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    The resolute but congenial atmosphere of the WLA has set the tone for my approach to teaching and scholarship, and established my regard for active service to my institution and the profession.
    William V. Lombardi, 2017
    Grad student rep 2012–2014, Crow Grover Award recipient 2015, and EC Member 2016–2019

The Susan J. Rosowski Award


This award was instituted by the WLA Executive Council in 2005 and was given for the first time at the 2006 WLA Conference in Boise. It is awarded every other year (in even years).

The Susan J. Rosowski Award recipients

2022No award given.
2020No award given.
2018No award given.
2016William R. Handley
2014Evelyn I. Funda
2012Melody Graulich and Annette Kolodny
2010Cheryll Glotfelty
2008Susan Naramore Maher
2006James H. Maguire

Susan Rosowski (1942–2004), long-time WLA member and University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Adele Hall University Professor, epitomized what it means to be a generous and caring mentor and teacher. While her service to the Association and to Cather studies on a national level was exemplary and her scholarship (The Voyage Perilous [1986] and Birthing a Nation [1999]) was singular and remains widely used, Sue is best remembered as a teacher and mentor of unparalleled quality.


Nominating Procedure:

In order to nominate someone for the Rosowski Award, please collaborate with WLA colleagues and solicit at least five separate letters of support, from students, WLA members, or anyone else who seems appropriate. Letters should address the nominee’s long-standing support of WLA members, as well as graduate students. They might address service in WLA that benefits graduate students; evidence of mentoring younger colleagues; information about support letters written; number of students who have become involved in WLA’s curriculum development; pedagogical publications, etc. Please submit materials in one packet to the WLA Awards Coordinators, who will keep track of the files.

Once nominated, the candidate remains in the pool of nominees for two award cycles. However, members who were nominated prior to the previous award cycle may be re-nominated. Members who have previously won the award will not be considered for a second nomination.

Nominations or questions about the award may be addressed via email to Anne Kaufman, Awards Coordinator.



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