Last in This World Pamela St. Clair
Robert Laxalt, Sweet Promised Land David Rio
James D. Houston, Bird of Another Heaven Mikage Kuroki

Spring 2008 (vol. 43, no. 1)

Rewriting the West(ern): Shane, Jane, and Agricultural Change in Bharati Mukherjee’s Jasmine
Matt Burkhart
Translating Nature: The Discourse of Natural History in The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Michael G. Buckley
Nebraska, New England, New York: Mapping the Foreground of Willa Cather and Edith Lewis’s Creative Partnership
Melissa J. Homestead and Anne L. Kaufman
Where’s the Justice? The Environmental Justice Movement in Transition
Charles Waugh

Ned Blackhawk, Violence over the Land: Indians and Empires in the Early American West

Frank Bergon
Christine Allen-Yazzie, The Arc and the Sediment Dayna Patterson
Peggy Shumaker, Just Breathe Normally Eric Heyne
Mary Biddinger, Prairie Fever Pamela St. Clair
John Clayton, The Cowboy Girl: The Life of Caroline Lockhart Victoria Lamont
Cormac McCarthy, The Road David Cremean
David Rio et al., eds., Exploring the American Literary West: International Perspectives
Robert Murray Davis
Valerie Mendenhall Cohen, ed., Woman on the Rocks: The Mountaineering Letters of Ruth Dyar Mendenhall Cheryll Glotfelty
Ken Gonzales-Day, Lynching in the West: 1850–1935 Bridget R. Cooks
Scott L. Baugh, ed., Mediating Chicana/o Culture: Multicultural American Vernacular Rodney Streng
Michael L. Johnson, Hunger for the Wild: America’s Obsession with the Untamed West Nathan C. Crook
Gerald Locklin, open thy effing ears (please)
Mark Weber, long story short
Gerald Locklin, New Orleans, Chicago, and Points Elsewhere
Jacoba Mendelkow
María Raquél Casas, Married to a Daughter of the Land: Spanish-Mexican Women and Interethnic Marriage in California, 1820–1880 Maria O’Connell
Valerie Miner, After Eden Andrew Wingfield
Susanne George Bloomfield and Eric Melvin Reed, eds., Adventures in the West: Stories for Young Readers Richard D. Jensen

Summer 2008 (vol. 43, no. 2)

Searching for God or Medusa through Allusion in Abbey’s Desert Solitaire
David D. Joplin
Miguel Antonio Otero: Destabilizing Identity in the West
Erin Murrah
Clothing The Prairie in Furs: The International Trade Contexts of Cooper’s Western Novel
Susan Kalter
Writing Women’s Biographies: Processes, Challenges, Rewards
(Transcript from a 2007 WLA Conference Panel)
Mary Clearman Blew
Susanne George Bloomfield
Melody Graulich
Judy Nolte Temple

Judy Nolte Temple, Baby Doe Tabor: The Madwoman in the Cabin

Susanne George Bloomfield
Lawrence I. Berkove, ed., The Sagebrush Anthology: Literature from the Silver Age of the Old West Ann Ronald
Robert T. Self, Robert Altman’s “McCabe & Mrs. Miller”: Reframing the American West Neil Campbell
Gerald Vizenor, Almost Ashore Jerry D. Mathes II
Merrill Maguire Skaggs, Axes: Willa Cather and William Faulkner Jeffrey Bilbro
Beef Torrey, ed., Conversations with Thomas McGuane
Thomas McGuane, Gallatin Canyon
Nancy S. Cook
Deirdre McNamer, Red Rover O. Alan Weltzien
Greta Gaard, The Nature of Home: Taking Root in a Place Candace Barlow
Joanne Wilke, Eight Women, Two Model Ts, and the American West Amy Brumfield
Percival Everett, The Water Cure Brian Yost
Eric Gardner, ed., Jennie Carter: A Black Journalist of the Early West Michael K. Johnson
Ethan Rarick, Desperate Passage: The Donner Party’s Perilous Journey West Diane Bush
Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Dreaming the End of War Herb Thompson

Jennifer Brice, Unlearning to Fly

Eric Heyne

Joni Tevis, The Wet Collection
Don Waters, Desert Gothic

Andrea Clark Mason
David Mason, Ludlow: A Verse-Novel Maria O’Connell

Fall 2008 (vol. 43, no. 3)

The Baby Boom Generation and the Reception of Native American Literatures:
D’Arcy McNickle’s Runner in the Sun
John Lloyd Purdy
Culture-Tectonics: California Statehood and John Rollin Ridge’s Joaquín Murieta
Molly Crumpton Winter
Captive Subjects: Point of View and Initiation in Hombre
Matt Wanat
Comparative American Borderlands: The New Face of Western American Literatures Sandra L. Dahlberg

Jennifer Eastman Attebery, Up in the Rocky Mountains: Writing the Swedish Immigrant Experience

Diane Quantic
Kenneth W. Brewer, Whale Song: A Poet’s Journey into Cancer Katharine Coles
Hal K. Rothman, Playing the Odds: Las Vegas and the Modern West Nate Botsis
Dagoberto Gilb, The Flowers Frank Bergon
Aaron A. Abeyta, Rise, Do Not Be Afraid Alex Hunt
Guy Reynolds, ed., Willa Cather as Cultural Icon, vol. 7 of Cather Studies Ann Romines
Zeese Papanikolas, American Silence R. L. Streng
Aryn Kyle, The God of Animals Andrea Clark Mason
Stephen P. Cook, Realizing Westward: American Character and Cowboy Mythology Claire Hughes
Lawrence I. Berkove, Insider Stories of the Comstock Lode and Nevada’s Mining Frontier, 1859–1909 Charles L. Crow
Kathryn Kalinak, How the West Was Sung: Music in the Westerns of John Ford David Fenimore
David Río, Robert Laxalt: The Voice of the Basques in American Literature Cheryll Glotfelty
Willard Wyman, High Country: A Novel Stephen Tatum

Ben Railton, Contesting the Past, Reconstructing the Nation: American Literature and Culture in the Gilded Age, 1876–1893

Pablo Ramirez

Jeffrey O. Durrant, Struggle over Utah’s San Rafael Swell: Wilderness, National Conservation Areas, and National Monuments

Lyra Hilliard
Lee Gutkind, ed., Hurricanes and Carnivals: Essays by Chicanos, Pochos, Pachucos, Mexicanos, and Expatriates Amy T. Hamilton

Winter 2009 (vol. 43, no. 4)

Erased by Space, Ignored by History: Place and Gender in Marilynne Robinson’s West
Tony R. Magagna
Francis Parkman’s The Oregon Trail and the US-Mexican War: Appropriations of Counter-Imperial Dissent Nicholas Lawrence
The Lost Works of Walter Van Tilburg Clark Jeffrey Chisum

N. Scott Momaday, Three Plays: The Indolent Boys, Children of the Sun, The Moon in Two Windows

Chadwick Allen
The Native Critics Collective, Reasoning Together Daniel Gustav Anderson

Brandon Schrand, The Enders Hotel
John T. Price, Man Killed by Pheasant: And Other Kinships

Jennifer Sinor
Rick Bass, Why I Came West Paul Bogard
D. Seth Horton, ed., New Stories from the Southwest Justin St. Germain
Rebecca Seiferle, Wild Tongue Pamela St. Clair
Mary Clearman Blew, Jackalope Dreams Tara Penry
Robert Campbell, In Darkest Alaska: Travel and Empire along the Inside Passage Kevin Maier
Laurie Ricou, Salal: Listening for the Northwest Understory Michael McDowell
Michael Tate, ed., Best of Covered Wagon Women Stephanie Barko
Jana Richman, The Last Cowgirl Andrew Wingfield
Lou Halsell Rodenberger, Jane Gilmore Rushing: A West Texas Writer and Her Work Max Despain
Leonard Engel, ed., Clint Eastwood: Actor and Director Paul Wilson

Jared Farmer, On Zion’s Mount: Mormons, Indians, and the American Landscape

Jessie L. Embry

Spring 2009 (vol. 44, no. 1)

“An Eloquent and Impassioned Plea”: The Rhetoric of Ruiz de Burton’s The Squatter and the Don
Elisa Warford
“Rough Justice” for Farmworkers: The Specter of Joaquín Murrieta in Raymond Barrio’s
The Plum Plum Pickers
Daniel Griesbach
Poetic Travelers: Figuring the Wild in Parkman, Fuller, and Kirkland Ken Egan Jr.
Stegner, the Cypress Hills, and an “Impenetrable Foreignness”: Still Writing the Wests
Robert Thacker

Sharon Butala, The Girl in Saskatoon: A Meditation of Friendship, Memory, and Murder

Megan Riley McGilchrist
Jordana Finnegan, Narrating the American West: New Forms of Historical Memory Sara Spurgeon

Carmen Pearson, Modernism and Mildred Walker

Mary Clearman Blew
Susan Kollin, ed., Postwestern Cultures: Literature, Theory, Space Alex Hunt
Wanda Coleman, Jazz and Twelve O’Clock Tales Robert Headley
Sean Kicummah Teuton, Red Land, Red Power: Grounding Knowledge in the American Novel Michael Terry
Katharine Coles, Fault Genevieve Betts
Ronald W. Walker, Richard E. Turley Jr., and Glen M. Leonard, Massacre at Mountain Meadows Pamela Pierce
Jeanne Farr McDonnell, Juana Briones of Nineteenth-Century California Anne Goldman
Cheryll Glotfelty, ed., Literary Nevada: Writings from the Silver State Lawrence I. Berkove
Gary Paul Nabhan, Arab/American: Landscape, Culture, and Cuisine in Two Great Deserts SueEllen Campbell
Molly Gloss, The Hearts of Horses Jerry D. Mathes II
Colleen Skidmore, ed., This Wild Spirit: Women in the Rocky Mountains of Canada Carmen Pearson

Kim Barnes, A Country Called Home

O. Alan Weltzien
Tom Wolf, Arthur Carhart: Wilderness Prophet David Cremean
Gabrielle Burton, Searching for Tamsen Donner Diane Bush
Paul S. Powers, Pulp Writer: Twenty Years in the American Grub Street. Edited by Laurie Powers David Fenimore

Summer 2009 (vol. 44, no. 2)

Plenty of signs and wonders to make a landscape: Space, Place, and Identity in Cormac McCarthy’s Border Trilogy Ashley Bourne
Disappearance in Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian Phillip A. Snyde
“in a time before nomenclature was and each was all”:
Blood Meridian’s Neomythic West and the Heterotopian Zone
David Holmberg
On Recent Chicano Literature John Alba Cutler
The Long March in Mark Twain Studies Neil Schmitz
Neil Campbell, The Rhizomatic West: Representing the American West
in a Transnational, Global, Media Age
Robert Bennett
Clyde A. Milner II and Carol A. O’Connor, As Big as the West: The Pioneer Life of Granville Stuart Andrew R. Graybill
James D. Houston, Where Light Takes Its Color from the Sea Andrew Wingfield
Kathleen Stewart, Ordinary Affects Christopher Schaberg
Janis P. Stout, Picturing a Different West: Vision, Illustration, and the Tradition of Cather and Austin Steven B. Shively
John Sepich, Notes on “Blood Meridian” Carole Juge
Hector A. Torres, Conversations with Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Writers Michael L. Trujillo
O. Alan Weltzien, A Father and an Island: Reflections on Loss Ron McFarland
Phillip H. Round, The Impossible Land: Story and Place in California’s Imperial Valley Brett Garcia Myhren
Ladette Randolph, A Sandhills Ballad Willis G. Regier
Tom Lynch, Xerophilia: Ecocritical Explorations in Southwestern Literature Dani Johannesen
Patrick K. Dooley, A Community of Inquiry: Conversations between Classical American Philosophy and American Literature Nicolas Witschi
Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, Notebooks of Elizabeth Cook-Lynn Chris Robertson

Fall 2009 (vol. 44, no. 3)

“A man is a fool who prefers poor California beef to human flesh”: (Re)Definitions of Masculinity in Nineteenth-Century US Donner Party Literature
Carey R. Voeller
“A Home for Civilization”: Nostalgia, Innocence, and the Frontier in Wallace Stegner’s Angle of Repose
Jennifer Ladino
Mary Barnard’s “North Window”: Imagism and the Pacific Northwest Sarah Barnsley
The Both/And of American Indian Literary Studies Lisa Tatonetti
Margot Mifflin, The Blue Tattoo: The Life of Olive Oatman Judy Nolte Temple
Sharon McCartney, The Love Song of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Joanna Dawson
Susan Berry Brill de Ramírez and Evelina Zuni Lucero, Simon J. Ortiz: A Poetic Legacy of Indigenous Continuance Reginald Dyck
Elizabeth Hutchinson, The Indian Craze: Primitivism, Modernism, and Transculturation in American Art, 1890–1915 Leah Dilworth
S. R. Martin Jr., On the Move: A Black Family’s Western Saga Bruce A. Glasrud
Daniel James Brown, The Indifferent Stars Above: The Harrowing Saga of a Donner Party Bride Diane Bush
Christine Hill Smith, Social Class in the Writings of Mary Hallock Foote James H. Maguire
Sherman Alexie, Face Jennifer Ladino
Jackson J. Benson, Under the Big Sky: A Biography of A. B. Guthrie, Jr. Fred Erisman
Page Stegner, Adios Amigos: Tales of Sustenance and Purification in the American West Jennie A. Camp
Shannon Applegate,Living among Headstones Michael J. Kowalewski
Ron McFarland, The Rockies in First Person: A Critical Study of Recent American Memoirs from the Region Liz Stephens

Winter 2010 (vol. 44, no. 4)—published in February 2010

NOTE: Western American Literature no longer includes an index with its winter issue. This information is available right here.

Double-Crossings: The Trans-American Patriotism of Francis Berrian
Keri Holt
Doctor Bat’s Ass: Buffon, American Degeneracy, and Cooper’s The Prairie
Matthew Wynn Sivils
Competing Visions: The Alternate Wests of Elinore Pruitt Stewart and N.C. Wyeth Jason Williams
Laurie Champion and Bruce A. Glasrud, eds., Unfinished Masterpiece: The Harlem Renaissance Fiction of Anita Scott Coleman,
Cynthia Davis and Verner D. Mitchell, eds., Western Echoes of the Harlem Renaissance: The Life and Writings of Anita Scott Coleman
Melody Graulich
Alex Hunt, ed., The Geographical Imagination of Annie Proulx: Rethinking Regionalism Jenny Shank
John W. Troutman, Indian Blues: American Indians and the Politics of Music, 1879–1934 David H. Fenimore
Cari M. Carpenter, Seeing Red: Anger, Sentimentality, and American Indians
Martha L. Viehmann
Kevin Starr, Golden Dreams: California in an Age of Abundance, 1950–1963
Charles L. Crow
Reginald Dyck and Cheli Reutter, eds., Crisscrossing Borders in Literature of the American West
Nicholas Petzak
Craig S. Womack, Daniel Heath Justice, and Christopher B. Teuton, eds., Reasoning Together: The Native Critics Collective
Eric Gary Anderson
Jennifer Dawes Adkison, ed., Across the Plains: Sarah Royce’s Western Narrative, by Sarah Royce
Jane Simonsen
Craig Johnson, The Cold DishDeath without CompanyKindness Goes UnpunishedAnother Man’s MoccasinsThe Dark Horse
Ann Ronald
David Porter, On the Divide: The Many Lives of Willa Cather
Anne L. Kaufman
Martha A. Sandweiss, Passing Strange: A Gilded Age Tale of Love and Deception across the Color Line
Michael K. Johnson
Bruce A. Glasrud and Charles A. Braithwaite, eds., African Americans on the Great Plains: An Anthology
Diane Quantic

Erin Hogan, Spiral Jetta: A Road Trip through the Land Art of the American West,
Daryl Farmer, Bicycling beyond the Divide: Two Journeys into the West

Don Scheese
Elizabeth Dodd, In the Mind’s Eye: Essays across the Animate World Beth Kraig

Spring 2010 (vol. 45, no. 1)—forthcoming in May 2010

Locating the Modern Mexican inJosefina Niggli’s Step Down, Elder Brother
Emily Lutenski
“Truer ’n Hell”: Lies, Capitalism, and Cultural Imperialismin Owen Wister’s The Virginian, B. M. Bower’s The Happy Family, and Mourning Dove’s Cogewe Sara Humphreys
Stepping onto the Yakama Reservation: Land and Water Rights in Raymond Carver’s “Sixty Acres” Chad Wriglesworth
Joshua David Bellin, Medicine Bundle: Indian Sacred Performance and American Literature, 1824–1932
Sherman Alexie, War Dances LOREE WESTRON
John Lloyd Purdy, Writing Indian, Native Conversations STUART CHRISTIE
Paul Chaat Smith, Everything You Know about Indians Is Wrong BRYAN RUSSELL
Stuart Christie, Plural Sovereignties and Contemporary Indigenous Literature LINDA LIZUT HELSTERN
John Bierhorst, transl., Ballads of the Lords of New Spain: The Codex “Romances de los Señores de la Nueva España” KERI HOLT
Patricia Nelson Limerick, Andrew Cowell, and Sharon K. Collinge, eds., Remedies for a New West: Healing Landscapes, Histories, and Cultures COREY LEE LEWIS
Rudolfo A. Anaya, Rudolfo Anaya: The Essays FRANCISCO A. LOMELÍ
Donald Pizer, American Naturalism and the Jews: Garland, Norris, Dreiser, Wharton, and Cather CHARLES L. CROW
Keith Newlin, Hamlin Garland: A Life PHILIP JOSEPH
Joan Kane, The Cormorant Hunter’s Wife ERIC HEYNE
Linda A. Fisher and Carrie Bowers, Agnes Lake Hickok: Queen of the Circus, Wife of a Legend JAN CERNEY

Jeanne Campbell Reesman, Jack London’s Racial Lives: A Critical Biography

Nancy Lord, Rock, Water, Wild: An Alaskan Life ANN RONALD
Gregg Cantrell and Elizabeth Hayes Turner, Lone Star Pasts: Memory and History in Texas DANIEL D. ARREOLA
Patrick D. Murphy, Ecocritical Explorations in Literary and Cultural Studies: Fences, Boundaries, and Fields SHANE BILLINGS
Linda M. Hasselstrom, No Place Like Home: Notes from a Western Life KERRY FINE
Barbara Kingsolver, The Lacuna PAMELA PIERCE
Scott Slovic, Going Away to Think: Engagement, Retreat, and Ecocritical Responsibility LINDA UNDERHILL



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