• Testimonials

    The resolute but congenial atmosphere of the WLA has set the tone for my approach to teaching and scholarship, and established my regard for active service to my institution and the profession.
    William V. Lombardi, 2017
    Grad student rep 2012–2014, Crow Grover Award recipient 2015, and EC Member 2016–2019

Professionalization Panels

The graduate student reps have been organizing professionalization panels at the WLA Conferences since 2007. Here are the topics that have been discussed in the past and the members who gave their time to be on these panels to mentor graduate students.


Panel Title




Graduate Student Professionalization I – Navigating Institutional Responsibility: Identifying Challenges


  • Chadwick Allen, University of Washington
  • Emily Lutenski, St. Louis University


Graduate Student Professionalization II – Navigating Institutional Responsibility: Exploring Solutions

  • Zainab Abdali (grad student), Rice University
  • Lydia Marie Heberling, California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo
  • Mary Kohn, Kansas State University



No conference due to COVID-19




Graduate Student Professionalization I – Teaching Race: Identifying Challenges


  • Kirby Brown, University of Oregon
  • Mika Kennedy, Kalamazoo College
  • Emily Lutenski, Saint Louis University



Graduate Student Professionalization II – Teaching Race: From Navigation to Implementation of Anti-Racist Pedagogy


  • Lydia Heberling, University of Washington-Seattle
  • Mike Lemon, Texas Tech University
  • Lisa Tatonetti, Kansas State University



Grad Panel 1:
Best Interview Strategies


  • Matt Burkhart, Case Western Reserve University
  • Will Lombardi, Feather River College
  • Priscilla Ybarra, University of North Texas


Grad Panel 2:
Publishing Advice for Grad Students

  • Melody Graulich, Utah State University
  • Susan Kollin, Montana State
  • Rebecca Lush, California State University San Marcos
  • Erin Murrah-Mandril, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Melina Vizcaino-Aleman, University of New Mexico


Grad Student Panel 1:
The Best Advice I Received in Grad School/Gave to Grad Students

  • Evelyn Funda, Utah State University
  • Sylvan Goldberg, Colorado College
  • Ashley Elaine Reis, SUNY Potsdam
  • Sarah L. Spurgeon, Texas Tech University


Grad Student Panel 2:
Beyond Academia


  • Jody Sowell, Curator of Exhibitions and Research, Missouri History Museum
  • Jenny Price, Public Writer, Artist, Historian
  • Eliza Sanders, Advancement Officer for Corporate and Foundation Relations at the emeritus of Missouri-St. Louis


Graduate Panel I:
Updating Approaches to the
Academic Job Market

  • Susan Bernardin, Oregon State University
  • Kerry Fine, Arizona State University
  • Sylvan Goldberg, Colorado College
  • Ashley Reis, State University of New York at Potsdam


Grad Student Session II:
WLA and the Public Humanities


  • Aubrey Streit Krug, The Land Institute
  • Audrey Goodman, Georgia State University
  • Christine Bold, University of Guelph, Canada
  • Krista Comer, Rice University


Graduate Student Professionalization I: Crafting a Teaching Statement

  • Randi Tanglen, Austin College
  • Nicholas Bradley, University of Victoria
  • William Lombardi, Missouri Valley College


Graduate Student Professionalization II: Applying for Research and Dissertation Fellowships

  • Susan Kollin, Montana State
  • Morgan Frank (grad student), Stanford University
  • Emily Lutenski, St Louis University
  • Sara Spurgeon, Texas Tech University


Graduate Student Panel I:
Writing beyond the Traditional Academic Journal

  • Michael P. Branch, University of Nevada-Reno
  • Brady Harrison, University of Montana
  • Tom Hillard, Boise State University
  • Lisa Locascio (grad student), University of Southern California


Grad Luncheon Talk: Digital Market Materials (skype interviews, website, etc)


  • Rebecca Lush, Cal State San Marcos
  • Alex Young, University of Southern California


Graduate Student Professionalization I: Thoughts on Current Critical Dialogues


  • Michael K. Johnson, University of Maine at Farmington)
  • Krista Comer, Rice University
  • William R. Handley, University of Southern California


Graduate Student Professionalization II: Managing and Maintaining a Writing Schedule


  • Evelyn I. Funda, Utah State University
  • Cheryll Glotfelty, University of Nevada-Reno
  • Chadwick Allen, Ohio State University



Graduate Student Professionalization I: Publishing as a Graduate Student




Graduate Student Professionalization II: Creating a Digital Presence


  • Neil Campbell, University of Derby
  • Matthew Lavin, St. Lawrence University
  • Liz Stephens, Glendale College


Graduate Student Professionalization:
The Changing Academic Job Market


  • Cheryll Glotfelty, University of Nevada-Reno
  • Matthew Lavin, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Amy Hamilton, Northern Michigan University
  • Ashley Reis (grad student), University of North Texas


Graduate Student Professionalization I: Teaching, Writing about Teaching and Professional Development


  • Nicholas Henson, University of Oregon
  • Karen Ramirez, University of Colorado
  • Tom J. Hillard, Boise State University
  • Maria Madruga, Montana State University


Graduate Student Professionalization II: Seeking Out and Applying for Fellowships and Grants


  • Charles Crow, Professor Emeritus, Bowling Green State University
  • Nicolas Witschi, Western Michigan University
  • Joy Passanante, University of Idaho
  • Mary Clearman Blew, University of Idaho
  • David Cremean, Black Hills State University


Graduate Student Professionalization: Time Management as a Graduate Student and a Junior Faculty Member


  • James Maguire, Emeritus, Boise State University
  • Robert Thacker, St. Lawrence University
  • Amy Hamilton, Northern Michigan University
  • Thomas Hillard, Boise State University


Graduate Student Professionalization Forum I: Not Just an Afterthought: Why and How Graduate Students Should Publish


  • Sara Spurgeon, Texas Tech University
  • Cheryll Glotfelty, University of Nevada-Reno
  • Mary Clearman Blew, University of Idaho
  • Joanne O’Hare, Director, University of Nevada Press
  • Kristen Elias Rowley, Humanities Acquisitions Editor, University of Nebraska Press


Graduate Student Professionalization Forum II: Forging Your Academic Identity: How to Prepare for Your Academic Future through Conference Presentations, Networking, and Publishing

  • Nancy Cook, University of Montana
  • P. Jane Hafen, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
  • James Work, Professor Emeritus, Colorado State University
  • Charles Crow, Professor Emeritus, Bowling Green State University
  • Krista Comer, Rice University


Graduate Student Professionalization:
The Best Advice I Received in Grad School

  •  Victoria Lamont, University of Waterloo
  • Judy Nolte Temple, University of Arizona
  • Matthew J. Lavin, University of Iowa
  • Evelyn Funda, Utah State University


Workshop for Graduate Students / Your Future in Print: Advice for Graduate Students on Publication and Professionalization

  • Melody Graulich, Utah State University
  • Lisa Szabo, University of Alberta
  • Evelyn Funda, Utah State University
  • Laurie Ricou, University of British Columbia



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