Frequently Asked Conference Questions

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Frequently Asked Conference Questions

Monday, February 18th, 2019

Why should I book a room at the conference hotel if it’s not my most economical option?

Staying at our contracted hotel is the most important thing you can do to help our conference organizers avoid huge losses. When you book a room in a different hotel, a contracted room goes unsold. Unless that room is sold to an unrelated traveler within a certain timeframe before our conference, we must pay penalty fees to the hotel. In addition, the inability to fill the actual number of hotel rooms that we estimated weakens our negotiating power in the future. It also means that we will have to charge higher registration fees in the future to make up for the penalties paid to our contracted hotel. Please support the Western Literature Association by reserving your sleeping room at our official hotel. Yes, it may cost each individual a little more, but you are basically also supporting use of the conference rooms, which are part of the contract when we organize a conference. The more hotel rooms we fill, the cheaper the conference rooms often are. That helps keep our registration fees as low as possible.

>>> Please book your lodging within the official room block.

We live in a digital world. Why should I forego AV?

Most conference hotels hire the services of a separate company to provide audio-visual. The company’s representatives set up the equipment and remain on call to troubleshoot. Their fees are based on a given number of rooms for a given number of days. If we ask for equipment in a room and use it for just one session, we still must pay for the whole day. AV costs for a 3-day conference generally run between $15,000 and $30,000. Of course, we want to accommodate all AV needs, especially if you are talking about images or film, but if PowerPoint isn’t essential to understanding your paper, please consider whether AV is truly necessary for your presentation. Again, this is a matter of keeping our registration fees low.

>> >Please ask for AV only if it is critical to your presentation.


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